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Everyone is familiar with the potential to make big money investing in “real world” real estate. Just as with offline real estate, the key to making money with domain investments lies in your ability to buy low and sell high. Sadly, the days where you could register quality domain names for just an $8 registration fee at GoDaddy are long gone.
Obtaining top dollar for your valuable domain names requires a lot of patience and negotiating savvy. Kevin Frost makes a full time living online buying and selling domain names, and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help others find their own path to Making Money Online.
If you’re 18 or 19 and look pretty young for your age, you could get paid to buy alcohol by Serve Legal, a firm dedicated to checking whether staff in pubs and shops ask for ID when selling age-restricted items.
It’s a flexible job and you can take on as many or as few hours as you like, and you get to explore your local area at the same time. Pubs, restaurants and off-licences risk huge penalties if they’re caught selling alcohol to underage customers, so businesses go to Serve Legal to have undercover ‘visitors’ come in and be served.
It’s like mystery shopping, only the main thing you’re looking out for is whether the person serving you is obeying the law and checking your ID. You could be asked to buy any age-restricted product from supermarkets, bars, pubs and clubs across the UK and Ireland, and many jobs pay ?20-50 (with bonuses if the visit is urgent).
Serve Legal has active social media accounts, posting up helpful videos and tips on Facebook and Twitter – so you can make the most of the role and earn as much as possible.
If you reckon you have the right go-getting attitude, and are flexible enough to take on assignments around your studies, you could be earning money buying booze in no time. Serve Legal offers great pay rates and with around 9,000 visits carried out every month, there should be plenty of chances for you to earn. This kind of work easily fits in around your studies or other jobs, so whether you’re in sixth-form, at university or employed, you can still carry out assignments, when it suits you.
Just head to their registration page and create an account, and make sure you’ve got a recent clear photo of your lovely face, and scanned copies of your passport and photo ID. You have to be 18 or 19 to join, but you can apply two months in advance of your 18th birthday, so you can start visiting pubs as soon as you’re a legal drinker!
It’s a flexible, interesting job with decent pay and you walk away with free alcohol – sound good?

Newest Make Money TipsMake money the easy way and beat the banks The quickest way I know to get rich… Got a money-making idea? If you have a flair for writing then blogging is one of the best ways to make money through online business from home. Affiliate marketing- Easiest business idea to earn money through online business from home with marketing. The more time you spend in your work, the more money you will make through online business from home.
In this video, Yossi Kaplan discusses why money is made when you’re buying Real Estate, and not when selling it. We made this video realizing that many buyers pay prices which are too high, and when coming to sell their properties they may not make the gains they had expected. Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Realtor specializing in real estate investments & new developments. Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Realtor specializing in real estate investments & new developments. If you’re able to discover new ways to acquire domain inventory at a low cost, you’ll have a significant advantage when it comes time to sell.
For those who love to drink, there’s a perfect way to get some of your booze paid for and make extra money on top.
Mystery visiting for Serve Legal is a great thing to put on your CV as you’ll be using and improving skills including communication, flexibility, being observant, and taking the initiative.
It’s really a fascinating and dream come true idea, which can help any individual to earn money from home by online business.
You have to find a free site to create your own blog and monetize it by placing advertisements. Answering paid survey is another form of online business from home, which can help you to earn a decent amount of money.
All you have to do is to join an affiliate marketing site, and begin to promote the product you like via email, forums, discussion groups and article publishing sites. If you can set up a business around something in which you have a skill and are passionate about then you will find that your task will be both enjoyable and, more often than not, financially rewarding. Yossi also explains where to find cheaper Real Estate and how to avoid paying market prices for your homes, condos, land and commercial purchases.

But did you know that there are “virtual real estate” investors who make money by doing the same thing with domain names? Similarly, if you are very good at marketing your domains and negotiating a high price, you’ll reap a greater profit from every sale.
Of course your profits will depend very much upon your skill as an investor, and to a certain extent, on your ability to luck out with a great sale here or there.
Equally showing you held a job alongside your studies will often impress employers once you graduate. Their ‘Hall of Fame’ features the best mystery visitors, who impressed by taking on loads of assignments, having a fantastic eye for detail and demonstrating high levels of commitment.
If you have a great number of followers and ranking of your blog is better then; many companies can even pay you for adding their ads on your blog and every click on such ads will make money.
In this work, you have to sign up to the legitimate websites and fill the survey forms which are delivered directly to your inbox.
You can easily become a freelancer if you have any good skills; in the world of freelancing everybody has an opportunity to get the work depends on the skill they have. Typically a domain investor will purchase domain names wholesale for around $50 – $500 each, and then resell those same domains for $1,500 to $5,000 each. As with many young people’s part-time roles, you could rise within the ranks and potentially score a job – one of the Hall of Famers is now an Area Manager within the company.
Online business from home gives you a freedom of many things like you don’t have to worry what you should wear, there is no boss above you, and you can work at any time you want. If after the first few months you still haven’t received any offers on your domains, the chances are that you’re overpricing them. That works out to a profit of over 1,000% on some sells, but of course each domain investor will only sell a very small number of domain names each year. If you then sell 10% of those domains at an average of $2500 each, you’ve earned $25,000 on your $10,000 investment. That works out to a more realistic and attainable 250% ROI – not bad by the standards of most investors!

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