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NEW YORK (AP) — Ready to hit the streets in search of a Pikachu?The "Pokemon Go" smartphone game has become a phenomenon since its debut nearly two weeks ago. Amazon.in size guides help you understand the different sizes available in Jewellery and how they are measured. With our easy to follow instructions and printable size charts we help you measure your exact size and shop for jewellery that suits your needs. You can quickly measure your ring size by clicking on the link below and following the simple instructions.

Have some fun along the way.___CHASING MONSTERSPokemon appear on your grid from time to time.
There are 128 listed in your profile to start, including Pikachu, the cute yellow rabbit-like creature that has long served as Pokemon's poster child.Tapping on them gives you a close-up view and allows you to fling your Poke Balls at them. The idea is to bop them on the head and capture them inside the ball.Many people like the app's use of augmented reality , a blending of the real and virtual worlds. You can allocate some of your Pokemon to defend them and use others to fight with Pokemon from other teams and wrest control of rival gyms.As you move up levels, you'll get more powerful versions of Poke Balls.

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