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NatWest customers' credit card statements advise against paying with cash at another bank What to do if you've been charged unfairlyIf you think your credit card provider has charged you a A?12 late repayment fee unfairly, you should contact their complaints department in the first instance. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites.
Good manners and convenient opening times, you'd think, would be the basics for any business. One of the things that makes customers really angry is the uncompromising approach banks now apply on credit card charges.
The gravy train of stinging customers with unfettered credit card charges, often ?35 for the smallest errors, was outlawed in 2006.
But the real point here is that customers are just looking for a little common sense and flexibility on charges. Why is it, that i am encouraged to sign up to paperless statement to save the environment but am still bombarded with letters from them with unsolicited leaflets for pet insurance, home insurance, loans,credit cards, and of course the leaflet with 2mm high writing that tells me about the latest changes they have made to their policies which when summarised simply tell me that they cannot be held responsible for anything and they will charge me for anything they can, whilst paying me hardly anyinterest for the money that sits in my account desperately trying to grow to feed me when i retire! Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them.
Pay for goods or services in shops, restaurants, wherever you see the Visa logo shown on your debit card. Get up to ?100 cash back when you pay with your Natwest debit card in many shops, supermarkets and other retailers.

When using your Natwest visa card abroad any foreign currency debit card payments, including cash withdrawals are converted to Sterling by VISA using wholesale market rates applying on the day the conversion is made. Many supermarkets and retailers in the UK offer cashback up to ?100 when paying by debit card. If your debit card features the cheque guarantee symbol, Natwest will guarantee your personal cheques up to the amount shown on your debit card. Identity theft is when somebody uses your name and other personal information for fraudulent purposes. Memorise your PIN and then destroy the PIN advice and any other security information provided. Keep secure (or shred) all receipts, letters and other confidential papers including bank statements that contain your name and address or other personal information.
NatWest debit card is part of National Westminister account is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
So even those with credit cards from issuers like MBNA and Capital One - which dona€™t have high-street branches - should be able to use cash to pay card bills by the next working day. Limiting the options available to customers for repayment could be seen as unfair, particularly by older consumers who prefer going in branch. If you then feel that your provider has not dealt with your complaint adequately you can take it to The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).The FOS told This is Money that so far this financial year they have seen a ten per cent increase in the number of credit card complaints. Banks, however, have so far been able to make tens of billions of pounds a year without feeling the need to get that right.

If you have any contact with NatWest about credit cards and they don't mention how you can avoid charges, please let us know.
Your card is security is enhanced when you sign-up to either Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. These are split between Natwest branches, as well as Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland and petrol stations, foreign exchange outlets and train stations.
Natwest state of the art fraud detection systems look for unusual activity on your account. Whilst these cover a range of different subjects, a considerable proportion of the complaints are over charges, including disputes over when they are applied and if they have been applied correctly.A  What are the alternatives to paying in cash?The easiest way to ensure you never incur late payment fees on your credit card is to set up a direct debit ,to pay either the full amount each month or at the very least the minimum repayment (or any amount you choose in between the two). But it means banks, keen to make up the lost income, have since shown little mercy in how they are applied brushing aside even the most plausible explanations for a late or missed payment.
The bank has now confirmed to This is Money that this information is incorrect and they will be updating their website. If you have access to online banking you can take advantage of the faster payments scheme and transfer money to pay bills within two hours. Most banks will also allow you to pay by cheque (either by post or at the counter) but this will take longer to reach your account.

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