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Yet, even without a qualifier such as ‘cultural’ diversity, the word is often used in a non-diverse way, and limited to ethnicity.
Let’s start thinking more diversely about diversity and, when we intend to be more limited in our approach, use qualifiers to clarify exactly the area of diversity to which we are referring.
In light of growing reported incidents of police encounters ending in unnecessary violence, one of my fraternity Brothers forwarded some valuable tips on the rights we have as United States citizens. Please share this information as a courtesy to your loved ones that may find themselves unexpectedly on either side of a conflict. I’ve been extremely disturbed by recent publicized events involving regular interactions African Americans have had with the police. You should know that, as a matter of Constitutional law, there are three levels of police encounter.
If you are in an automobile, and are asked to step out, you should open the door, roll up the windows, exit the vehicle, and lock the car. Finally, the reason you don’t see a lot of lawyers practicing law on street corners is because the street is not a courtroom.
Enough has been written on the events surrounding the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012 that I won’t recite the details in this post.  Instead, my focus in this article identifies three areas to return to progress. What does trust look like even in the height of emotions around injustice?  It’s the embrace of a grieving Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin by Joyce Hamilton Henry, ACLU Mid-Florida Regional Director.  As Sybrina looked into the misting eyes of Joyce she said, “don’t you cry, because you’re going to make me cry”. When talking to someone in the business world, any given week I’ll hear something like “we don’t have any diversity on the team” or “are companies still looking for diversity?”.  With our expanded definition, however, this translates to “we don’t have any people on the team” and “are companies still looking for people”.  Now that sounds CRAZY! For example, if I’m a white male and I hear “we need some diversity on the team”, I’m thinking “don’t we already have people on the team?  What’s the problem?”  On the other hand, I can recall many discussions within the African-American community (especially back in the 90s) centered on the expanded definition of diversity was watering down the still needed expanded talent search push of Affirmative Action. Of course, we’re only touching the surface of diversity with this topic on representation.  In later discussions, we’ll address actually doing something with differences to produce better results…and working through the inevitable tension in the process. Do you have a workplace challenge that involves conflict, tension, or some hindrance to optimum productivity? Home > Legal News > Latest News > Hate Crime for White Man Killed for Having Black Friends?
A Louisiana man who was apparently killed because he had black friends could be the subject of a federal hate crime trial, experts believe.
The FBI reported 6,628 hate crime incidents in 2010, the last year for which data is available. About 18 percent of racially-motivated hate crimes reported in 2010 were for anti-white bias, and that could potentially be applied in this case even though Darby was allegedly killed not for being white, but for being white and having black friends. The era of modern federal hate crime laws kicked off with the Civil Rights Act of 1968, which gave specific protection to race, color, religion and national origin for people threatened or attacked for trying to carry out certain activities, such as going to school or applying for a job. In addition, Louisiana has its own hate crime law with similar language to the federal legislation. Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by use of the site.
Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. Very often diversity conferences and awards focus solely on heritage and ethnicity, therefore excluding the very people whom they should be including.

The use of the word inclusion is often interpreted to mean inclusion of disabled children, and equality to mean gender equality. Thus, mindful of the number of young brothers in our Bond, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to explain your rights when interacting with the police.
If you are in the company of other, before the police reach you, tell them to remain calm, to pay particular attention to what is said and done, and to call to alert outsiders to where you are and what is happening.
The police have a right to look into any area which you make available to public view and, when concerned about their safety, to reach into any area into which you might reach for a weapon. So, whether they are acting properly or not, don’t argue with the police in the street. You have to train yourself to remain calm in these situations and to assert your Constitutional rights.
View it to understand the abuse you can be subjected to for exercising your rights as an American. Baisden going on the air for the interview, I had the opportunity to witness the moment when Mr. They may not have known each other, but they understood each other.  Similarly, as Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s dad, walked past me with the look of exhaustion in his eyes we connected with a father-to-father embrace and the mutually expressed simple words “thank you”.
Robin for that phrase).  If our small towns are now progressive enough to charge the electric cars of the future, let’s work productively to build that future with compassion and trust. So our dilemma has become staying with the expanded, more inclusive definition, while struggling to use a word that describes the specific dimensions of diversity that are desired in a given situation. Michael Luke Darby, 24, was stabbed to death by assailants last month after he left a bar with two black companions. 14 Darby and his friends were confronted in the street after a night out by three drunk men who began shouting racial slurs at them and questioned why Darby, who is white, would be hanging out with African Americans. Kyle James Toups and his brother Travis Toups have since been arrested on murder and accessory charges, but state and federal officials have not yet indicated if they will be charged with a hate crime. Hate Crimes Prevention Act which expanded the definition of hate crimes to encompass a bias motivation for any assault and added sexual orientation, gender identity and disability to the list of protected statuses. Other products and services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Even if it were appropriate to use these definitions for these distinct groups, other areas of diversity would still be omitted. In these situations, the police can legitimately demand identification, and you must provide it: particularly, if you are operating a motor vehicle. Say one or more of the three things you should say and calmly repeat them in front of as many witnesses as possible. Martin.  So at this point, we’ve seen much less than justice from the Sanford police department response. Again, I had not previously met Tracy, but that moment of understanding lead him to trust the embrace of a stranger’s support.
Two men have been arrested for the murder after Darby’s body was found behind some bushes in Lafayette. After an initial fight, Darby’s friends went to get their vehicle to pick him up, but by the time they returned he had gone missing.

Violators can be jailed for up to 10 years in addition to the sentence for the original crime.
The police have the right to determine who you are and whether you enjoy the privilege of driving.
When they have a search warrant, they should give you a copy of it before executing a search. These tips will not guarantee a positive outcome in all situations, but they can certainly increase the probability of safer results and more law enforcement accountability.
One has a right to make a video recording of a public official, though the police might try to convince you differently. It lasts only so long as you consent to a restriction of your ability to walk away or to remain silent. If the police have an additional reason to believe that you are armed, they may pat down the outer surfaces of your clothing for their own safety. Once they are gone, very often they are simply gone, and you have put yourself in a difficult, often impossible, situation.
Whether white America realizes it or not, there is no subordinate class of Black Americans. Remember, no matter the nature of the encounter, you have an absolute right to remain silent, which, with three exceptions, is probably your best bet.
In consensual encounters, you are under no obligation to stop, talk with the police, or provide the police with any identification or explanation. If the police come to your house wanting to talk with you, get your keys, step outside, lock the door behind you, and see what they have to say.
Once you have asked for one, the police cannot question you, unless you start talking to them. Bonaparte’s limited showing of empathy over the last few days of media presence had apparently not endured a sense of trust in the eyes of Mr.
If your friend is too afraid to make a video, as the police are approaching you, tell your friend to make an audio recording. If an officer has your license, registration, or insurance card promptly ask him to return them as soon as he comes back to your car.
Even when being friendly, the police are always trying to learn as much about you as they can. Once the police are convinced that you’ll not consent, they will often begrudgingly tell you that you can go.
If they exceed their authority, which police often do because they are poorly trained or bullies, stand your ground.
You can sue the police for violating your Constitutional rights, but you can’t do that in the street. The police have a threat matrix which determines the amount of force they are entitled to use in any of these encounters.

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