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I had to find some proof no matter how sketchily to support the '67' stuff, the Telegraph was a start. In my view the rays above that come from the deep space of our existence and my model for this is that deep space is deep consciousness, in this context it means that the clearing of illusion will bring forth a depth of awareness, a mind uncluttered and free, full of vigour and an open zest for creativity from the source.
When gradually the form melts, melds with the Universe, the more we lose the sense of our mortal form,  although we may still reside in it, however we are becoming mindfully, consciously more ethereal, energy like, spirit. In some forms of Yoga, Qi Gong and other practices, even in deep meditation a transformation occurs in the brain and so the brain begins to manufacture different chemicals.
The body will change shape and for some become lighter(see '67' writings) and in the depiction above, shed its density. So these rays, energies, anomalies in space may in time, and time is related to form, it takes a conscious form in a body to relate to time, awaken the individual to its true nature as the process develops.
For those not in receptivity, the energies will pass them by, they may be imported and may help to eventually like seeds in the desert that hibernate for many a year awaiting the rain, and one day begin their journey through the depths of the Earth, pushing their way through the rocks and crevices to be little shoots tender and vulnerable as they break through and reach the Light.
In alchemy the use of a crucible, lead and fire with other ingredients that various alchemists used according to their knowledge, and the lead was refined or alchemised into hopefully gold, I do not know if anyone actually managed it in ancient times or more recently.
Many feel that alchemy as per lead to gold or other precious metals, may have been to precursor to the concept that it is a physical form or compliment or aspect to the human alchemy. At any rate heat of some sort of energy, sometimes felt as cold energy, is applied as in energy medicine. I am a pioneer; my spiritual journey began a long time ago, long before the spiritual New Age officially kicked off. As a former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher who have had a very varied life with periods as an apprentice pro-soccer player, a martial arts teacher, an engineer, and a researcher into the paranormal. One of the most important questions of the 21st century: Is there such a thing as a higher form of consciousness? For those who believe to have experienced God directly, the question is spiritual in nature, with a definitive answer. All religious or spiritual tradition teaches of a concealed reality that can be achieved through the transcendence of the five senses. On a different note, quantum physics has radically changed the understanding of the universe. So, according to our current understanding, the only obstacle in demystifying creations, spirituality, and science is a missing dimension — at least one we don’t know about. Moreover, the theory explains quantum vacuum, which is essentially an emptiness that exists beyond what we can see (i.e.

The theory of cosmology, which is based on Einstein’s general relativity states that the universe started some 12.5 billion years ago.
Then came the phase of general expansion through which matter, galaxies, planets, and biological life came into this existence that we are familiar with. With an understanding of space and time, we are forced to believe that even our brain operates in space and time. This is possible because the ever expanding source of every particle and the newly discovered anti-particle must also be the source of our brain.
However, in terms of how we perceive our physical reality, life goes on quite nicely even without the existence of quantum mechanics. Hence, transcending beyond the five senses — which previously applied only to mystics and sages — is now relevant to literally everyone.
Now, at this point, we are faced with the strangeness of quantum physics and its implications on our understanding of the universe.
The thought that even we are a part of this inconceivable reality — where all consciousness becomes one — may sound a bit strange or even misguided, but please keep in mind that our understanding of the world is increasing at an exponential rate and this seems to be confusing us. If you consider the quantum field theory to be correct, then you subscribe to the belief that spirituality may have been the hidden link all along.
Although, the causations made by Deepak Chopra may not have been proven empirically, the existence of a cosmic consciousness seems today like a possible reality, one that has started to appeal to a wider demographic. But the concept is still in its infancy and, therefore, needs to be extensively implemented and practiced with before we can experience the latent power held within our spiritual side.
My skirmishes with mainstream scientists and academics had been ragged to say the least and when I showed the '67' writings to a colleague and friend, he blew his top, went ballistic and stormed out, never to speak or return again.
We then can enjoy form and see it for what it is, a temporary illusion, like the conjurer's trick, to be enjoyed, entertained and then let go. One might look obese and yet there is a glow and the layer of flesh(not an excuse for corpulence) maybe a grounding aspect. This energy removes the blocks and sometimes shows the trauma to the mind of the patient or practice person.
I have also stayed for periods with Tibetan Monks at Samye Ling and am also an ex-Findhorn member.
They even give directions for accomplishing this feat, such as faith, prayer, meditation, etc. Despite the incredible growth in our understanding, all of this is theoretical and hidden from the human senses.

The earliest period of time in the history of our universe is called the Planck era, which is the state where everything is so minuscule that it cannot be further broken down. So, if the universe really is participatory, our consciousness must also be participating on the quantum level. Since everything comes from the same origin but with different timeframes, it is constantly involved in a participatory manner, hence the creations, maintenance, and re-absorption of virtual particles. So, since we understand that everything that exists depends upon quantum vacuum, our belief that we are exclusive to that rule must be incorrect. These mystics found the answers to so many questions even before the scientific community: cosmic consciousness is the missing link. And such a belief will, literally, change the way we live our lives, as spirituality becomes a huge part of us. However the quest continues and as I said above what I am about to share will set the choking off and lose some readers. It is far better to be noble, humble and be one and in tune with Nature which is a portrayal in Earth form of the Comic beauty and creation. The upshot is when the debris is released say in a healing situation, skin rashes, diarrhoea, sickness and so on, often termed the healing crisis arrives as the bodies natural alchemy begins to expunge the dross. Hence so much emphasis is given to the subtle bodies, and some Qi Gong teachers I know do not use weights, apparatus or such like and they have muscular well defined healthy bodies.
Even though we consider our everyday reality to be an external reality, it actually is variable based on our perception.
Ah well I cannot compromise to what I feel is truth for me, but will be open to take the knock out retort and open to change if this appropriate.
This idea to form and die, to reach more and more evolutionary forms in the case of base lead to pure gold, from a lower carnal nature to an energetic ascended purer and purer consciousness, from burning stars that give life to planets and then die to reform, and who knows what is 'out' 'in' there.
She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. That is precisely why I do not offer my degrees in academia or where I obtained them, because I have many a mainstream friends who will tolerate me and read my offerings as long as I do not put them forward as mainstream and talk purely from a personal view without academic background.
Pollution, stale dead food, well by now you know the score, this is the end of an era, if we do not purge and clean out, we face a dying world, nature will clean it out for us and maybe the end of the human race, and those who do clean out will be a new species as it was foretold in the '67' writings.

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