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An eBook will generate the money for the author when the eBook is written with a good intention.
When you will go to publish your eBook on Amazon, then you have to take the opportunities of it which are available for its author for publishing.
For making money from your eBook on Amazon, you have to choose the marketplace where your eBook will run.
Therefore, as an author, you can make money through Amazon if you follow the principles of the Amazon platform blindly. Simply share this product with your friends and family and earn affiliate revenue for every purchase made.
Once you have written your Ebooks the next most logical question is where do you sell Ebooks online to make the most money? Note: This e-report is an excerpt (a pullout) from the ebook, How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week – Really!
Unless you’re writing a personal tome just to get something off your chest, I’m assuming you want to write an ebook that will sell. If you want to write sell ebooks online for profit, you can save a lot of time by learning the simple techniques discussed here. Because of the success I had, in 2011, I transitioned from writing almost full-time for clients to writing almost full-time for myself.
Writing and Selling Ebooks Online: The Ultimate Self-Publishing Package — Get 4 Ebooks for 1 Low Price! How to Start a Successful Freelance Career Newsletter: Get concrete specifics on how to start, grow and run a successful freelance writing business. But first you have to make sure that you have the ability to write the interesting fiction or non-fiction for the readers. So when you are going to fix the price of the eBook, then you have to select the price in such a way that the reader’s pocket cannot empty as well as your pocket can be filled up. We only use your email to create an affiliate tracking account so we can pay you directly via PayPal. And now you can get that eBook out in front of millions of potential buyers with a few clicks of a button.
But since you are not a layman, the term eBook is probably synonymous to “ka-ching” to you, as you probably think about writing and selling them. So in this direction, the theme of the story should be interesting and eatable to the readers as well. So you have to read and understand it very well and grab the opportunities which are available in the front of you. Fortunately, there are a lot more people that think of buying and reading, than those of us who think of writing and selling. You should remember that before making money at Amazon as an author, you have to write an eBook which can create the interest among the Amazon readers as well as all netizen.
Actually, once you published your eBook on Amazon platform, Amazon will automatically advertise your eBook through its extensive channels. Since 2010, over half my income has come from writing and selling ebooks online (my own and affiliate ebooks).

Publishing a book was just not one of the viable money making ideas unless you were a serious writer willing to sacrifice the best years of your life pursuing a dream.Now, with the rise of the eReaders, it is a completely different ball game.
The best part about writing and selling eBooks is, it is one of the money making ideas that has great passive income potential – you write the book once, and have your marketing channels in place, and you’re all set. So the first and prime target for you as an author will be to select the right theme for your fiction or non-fiction eBook. They are usually allot cheaper than printed books, so make sure you research before setting a price.
According to this wikipedia entry In July 2010 Amazon announced that e-book sales for its Kindle reader outnumbered sales of hardcover books for the first time ever during the second quarter of 2010You don’t need to chase publishers to get your book out there in front of millions.
Since, you can read the eBook on the move and also you can read it as much as you like by just rewinding it.
Actually, as an author, you have to know the eBook technology well before you write an eBook. If your book is poorly written and you don’t kindle their sparks however, they will just as quickly throw it off their Kindle. Now depending on how you market your eBook, you may be able to sell only a handful of copies, or thousands of them.
While that may not seem like a big deal because they have already paid for it, think again.
If you write on a topic that stays relevant for long periods of time (say, parenting advice), once you make the first few sales and build your affiliate relationships, you can just sit back, relax and watch the money keep rolling in.The second biggest advantage of writing and selling eBooks is that it is a much easier approach to being a published author compared to writing a traditional print book. You don’t have to worry about finding an agent or sending drafts to publishers or being rejected. You may have written it in a mad, joy-filled three week rush, but once you’ve typed “The End,” put your work aside for a few days.  When you take it up again, you’ll be amazed at the number of problems you’ll find, from misspellings and run-on sentences to dropped subplots or factual errors. If you are a writer, then the “marketing” aspect may seem a bit intimidating – but believe me, it’s far easier than trying to get a print book published (See our Success Tips archives for marketing tips). It lets you embrace new technology and you will have an edge compared to all the other writers in your niche that may have only published print books before. Unlike a print book, you do not have the backing of a publishing house or an agent to take care of the “marketing” end of it.
Before you start the publication process, be sure to read the agreements involved, in their entirety. So, you need to be much more than just a writer (or be willing to hire someone to do it for you) when you are an eBook author. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are a marketing guru, then you will either need to hone your writing skills or hire someone to write that eBook for you. The bottom line is, if you want to be successful, you need to figure out how to be a good writer as well as a good marketing person. Unless you master both aspects, your success potential will be severely crippled.And the second disadvantage, which is a much bigger issue is protecting your content from theft – whether it is from someone who plagiarizes content or from someone who tries to illegally sell you eBook and keep all the profits, or someone why finds a way to download it for “free” without offering you your fair share.
You’ll need to create the front matter for your book, including the title and copyright pages, as well as the dedication, preface, table of contents, and any other material you need. But if your intention is to make money, you need to do some research on the topic of your choice.

A quick Google search, or some keyword analysis with a tool like Market Samurai, can help you narrow the area to write about. Amazon instructs you to insert a page break after the end of the last sentence of each chapter, to keep your chapters from running together. Following it up with a search on Amazon, can give you an idea of what products are already available out there. Once you’ve finished, you can use Mobipocket Creator to convert your work into an actual eBook. And finally, the clickbank marketplace provides a lot of information as well.EBooks on popular subjects like self-help, healthy lifestyle, world issues (current events), online marketing, making money online, SEO, and learning a trade are all great sellers. Although you’re no doubt eager to send your “baby” out into the world, it’s best to set your book aside for at least a few hours, then proofread with fresh eyes and mind. If you can find one or two skilled proofreading friends to look over your work, that’s even better.Once any necessary changes are made, it’s time to upload. Just follow the instructions to upload your book to Amazon, and it will be available for its potential readers within 24-48 hours. Check out our newsletter to receive exclusive content sent only to the select few who subscribe.
First, create (or hire someone to create) a professional looking, yet eye-catching cover; browsers will notice it, and it will anchor your book’s page nicely. When uploading to kindle, make sure you put in the isbn you got from smashwords (so they know this is a proper original work). Amazon provides guidelines on what you should include on your detail page; follow them closely.
Pretend you’re writing inside jacket copy for your book–make your content interesting and compelling.
Study the content pages of best sellers to determine what makes them successful and why, then apply those characteristics to your own writing.
After your details page is finished, Amazon will ask you to affirm your rights, choose a royalty option, and set your price. The Quick and Easy Guide to Getting Started on eBay Everything You Need to Determine If You Can Make Money as a Virtual Assistant Niche Site 101: What You Need to Know About Getting Rich by Pitching a Niche Got Organization Skills?
Make Money as an Event Planner Offering Private Lessons: A Guaranteed Way to Make Money from Your Passion Do You Have What it Takes to Turn Your Good (or NOT!) Looks into Big Bucks?
Writing and Selling eBooks: The Money Making Idea That Keeps On Paying Yes, You Too Can Make Money as a Freelancer Is Blogging (for Money) the Right Option for You? It’s great!”  Instead, focus on your readers’ interests and needs, and seduce them into wanting to buy your book.Get BusyReady to join the ranks of published authors? Don’t just stand there staring at the screen with a goofy “that’s my book” smile on your face!

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