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So today I want you to go and get a pen and paper, that is correct no computer, tablet or phone. Look, this year has been challenging to say the least –  two car accidents, friends and loved ones diagnosed with terminal illness, but I will not be defeated; neither are they and neither should YOU! Here are a few positive daily affirmations that I want you to add to your personal daily speech. Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day.

I never believe in making them because I always thought that actions will speak louder than words.
Look I will continue to speak the power of daily affirmations into my life because there is POWER in setting your mind to do something GREAT!
Here is a free audio version of her book I Can Do It – The Power of Thoughts and Affirmations. But, when actions get tired sometimes, they need something to fall back on and affirming words can really help me pursue my 2015 ambitions.

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