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Check Cashing of Raleigh provides the easiest and fastest way to turn your unwanted gift cards to cash. Since, of course, I’m new to the world of selling gift cards online, I was a bit hesitant to try it.
I decided to create this website after, personally, shopping around trying to sell my own gift cards online. I didn’t know it could be that pretty freaking easy to get instant cash for my gift cards. Were you blessed with a gift card this Christmas?  Did it burn a hole in your pocket or is it still there… sitting… waiting?  Is it for a store you love or somewhere you would never shop?
If you have an unwanted or ambiguous gift card, here are 3 ways to get cash from it and get what you really want. Welcome to The Creative Recycler, your source of green and upcycled DIYs, and thrifty tips.
Here is a link where you can exchange your old gift cards online and get “ecash” for Walmart. While I was researching how to sell my gift cards I checked into a bunch of gift card sites.
With this convenient service, you can convert to cash virtually many types of gift cards in a matter of seconds.

It’s basically a website where you can buy discounted gift cards or sell your gift cards for cash. The main aspect I focused on changing was the speed of the transaction and making sure the entire process would take less than an hour.
However, a small percentage of these gift cards are unwanted, and the receivers of the cards would like to get cash for them.In the past, you might’ve been stuck with your unwanted gift cards, but today, you have several options at your disposal. When trying to get rid of those unwanted gift cards that you got during Christmas, there are others who would love to take them off your hands.The main reason why most people want to get rid of a gift card is because it’s for a store that they’ve never even heard of or would want to spend money in. Maybe it’s a gift card for the bookstore down the street, and grandma thought it would be a great place for you to spend your money.Trading Your Gift Cards Every year, nearly $1 billion of unused store credit sits on gift cards, and a lot of consumers believe there is nothing they can do with the unused credit. It’s like if you sold a Best Buy Gift Card, they will give you up to around 90% of how much your gift card costs. There are many newer websites that make it possible to trade in your gift cards.Some websites let you exchange one card for another while others let you trade in your card for some cash. Most vendors that allow you to trade in your gift cards will take a small percentage of the card’s total value.You can even go to aggregator sites that let you compare a list of sites that will give you cash for your gift card. Different gift card resellers have different payment methods and fees, so it’s a good idea to find the company that will pay you the highest amount for your cards.The Wal-Mart Exchange Recently, Wal-Mart has entered the gift card reseller industry, and they accept cards from over 200 different retailers. Depending on the retailer the gift card is for, Wal-Mart might be able to offer you as much as 3 percent more value than popular card reseller websites.Sell Your Gift Card for Cash Did you know that it’s actually possible to get real cash for your gift cards?

A typical Coinstar machine accepts gift cards from roughly 150 different restaurants and retailers.However, your gift cards will need to have a balance of at least $20. You can list virtually any gift card on the marketplace and set a price for it, but you won’t always get your asking price. These online marketplaces are very similar to eBay, so they’re like auction sites.Why Companies Offer Cash for Gift Cards A typical consumer might have trouble understanding why companies offer to buy unwanted gift cards.
Most companies that pay cash for gift cards have special relationships with retailers, which enable them to make a profit on the cards.Depending on a wide range of variables, the profit margin could be big or small. Most of these websites take a small percentage of the card’s face value, so they’re able to profit and stay in business. She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content.
Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.
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