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BAP or Bonus ad points are like tokens which is important to get value ads or cash ads are the ads that pay you real money.
To start click paid ads in the navigation section, which will be present on the right side of the homepage.
After clicking view activation ad you should copy and paste these three phrases in the given box. This is something important, if you wish to receive ads that is worth of dollars your level should increase. To get cash value ads you should have at least 1600 BAP in your account, which you can accumulate in 4 days. Click view bonus ads and follow the same procedure explained in accumulating BAP, to get credited.
Once you receive $1 ad, after clicking it your account will be credited with $1 and 2000 BAP will be deducted. Continue this cycle and once you start earn in hundreds, invest in hundreds and earn in dollars for clicking each ad.

Paidverts pays you 10% commission from your referral purchase and 5% commission from referral clicks. Your earnings will be sent through any one of these payment processors Paypal or payza or perfect money or egopay or solid trust pay or more.
And you should've a minimum of $250 in your account to request withdrawal through Western union and bank wire. If you go some where out like vacation, activate vacation mode to prevent BAP consumed unnecessarily. If you don't have money in hand try to work and invest the money which you've earned from paidverts and other PTCs. Tags : How to work and earn money through paidverts, working procedure paidverts, How to earn more dollars in PTC sites.
Unlike normal PTC sites which pays cents for clicking ads, paidverts pays you dollars for clicking. For instance if you earn $30 per month by working in 5 other PTC sites that will be really helpful for investing in paidverts the next month.

To participate you should download a software and keep it installed in your PC for a month.
And, if your referral clicks a ad worth of $1 you will receive $0.05 as referral commission. Paidverts has different working technique, where the 70% of new members leaves paidverts after registering without any knowledge.
You can proceed your day to day activities on PC and you don't have to do any work to earn.
At the end of the month you will get $60 (today's rate and it may increase in future while you are reading this) in your account just for installing the software in your PC.

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