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Wayne will explain how he made a $2,700 sale simply by eavesdropping on someone, who he didn’t know, who was discussing his book. He’ll also show you how he instantly connects with radio talk shows hosts and other media without even knowing who they are. This webinar was the very best, complete and needed webinar I’ve seen…Easy-to- follow examples and explanations will help me connect with the right people who are actually looking for me! How to find potential customers who are talking about problems your products or services solve. How to search for people in a specific city you’re visiting so you can piggyback a paid speaking gig onto a consulting assignment or a vacation. Two ways to connect with journalists in groups and, if you get no response, a third way that will get their attention. How to read your competitors’ status updates without being connected to them–this is a fabulous tool for spying!
The one tool every speaker must use after a speaking gig to get a testimonial from the meeting planner and post it right on LinkedIn. A very clever, easy way to get into a company for a job interview, a consulting assignment or anything else by reaching out to alumni who attended the college you did.

PR pros and publicists who want to add these tools and strategies to their clients’ PR campaigns. Posted on January 5, 2014 at 1:46 pm by Den-O under Kamen Rider Bandai is at it yet again with more collectible trinkets of your favorite Legend Heroes!
With the high sales of the Arms Change line and the in demand nature of this set, surely Bandai knows they can cash in on us pretty hard by making more Legend Arms? I still find it ironic that they gave Fourze (Friendship) to Zangetsu of all people I still love these, if for the sheer lunacy is nothing else. I'll tell you which special reports, CDs, electronic transcripts or ebooks I have that can help you--within your budget, of course. The Arms Change line for Kamen Rider Gaim has proven to be one of Bandai of Japan’s biggest sellers this season so cashing in on that success with this unique set was a no brainer. Each Arms is a pretty faithful representation of a rider's helmet, and the visor pieces each give off their own unique touch to sell the whole thing.
Provided sales numbers and ratings continue to increase for Gaim, I'd hope Bandai takes notice and creates more Legend Arms in this style.
I love Gaim Wizard arms and Zangetsu Fourze arms(of all the people to give it to?) something looks off about that wizard figuart.

Much like Ranger Keys, Rider Rings, and all those that came before it, Legend sets sell incredibly well.
The intended use of each Arms is for Gaim to use Wizar, Zangetsu to use Fourze, Baron to use OOO, & Ryugen to use W. In the film the Gaim riders have access to each riders personal weapon but here they are not included. Though because these are Arms Change figures these can be swapped in any number of combinations. They look good on their intended riders but honestly they all look good in just about any combination.

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