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Prayer changes the one praying because in prayer, you are in the presence of God as you lay before Him your complete self in submission and dependence. What is the Law of Attraction, where does The Secret really come from, and why do so many people have trouble getting the Secret to work?
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If you’re in a Network Marketing company, unless you have had your head buried in the sand it is more than likely you have come across the term Attraction Marketing, but what exactly does it mean? Wikipedia states that Attraction Marketing, also know as Reverse Marketing, is s the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. It works by providing valuable content for future customers to figure out how your product is going to benefit them before they buy. Let me ask you something…Would you rather chase after customers one at a time or have five or ten customers a day travel to you?
You educate your target market about your niche, let’s say you for example you work for a health and wellbeing company and you have a product that helps with weight loss.
You would educate people who want to lose weight about how your product helps aid weight loss. So next you may offer a free report with your top ten tips for weight loss, then in your follow up emails you talk about diet and exercise. Most successful multi-level marketers use this concept, to grow their businesses and help their downline to do the same. Attraction Marketing concept as it is being used in the Direct Selling Association however it should be noted that Network Marketing companies themselves do not participate in Attraction Marketing. There is a specific method being followed by most Attraction Marketers, that was coined by the author of Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard. Thanks Christi – hopefully in time people like you and I can help teach others what attraction marketing really is! Hi William, I guess you have to go for what is working for you – if MS seems to be bringing you the most leads that great however I always like to several avenues open to bring in leads.
People get on your list when they perceive that you have value that you can share with them that will solve their problems.

A quick survey of Team Challenge elicited a variety of responses, some humorous, some horrified, but all with the same essential vibe: “It depends”.
A Challenge Consulting teamster echoed this when she said, “Imagine you had a fight with your partner over breakfast one morning. Another Challenge Consulting teamster commented: “In my previous job because there were a lot of different teams and a lot of young people, there were lots of different relationships. All in all, the answer seems to lie in the reporting relationship of the people involved, the size of the workplace, the professionalism and discretion of the individuals, and the newness of the relationship. As another Challenge teamster said, “It’s tricky if the relationship is new, fresh and lusty. There is nothing to hide when in quiet supplication we are reaching into the deepest part of ourselves and admitting our needs and failures. By sharing such valuable knowledge that helps people, they will begin to know, like, and most importantly trust you. This is by no means a new concept but is the new way of thinking in advertising and marketing world.
Rather it is the independent distributors who engage in Attraction Marketing to build their personal brand, not the brand of the company.
It involves generating traffic to a capture page of some type and getting people to opt in to an email list by offering information that will help them build their business. It is inevitable in a world where we spend so much time at work that we will meet like-minded people we share interests with and get along with.
I have read articles and watched programmes that suggest the effects can be as potent as drugs such cocaine. Yet, Romans 8:28 gives us our assurance that we can take comfort knowing that God hears us.  In ALL things, good, bad or otherwise, He is glorified!
In so doing, our hearts are quieted and pride is stripped and we enjoy the presence of God. You wouldn’t only suggest your product though, you would talk about everything from diet to exercise and whatever else has to do with your product.

Following the birth of the Internet anyone can attract their niche market of customers online using the right and techniques. I see all the time links everywhere or e-mails coming from people that got my e-mail somewhere. Granted, it was many moons ago when we were at uni, and we worked in low-pressure retail along with lots of other youngsters.
The ones that didn’t used to lead to people moving teams or leaving and the ones that did work resulted in babies and marriage. Prayer is the place of admitting to God our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our failures and knowing that we’re completely dependent on Him.
They can then distribute product offers to their list, which is an additional income stream. But we somehow managed to be in the same working environment simultaneously without falling into each other’s arms or tearing each other’s eyes out as the mood took us.
The other problem with a new, fresh lusty relationship at work is that there is no telling how stable it is as this stage, and the fallout can be ugly. However the same applies for negative and sad thoughts – these energies vibrate at a low frequency as do negative, depressing, sad, angry, resentful, jealous and critical situations.
Never repress these feelings but find a way to release them or transmute them into higher frequencies.Its important to remember however that positive thinking alone is not enough. When the thought comes into your head, re-live it with your mind (thoughts, images, pictures) and body (feeling, emotion) and stay with it as long as you want.
In this way you start to emit a thought and emotion with a high frequency and attract likewise frequencies and situations to you.Enjoy the feeling – its good for you!

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