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Criminals use call centers in Jamaica to flood the US with lies about millions won by unsuspecting victims. Twins Chris and Jeffrey George make $40 million from the illicit sale of oxycodone and other drugs out of their clinics. Luxury car salesman and reality TV star Bobby Khan is accused of pocketing car loans and selling cars that aren’t his. Criminals featured on American Greed are apprehended through the hard work of law enforcement and our alert viewers.

A mother and son score $50 million in the Bay Medical Clinic scam that kicks back big bucks to patients.
Beautiful women are controlled by Russian gangsters to seduce amorous in nightclubs out of money and jewelry. A wealthy timber baron is rolled by a phony psychic for $15 million while her daughter pretends to be in love with him.
When fraudster Paul Kruse propositions his assistant's teenage daughter, the angry mom gets him behind bars.

Disgraced former mayor exploits the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina to pocket bribes and live large.
Filling in for Brian Kilmeade on “Kilmeade and Friends”, Leslie Gold spoke to Melissa Francis of Fox Business News’ “Money with Melissa Francis” about being silenced while on CNBC because she criticized Obamacare.

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