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After attending Tony Robbin’s signature event Unleash The Power Within 5 times within the last 5 years, I decided to finally step up and attend his most advanced program, Date With Destiny in Palm Springs of December 2012. If you follow this blog at all or watch my videos, you most likely know that I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan and have been heavily influenced by his work. Last year when I attended UPW in New Jersey and San Jose, I wrote a 4-part series review of the event on this blog, along with lengthy videos and details about the experience. This is something that most people are already good at, or at least those that were in attendance of the event. Tony Robbins says that the #1 problem you have is that you think you’re not supposed to have any problems. Emotion is why someone will run into a building and give their life for a stranger – the emotion to serve, which comes from a meaning that by giving my own life, I am more significant. Your destiny is who you are going to become and what you are going to give in this lifetime. An important piece of Tony Robbins work at Date With Destiny is identifying what your top needs are from the 6 Human Needs. One of the biggest breakthroughs I had at Date With Destiny was changing the needs that I valued most. There were many other big pieces of day 1 of Date With Destiny, including a powerful exercise we did to change our story and to effectively blame the person in our life that has contributed the most to our story being the way it is. On day 2 of Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins began talking about something called meta-program, along with the cycle of meaning and the spheres of influence.
Everything that we do, consciously or unconsciously, we do in order to meet one or more of our six human needs.
We all develop certain behaviours or actions, whether they be good or bad, to meet our needs. People that engage in destructive behaviours only do it when they are in a certain state: they feel bored, or stressed, or lonely, or anxious. The ultimate force behind patterns or behaviour and emotions is your Model of the World, also known as your Blueprint, which consists of your rules and beliefs of why things are the way they are and how things should be. In any moment in time, the meaning you give to a situation is shaped by your Emotional Triad. The quickest way out of pain and into pleasure is by changing the Triad you are experiencing in the moment.
Another big part of day 2 was creating your 4 primary Power Virtues and using the power of Incantations to really condition them into your nervous system.
We then used Incantations to condition these new beliefs and virtues into our nervous system. One of my favourite parts of Date With Destiny was experiencing a Oneness Blessing, which was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. Everyone in the room got in a meditative state and cleared out our chakras, and then had these Oneness Blessers come by and touch us on our head, which gave me a profound experience. Another one of the most powerful parts of day 2 was discovering what my past Primary Question was, and then replacing it with a new Primary Question. My Primary Question had benefitted me for years, as I was always focused on becoming better everyday, but also limited me without me realizing it.
How can I become even better, while appreciating even more of who I am and the love that is inside of me right now? This is when you are no longer completely selfish and begin to care about your family, your friends, the people in your circle.

A value is an emotional state that we believe is most important for us to experience or avoid. We all have a hierarchy of values that are most important to us that we work harder to try to experience. Our Rules are the beliefs we have about what has to happen to experience our values, or emotional states. During day 3, we also did a Goal Setting Workshop to discover what our ultimate destiny is and who we want to become. There is nothing on this planet that will make you grow more spiritually than a relationship, as a relationship brings up our deepest fears of not being enough and not being loved.
Sexual attraction, spiritual ecstasy, and intimate connection thrives in a relationship when there is a distinct polarity between the energies of the individuals involved. There are different types of masculine and feminine energy, what Tony Robbins calls Dark Masculine and Light Masculine, along with Dark Feminine and Light Feminine. There are certain things that Tony Robbins pointed out that made a lot of sense to me and light bulbs went off.
There are three dimensions of a relationship, similar to the three levels of love that Tony Robbins describes that I mentioned in the Unleash The Power Within review. In a stage three relationship, you take total responsibility for how the other person feels. Most of this day was working with our buddy and spending countless hours discovering our new values and rules to the point where our brain turned to mush. The biggest breakthrough was getting rid of significance from my #1 value and putting love, happy, grateful, passion, etc… above being physically fit and success. As you can see, I added consistent, inappropriate and debilitating before many of these values as it is sometimes useful to experience these emotions, but not consistently or in debilitating or inappropriate ways.
I experience consistent, debilitating feelings of depression only if I were to consistently lie to myself and believe that I have no control over anything, instead of remembering how fortunate I really am and that I am in control of my life and how I feel. I experience consistent, debilitating feelings of laziness and procrastination only if I were to consistently do absolutely nothing that move me towards my ultimate destiny for a period of time, instead of realizing that I can easily make progress by taking simple actions.
I experience consistent, debilitating feelings of unworthiness only if I were to consistently lie to myself about how I am not enough, instead of remembering the truth that I am someone of value and that everything in my life is outstanding.
As you can see from these new rules, it’s very difficult for me now to experience depression, laziness, procrastination or unworthiness. We also spent time on day 5 creating our mission statement, also known as the purpose of our life. The purpose of my life is to be even more fully alive, grow and make a difference in the lives of others.
This is something that empowers me daily and something that I can look at on my wall and it gets me motivated to take action. One of the ways that we integrated these changes is through teaming up in a group of 4 and having to use incantations and a lot of energy to really condition our brains to believe these new changes.
Overall, Date With Destiny was by far one of the most incredible, life-changing experiences of my life. I just want to give you props…you did an EXCELLENT job of encapsulating the experience!
Congratulations on your effort, it is a great read and i have been to DWD 4 times now, just like UPW we get so much out of it and I love going back now working with others who just breakthrough like you have and i did, it is amazing and such a joy to be present there. Thanks Stefan for taking the time to really break it down for all of us, this is incredible, and I really appreciate you doing this!
Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for me to get more excited about attending DWD for the first time Dec.

ABOUT STEFAN JAMESI'm a 7-figure internet entrepreneur and coach with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.
Wat zou er gebeuren als je een manier zou kunnen vinden om de barrieres te slechten die je tegenhouden om het leven dat je wenst en dat je verdient, te leven?
Ongeacht je status of prestatieniveau, Date With Destiny kan je helpen je diepste wensen te vervullen, je volle potentieel te benutten en het werkelijke doel van je leven te ontdekken. Date With Destiny is the reason why someone would want to run into the future with all of the confidence, all of the passion, all of the trust; and be totally naked and don’t care. This has been amazing in helping me understand how to be feminine and what vulnerability looks like. Als iedere vezel in je lichaam ernaar verlangt je leven op een volgend niveau te brengen, te ontdekken hoe je het doel waarvoor je bent geboren, kunt vervullen, wat kun je dan nu doen om in de richting te gaan van de juiste bestemming?
Date With Destiny zal je helpen je uiteindelijke doel onder woorden te brengen en zal de snelheid van je succes in de hoogste versnelling brengen.
Bij Date With Destiny zul je een ontwerp maken van het leven dat je verlangt en dat je verdient; je zult de hindernissen ontdekken die je tot nu toe hebben tegengehouden bij het bereiken ervan, leren hoe je noodzakelijke veranderingen aanbrengt in kritieke gebieden van je leven en jezelf conditioneren naar een voortdurend op koers blijven met je plannen. I’m thinking about re-attending as a leader, after attending DWD Leadership this year. Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.
Bij Date With Destiny zul je exact leren wat elke beslissing die je neemt, stuurt en hoe je je emoties en op die manier de kwaliteit van je leven, de baas wordt. In zakelijke situaties bepaalt de kwaliteit van onze relaties ons succes of onze mislukking. Het denkniveau dat je tot zover heeft gebracht, zal je niet brengen waar je uiteindelijk naar toe wilt gaan. Dit 6-daagse, ongelooflijk intense en ongewoon persoonlijke event is een van de slechts drie programma's wereldwijd (DwD, UPW, BM) waar je Anthony Robbins live kunt meemaken. Je zult genieten van de zeldzame en persoonlijke nabijheid van Anthony Robbins, 's werelds grootste prestatiecoach. I’m thinking of doing DWD in 2015… could you share with me what the cost of this program is now?? By writing and sharing this, you are fulfilling your mission of ‘making difference in the lives of others’! Je kunt de vaardigheid ontwikkelen over te stappen van een zwakmakende emotionele status naar een nieuw, conditioneel patroon dat jou en degenen om wie je geeft, positief zal steunen gedurende je gehele leven. Bij Date With Destiny zul je ontdekken hoe je je kunt focussen op deze essentiele verbintenissen. Als je voortdurend het beste van jezelf en de mensen om je heen vraagt en als je weigert "goed genoeg" te accepteren, als je ernaar verlangt die emotionele en lichamelijke topstatus te bereiken waar alles bereikbaar is, is Date With Destiny geen keuze - het is een moeten.
Tony zal je de handvatten geven waarmee je het pad naar buitengewone persoonlijke transformatie kunt bereiken en naar meer plezier en geluk dan je ooit voor mogelijk hebt gehouden. Anthony Robbins zal je gereedschappen voor communicatie, verbintenissen, conflicthantering en ervaringen aanreiken die hun nut hebben bewezen.
Dit event biedt je geavanceerde hulp om een visie te ontwikkelen waardoor je een superieur inzicht zult ontdekken en ongeevenaarde resultaten zult bereiken. Je zult leren hoe je nieuwe verbindingen kunt aangaan en het vuur in je bestaande relaties kunt aanwakkeren.

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