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Unlike most data visualization techniques, this visualization of a holiday itinerary for an academic project used LEDs and long exposure photography to create the end product. In retrospect, my true happiness was always over the horizon, to be enjoyed only after I crossed the next finish line or at the very least, completed my to do list. Pamela Bell is a professional Life & Business Coach and Creative Visualization Specialist. About DMRDesert Moon Rising is a professional Life Coaching service & Blog that inspires conscious living.
Pam Bell operates her Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy practice in Healdsburg, CA, in Sonoma County, but she also works with clients anywhere in the world via Skype. I have been looking closely at how I have been trained and conditioned to live my life, at how this behavior isn’t providing the satisfaction I once thought it would, and at how I can turn the chronic stress of doing too much, into the liberation of ultimate joy!
Most of my life I have woken early, stayed up late, and have crammed 48 hours into a mere twenty four.

If you wish to be more present in your daily life, to make clear choices based on core values, to move beyond the ordinary to extraordinary, DMR is a good place to begin. That might mean I spend the whole morning with my doggie at the park, which brings us both so much joy! She is also a writer, documentary filmmaker & video producer having co-produced four documentary films and over 100 videos.
With the "15 minute Coach" we can get right to the heart of the matter and skip the "getting to know you" bit. So, if we’re hurrying our NOW to get to what’s next, we are essentially missing our life and one day, we might sit and wonder where it all went?
I know multi-tasking has become a way of life but I assure you, if you are doing two things at the same time, you are not truly present for either.
I no longer rush through the things I am doing that I actually enjoy, just to get to next think on my list… fact, I no longer even keep a list!

How many times do you wish you could hurry up and finish what you are doing “right now” so you can get to that other thing on your list?
In the process of burning all this energy however I developed this habit of trying to get as much done as possible in any given day.
Mostly, I was successful at this endeavor because we are capable of incredible stamina if we train and condition ourselves accordingly.

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