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For most small independent handicraft makers, often the obvious choice is to set up shop at Etsy. Join Smart Panel, a new survey site where you earn rewards to share your experiences about how you use the internet. You see, there are so many sellers on the site that the competition is as stiff as it can get. Get on smaller online marketplaces and other sites similar to Etsy that are not as crowded where your talent could be easier spotted. And to make your job of finding these Etsy alternatives easier, I’ve compiled a list of online communities of varying popularity to widen your choice. You can have your newly conceived design printed on a number of objects here, including but not limited to tee-shirts, mugs, apparel, and wall posters here. Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more.
This has to be an excellent option if you are apt at conceiving new ideas or designs, rather than be tied up with the process of actually producing them or making shipping arrangements.
Personally, I think its greatest appeal is how you can put up an item on your Amazon wish list. They bring small US-based food producers and farmers to a wider market that appreciate fabulous foods and gifts. But if you are thinking of getting exposure among craft buyers, this is one place you should not miss out. If you have a creative mind, ShopWindoz would be glad to have you on board as a shop owner and you would be promised global exposure as it has a pretty good international reach. Notmassproduced could be an ideal site to work with if you are uncomfortable in the marketing part of the business. Basically, you still need to have your own store built up, set up the pricing and shipping, and they will do the rest. Sellers participation is by invitation only, so every seller represented here has had their skill and craftsmanship endorsed by Notmassproduced already. I am especially impressed with their gifts under ?20 section (metaphorically as people are attracted to this eye-catching phrase in an economy downturn). If you want to incorporate your shop into your personal blog or website, there is a “mini shop” feature that allows you to easily do that. Naturally, such restrictions cut off a great many sellers, but you are good at creativity stuff, iCraft will like you there. Whether you are looking for a curtain or a cushion cover, Spoonflower would not disappoint.
Compare to sites like ArtFire, Big Cartel is really lacking in the area of the social aspect.
The set up of I Made It Market is like a breath of fresh air in the over-crowded online marketplaces. They also attempt to promote the handicraft from sellers here, but the difference is that the trades are to raise funds and awareness to improve communities. PoppyTalk Handmade is another online handicraft market, which periodically showcase international and emerging designers.
Nevertheless, it allows a link to your current online storefront when the user clicks on the buy button.
It helps that the site is well organized, so if you have a keen eye on opportunities, you can make some nice bucks here. They also help to impart business skills through a forum, to help you hone your marketing skills or set up a new business, for example.
Even at its current beta stage, it is winning praises and attracting users to its community.
While eBay may sound old school, it has a special fair-trade marketplace that is really innovative. With its World of Good, eBay wants to encourage socially and environmentally responsible shopping. If you are passionate about producing food, you may want to consider setup online storefront here.
You could do bustling trades over at their online marketplace and you could pick up useful ideas and inputs from the user forum, which is made up of fellow craftspeople and artisans. Chictopia is dedicated to modern fashion; there are tons of handmade clothes and accessories showcased here.
There is no shopping cart facility so every transaction has to be routed back to your own site. With Silk Fair, you either run a free Market Booth on their marketplace or you can use their software to build a full-fledged custom online store.
In other words, your presence could be in the marketplace, your own independent store, or both. There is also a tool to import an Etsy account, just in case you think it is time to switch.
The website has stringent criteria for selecting an individual designer, artist, and craft man. Once it makes the selection, the work of the chosen individual would be featured in a personalized exhibition page that is going to last one month.
This is an excellent place for you to quickly gauge the kind of response from a limited market before you bring it onto the wider market. Here, buyers or consumers can choose to make a donation or a small loan to an aspiring businessman.
If you are a small-scale farmer or an indie food producer, it could be a good idea to open a store on Fooducopia marketplace. This certainly does away with lots of confusions and frustrations for both the traders and users. As the user gets into the individual category, images are displayed, with each one linking to a designer store. Thanks to you guys for sharing and talking about this list, it has been seen by thousands of people, and consequently, I have been getting suggestions for other similar sites. So, while I do not add every suggested site, I will add the ones that based on my initial research look promising, and more importantly, are legit. And by the looks of it, their marketplace showcases some very unique and interesting items that I personally haven’t seen on any other site. To be eligible for a lifelong membership store with unlimited products, the vendors products must not contain animal derivatives or test on animals.
EthicalStores is a voluntary organization that is funded by donations from public and business. This is a new(ish) marketplace that I came to know through our comments section below thanks to Craig who I assume is the founder of the site. As you can see, there are tons of other sites like Etsy you can use to sell just about anything you can make with your hand. Also, if there are any other sites like Etsy that you use to sell your handmade items, please leave a comment below and I will add it to this list. EarningStation is a new rewards program that pays you for doing things you already do online.

What is the new site that you post a picture and they do the description of the item and they charge when sold.
Which one (other than ETSY) is the best for hand made invitations, banners, and party decorations? Hopefully some of our readers who do make and sell handmade invitations and party decoration art, will chime in and share the best site they use. Hatch.co is not a good source for selling your products and their software platform is extremely buggy and a pain in the rear end to use.
Also we try to be straight-forward on everything – no listing fees, monthly fees, product limits, etc, just a straight-forward 3% commission on any sale.
Etsy are flooded with mass production chinese apparel and Etsy is not a 100% handmade site anymore.
The people in Etsy are ignorant for this and it is a shame for allowing them to open shops on Etsy. How long have you been up and running, and how many sellers do you have so far, if you don’t mind me asking? Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs That Will Pay You Google+ Digital Media GlobeBe Digital Be Online!
If you hadn’t noticed the sudden appearance of the iPhone 6s in the left side bar, this is just a quick post to let you all know that you just have to click the link, fill in a few details, answer a simple question about freebies and choose your colour.
Are you trying to teach your child the value of a dollar — and the importance of saving up for special items — by stashing away some of his or her birthday, holiday, and gift money?
And unlike your child’s piggy bank, a savings account may also offer interest that helps their little nest egg grow. For some families, that might mean opening an account when their child is an infant, and stashing away all of their gift money or making regular monthly contributions. Since your child won’t be able to open the account without a parent or guardian present, show up ready to help. Once you’ve opened an account in your child’s name, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities to teach your child about money. First and foremost, make sure they understand that the bank is simply holding the money for them, and that it is earning interest and growing. Basically, you come out with a design, upload it and figure what items to go with your design (it could be t-shirts and posters and many other things). It is a stroke of genius for ArtFire to tie up with Amazon’s Universal Wishlist technology.
It is a German registered business and it is popularly known for its innovative and non-mainstream products listed on its website. Notmassproduced manages the sales process, you handle the shipment, and you will get payment direct from them rather than individual customers. Setting up your store is straightforward and the website regularly runs ads and promotions to attract traffic. Instead of hawking (on the sellers’ behalf) all sorts of handicrafts, it restricts the ware to all fabric products. It doesn’t matter if that storefront is your own website, Etsy, or another marketplace. The website lets these buyers draw up a wish list of desired products and the lists are then shared among friends. There are many thousands of outstanding products originated across the globe, and with all of them earning the eBay’s stamp of approval.
They don’t charge listing fees, take no commission and you get to register a free account.
As in the case of Kickstarter (the popular crowdfunding site), it is also a new kid on the block in the online world. In addition to the usual storefronts that hawk all sorts of arts and crafts, there is also a micro-finance element.
It is called Integrated Micro Advance Funding here due to its slight variation to the traditional micro-finance in its working.
It is a good source to identify small farms, farmers markets, and other food supplies in our country. The website is fairly simple to navigate as the website lists products under the just four broad categories: everything, wear + carry, space + place, and paper + prints.
I am sure out of the more than 40 sites listed here, you can find one or two that have just the right kind of marketplace and audience that you are looking for. Etsy has unfortunately made lots of changes that make it difficult for sellers that actually handmake their goods. I will have to do a new post based on your suggestion (listing new out of the gate sites for buying and selling handmade stuff).
With a bank account, your child can start socking away money they receive from relatives, cash they earn by completing chores, and dollars you contribute on their behalf — and watch it add up. On the other hand, when your child starts to accumulate small sums of money, you’ll know the time is right. For others, it might mean waiting until their child is in school, and perhaps starts earning small amounts of money on their own. Since your child won’t have a lot of money saved at first, it’s important to choose a savings vehicle with no minimum balance requirement.
Monthly maintenance fees can eat away at a small savings balance in a short amount of time. While you may want to use a bank with a local branch to better illustrate the concept of a bank, it’s also important to have online access. Since your child’s savings account will likely be in place until they reach adulthood, it’s important to choose an interest-bearing account. Each time you or your child make a deposit into their account is an opportunity to show them how their savings add up. If your bank offers suckers and stickers to its pint-sized visitors, make sure to take advantage. With plenty of years ahead of them, and compound interest on their side, you could help your child’s small savings grow into something they can benefit from over time. However, the rankings and listings of our reviews, tools and all other content are based on objective analysis.
But when they can’t help you sell more, you pay nothing, unlike other online marketplaces. The deal here is that sellers can own their shops for life, with a subdomain thrown in, all at no cost to sellers. The one for pet lovers goes like gangbusters at christmas and the jewelry shop kicked in a little this year but there are so many people selling jewelry.
To preserve your child’s net worth as much as possible, choose a savings account with no monthly maintenance or account fees.
With online account management tools, it’s much easier to keep track of your child’s growing nest egg for them until they are able to do it on their own. For some of the best options out there, read this related post: How to Find the Best Savings Account in 2015. Take time to add the deposit manually in their paper register, and have your child do the math if they are able.

This helps your child realize the value of interest on their savings, and how the magic of compound interest works. You want your child to see bank visits as a fun and rewarding experience, and making the process enjoyable is one way to reach that goal.
But to make the most out of these early years, the best time to get started is probably now.
For more information and a complete list of our advertising partners, please check out our full Advertising Disclosure. Think of us as the newest member of your marketing team-a curated online retailer actively promoting you and showing you off to users from all over the country. If you have online account access, log in to see how much money your child’s account is earning each month.
The information in our reviews could be different from what you find when visiting a financial institution, service provider or a specific product's website.
Enter your name, email, password, location (all details regarding your country) and you need to mandatory check their email notification button to start the sign up the process. Click the email verification link and a Master Service level agreement page pops up and click the agree button and you are good to go.
Tell us about yourself form is next the step with them and carefully mention your education and skill set, your desired industry in the desired column. Once done, start you skill evaluation test to test your abilities before you get tasks with them.
As we are dealing with data entry jobs, you can choose either Data entry – Numeric, Data entry – letter only or Data entry – Dollars only and start your evaluation test. Once done with the evaluation part, if you got a score of more than 90 to 100 percentile, you have cleared the test and wait for job tasks to appear on your page.
Just read their instructions carefully before starting the test, it’s a no brainer test and you can easily score full marks.How do Smart Crowd Pays you? My rough estimate is that you can get around one to five dollars if you can type up to 2000 key strokes initially. But I would recommend you to do a fresh sign up by entering your email address, username, password and click work button and click the create account button. Once you have logged in successfully, try filling your area of expertise and other additional educational details and finally write what you are good at in the bio section.
You can even separate create a resume to add a personal touch to your profile and let the client know about you in detail.
They do have a membership plans (fixed price projects) but I would suggest you to initially try their free version as you get 8 bids every month.
Once you started getting more than that, go for fixed priced membership plans where freelancer would levy 10% fee for being a medium between you and your clients Once done, you are good to go. Browse jobs on freelancer and choose the desired job types such as fixed price jobs, hourly projects and contests and look out for the projects that are currently online. Start bidding for projects (show capabilities and confidence in completing that project and give a one liner pitch about what you are good at that project to your employer.) Also, remember to activate new projects notifications on your email id which is convenient than to regularly check the website.How Freelancer Pay you?
Say, you have completed a single client project successfully; you can find your account to be credited for the work you have done. You can transfer the money to your account weekly either through third party payment gateways such as PayPal and Payoneer or directly via wire transfer to your bank account.
The job work for non U.S citizens click workers are little less compared to the former.How to start with Click Worker? Take their online assessment test, once qualified; you will receive jobs matching your skills.
If German is your mother tongue, this is the best place to work from home data entry job.How Click Worker Pay you?
Once your finish a particular assignment they will process your payments weekly on a particular day to your PayPal account.
You won’t get fancy payments as most jobs are hourly and you will be making money in cents and at later stages in dollars. Indian Workers: Need to be 18 years plus in age and a valid PAN card number for tax verification purpose. Enter your personal information; make sure to accept the Amazon Mechanical Turk Participation Agreement. After registering successfully, Amazon mTurk dashboard will appear with a list of HIT in data entry department. If you are a new user, Amazon will hold your earnings for 10 days for security reasons from the day you have started working on the first HIT.How mTurk Pay you? The money your earned can be transferred to your bank account if you are a U.S citizen or an Indian Citizen. Amazon doesn’t take any commission from the mTurk workers and it acts only as a mediator between you and your employer. So pick HIT’s that you can do properly and the more HIT’s you complete the more you will earn.
Make sure you have a personal laptop and good internet connection and visit Upwork website and click on the Become a Freelancer button. Sign up with all the mandate information like personal details, your portfolio, educational details and finally attempt the Upwork skill test to test your abilities.
Once you have created your resume, start searching for projects matching your skill and apply to the work with a good pitch about your abilities to do that work. Create a personalised gig (in Fiverr terms for a service) with a professional username, Gig Title, Gig Category and Gig Gallery, Description describing what skills you are good at, Buyer instructions, duration you will work and finally upload your photo.
With lots of clients looking at Fiverr to get their work done, they would look at your gig and may give you an order.
Remember, it all depends on how well you have created your gig like mentioning clearly to buyers that, say you are good at doing data entry jobs, copy paste particular stuff, or even converting a pdf file to another format, etc.How Fiver Pay you?
So once you got earning in your Fiverr account, you can transfer to your PayPal account and then to your desired bank account. For example, if your earn $5 on your first gig, you will receive $4 as earning and Fiverr takes $1 as commission. Click here to join Fiverr Beware of scam sites: Because it is easy way of making money, fraudulent activities are quite normal and finding real data entry jobs might be a daunting task. Never opt for any data entry jobs that are going to ask money in advance from you in the form of membership.
Don’t join any company website and give your personal details until unless you are sure that it is a legitimate company and you have done thorough research about them. Go through blog articles on data entry, reviews on companies providing data entry jobs and jobs forum before making your decision.
Blogging is what I do and I write extensively on my favourite areas like Web Analytics, SEO, WordPress, Social Media to name a few.
I help business to succeed in the social media industry by assisting them as a consultant and strategist.

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