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In 2010, Louise was a single mom with a teenage daughter and another daughter under age 10. Despite the outward signs of success, Louise owed $15,000 on credit cards and $10,000 in income tax. This entry was posted in Debt, Money Coaching, Relationship to money, Success Stories and tagged Debt reduction, debt-free, finances, Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada, Sheila Walkington, Success story on June 25, 2015 by WFLC Admin. Robin and James were young professionals in their 30’s when they contacted Money Coach Kathryn Mandelcorn. This entry was posted in Budgetting and Cash Flow, Debt, Money Coaching, Success Stories and tagged Debt, debt-free, Karin Mizgala, Kathryn Mandelcorn, Money Coaches Canada, money coaching, Sheila Walkington, spending and savings plan on April 22, 2015 by WFLC Admin. It’s no wonder that credit monitoring agency TransUnion is predicting the average consumer’s debt will reach an all time high by the end of 2014.
This entry was posted in Debt and tagged credit, Debt, debt free calculator, debt-free, interest rate, low interest rate, management, minimum payment, money, Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada, personal, snowball method on May 14, 2014 by WFLC Admin.
Here are some best of Tony Robbins Inspirational Quotes – Best Sayings by Tony Robbins, Quotations for Motivation or Inspiration that you can send and use for your friends and family to inspire and encourage.
So you don’t want to hear about the other book that was donated to us by Robert for y’all today?
Look for an email soon so I can get all your personal info to stalk you mail them to you :) Congrats! Similar to last week, tell me WHICH and WHY in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win.
As many aspiring early retirees also have a minimalist streak (like me) they may not want a paper copy of a book. I would like this book because I hope it will open up my mind to a new way to think about making money, I am definitely the free spirit and entrepreneur and once I find something I believe in I can sell it for sure!
I am most interested in the $1000 challenge as my budgeting, while basic and working for me, could definitely be improved, and I would love more information on that.
I obviously need a how-to books like Charlton’s How to Retire Early since I had trouble locating the comments section in order to enter the book give-away.

I want the $1000 challenge because I always want to learn how to cut costs and live on less. J$ I would love to get The Diference as I grew up poor and I am always looking to make changes to how I live so my kids will not have some of the same worries I did. I would love to read #2) The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying by Suze Orman. I’m working to minimize my spending and live way below my means to ensue I can reach financial freedom ASAP! I’d love to take on that $1,000 challenge (#5), J$ I’m ready to learn from the best to be separated from the rest!! She spent her days working with words, writing sales and advertising copy that garnered her great respect in her field, but at the end of the day, it was numbers that weighed her down. She had purchased a duplex and had upstairs tenants to help offset the mortgage, but she was also paying rent of $1,000 a month for her daughter at college. She read books and blogs about money management, but confidence in her financial skills was so low, she wasn’t able to turn the general information into personal solutions.
They were frustrated because they made a combined income over $150,000 but they had $45,000 in consumer debt and felt they weren’t adequately saving for their future. We include some famous robbin inspirational quotes and inspirational quotes about life, success and love. The one about retiring early and living the life you’ve always dreamed of since you were 12? I promise I’ll put in a serious pitch for your books when you start offering electronic versions though! I’m still chugging along with digit but id like to keep growing my stash and could do some research with either the Tony Robbins book or the $1000 money challenge. Considering I always try to double check bills to get the lowest price, it’d be fun to see if I could get them down even further! I just have yet to find the product that changes lives for the better and is a viable money maker (but I am slowly starting to think this personal finance game is a huge game changer, but is the market already too saturated?) Honestly I would like to work for Dave Ramsey and help make a change!

She is a focused financial professional and it would be helpful to read about how other people are prospering in these tough times.
I would live to have the $1000 challenge book cause I’m always looking for ways to cut costs, or the debt free money game, to help my kiddos learn, sk the don t make the same mistakes I did. As much as my husband and I enjoy board games, this is something we could do with our kids. Despite my work, I’m still spending WAY too much in some categories (food especially) and would LOVE to get more insight on how others have managed the feat. Now that we have a working budget, I would love to learn how to achieve our dreams… Vacation, retirement, saving for college for our six kids.
My husband and I are working on slashing our budget and improving our financial strategies, so these books I think would be helpful in that. She discounted the idea of reaching out to a financial planner because she believed planners were for investing and not for dealing with debt. They didn’t see how they could pay off the debt and invest for retirement, without sacrificing their dream to buy a home and invest in further education. Its hard to not be impressed with Tonys rise from poverty to where he today, so Id be willing to read about his tactics. This book looks like it’s perfect by asking questions of people in all monetary levels maybe I can finding that missing piece that will step up my game and send me on to Finacial Epicness!! I’ve started tracking our expenses and net worth, but need to start cutting back on expenses.
They felt like travel and other leisure activities were completely off the table if they were to have any hope of turning things around. I’d love to be able to see what this book has to offer that could help in the pursuit of my new dream!

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