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Shared on July 27, 2016 by Holly { 4 Comments }Below are my favorite easy lunch ideas for kids! Along with that comes the task of packing lunches that your kids will love (instead of trade).
For as long as I can remember, my kids have always helped to pack their own lunches…  even as young as first grade. Plan it together: You can find everything you need for these great back to school lunches at Walmart.
Prepare the night before: Have your kids help you put together their lunches the night before. Pack an ice pack:  You can purchase small ice packs (or even freeze juice boxes or water bottles) to keep lunches chilled.
Ham Roll Ups:  Spread a little bit of cream cheese over a tortilla, sprinkle with cheddar, add ham, roll up and slice. Berry Parfait:  Let your kids assemble a berry parfait by including their favorite toppings in little containers.
Chicken or Tuna Salad:  Homemade chicken salad or tuna salad with crackers and a side of seedless grapes. Leftovers:  If you made a favorite meal this week, send along the leftovers to school for lunch. Muffins:  Bake up a batch of your favorite muffins (you can check out my favorite muffin recipe here).
Pizza:  Homemade pizza is a favorite around here (we use this dough) and always tastes great the next day hot or cold. About Latest Posts Follow MeHollyHolly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. I am a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie.
Average investors’ spreads out risk over time and lessen the downside of gold investing through investing fixed amount of money to be moved in gold investments. Gold can be stored in gold bank’s safety deposit boxes or in the safety vaults of your home.
Gold investing has a different approach than investing money on stocks or real estate where timing is the key to success.
Following a successful management buyout on 27th March 2012, Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd become a fully independent company from our former US parent company Bound Tree Medical, LLC.

With the economy making a very, very slow recovery, the work place seems to be more competitive than it has ever been. Huffington Post contributor and Career Coach, Marsha Haygood, contends that there are four things that you must do to get a better salary and be recognized. Before you stumble into your supervisor’s office and ask for a raise, you must have taken a good look at what you bring to the table. It is also important to make sure you know what you’re going to say when you ask for that raise, as well as how to say it.
The amount of time that should pass before it is reasonable to expect a promotion varies from organization to organization. Comparing yourself to your co-workers is not a good strategy if you’re looking for a raise. It is better to use other people’s salaries just to get an idea of what a reasonable expectation should be. The bigger the raise that you’re asking for, the more solid your reasons for asking for it should be. Depending on your field, you could organize the workforce to collectively bargian for raises. Glad Disney 14 piece Multipacks (available at only Walmart) are the perfect size and available in fun characters with either Frozen or Star Wars!
Her greatest passion is creating in the kitchen and making deliciously comforting recipes for the everyday home cook!
This precious metal is highly regarded as a valuable commodity though it similarly behaves more like a currency as it does not only depend on consumption but it also serves as a medium to trade in any market with its high rising interest rate. Most experts’ advice to invest from 10 to 3% in gold, but with risk takers they invest money up to 20 percent. It is also advisable to trade gold with local jewelers and store it with companies like Kitco that allows traders as well to buy and sell this precious metal. There are also investors who want to invest in gold for a longer term that they buy gold that have close price with the spot price as much as possible.
Investors must think a hundred times over investing their money on gold or not because investing in gold is not an easy investment. Getting a 40 hour a week job and sticking with it for 40 years to retire on 40 percent of your income is no longer the great plan that it used to be a generation or two ago. Haygood suggests getting clear about your reasons for asking for the raise and then also practicing what you’re going to say.

Make sure you are well prepared before you walk in to work to have the conversation with your employer or supervisor. In gold investing, you should remember to put fixed amount of money on gold every month regardless of its price. Gold serves as a protection and insurance against inflation, global uncertainty and currency debasement. Avoid bigger premiums when buying gold bullions or coins, buying gold at the closes spot price or with a 10% premium at its highest. Gold coins that are rare are not advisable to be purchased if you are not rare coin dealer. They should thoroughly learn about the trading system of gold before owning gold investments.
In order to thrive and maintain your job, you must learn how to get recognition and in order to get a raise, you have to earn it.
Gone are the days when long service or an increase in your bills were enough reason to ask for a raise.
She suggests even practicing in the mirror to make sure that you will make a good case for your request. For example, some organizations will only give raises once a year after a performance evaluation. That is not a good enough reason and you will probably not get what you’re asking for.
You can invest in physical gold, which is also known as gold bullions, which have different price levels like jewelries, coins and bars. Consumers that are interested to buy rare coins should seek experts’ advice and professional auctioneers who can objectively price the coins just like antique dealers who are experienced in appraising antique finds. The goal in this kind of investment is to diversify all of the investment and not only concentrate on gold which is not compromised by uncertainties like the financial crisis that happened in the year 2008 or economic dangers that are always present in the market. Usually, coins came from the national mint where they are made and sold at a mark-up of 4% while the retailer’s margin begins at 3% to 1% the least.

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