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Unlike World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic or Elder Scrolls Online, EVE can't be divorced from its players. That first is pretty straightforward.A EVEA players will now be able to skin their ships to look more unique, expanding a test program from last year. The other big reveal this year is player-built structures, and it's poised to totally change the way people play EVE.
But CCP is adding a new system on topa€”one that Nordgren hopes will lead to all sorts of new player-driven insanity, like entire cities of EVE players, built by EVE players. As I said, it totally changes the way the game plays, adding yet another layer on top of the already insanely complicated industrial and supply logistics foundation of the game.
Luckily CCP seems to be addressing that side of the issue finallyA , with a new client and the beginnings of an overhauled tutorial.
Starting soon the client will download only the baseline files needed to play EVE, streaming in new assets on the fly as players encounter them. In February CCP began rolling out a new "Opportunities" tutorial system, and Nordgren gave me some stats: It replaces 78 niche steps (6,500 words of tutorial text) with seven broad "opportunities" at only 1,000 words total.

It's a lot of big, sweeping changes to parts of EVE Online that honestlyA seemed like they'd never changea€”and definitely not improve.
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It's a massive, universe-sized sandbox that's spent twelve years building a reputation off the backs of its playersa€”either the most dedicated or most insane in the world, depending on your viewpoint. I confirmed with CCP that player-submitted skins and other forms of customization are also in the works, though there's no definite roadmap for if or when future features might make it out to the general playerbase.
For years now CCP has been adding features onto EVE Online and, frankly, compounding a problematic reputation the game already had basically from the starta€”that it's actively hostile to newcomers, thanks to a hellish tutorial and about a billion systems to learn.

These opportunities should help you learn to playA EVEA while also giving players more freedoma€”like, "Go try out mining" instead of walking you step-by-step through mining a specific asteroid. I was intrigued enough to think momentarily, "Maybe I'll try learning EVE again." And then I thought, "Probably not. It's the barest of excuses to steer people toward the player-driven side of the game, which encompasses everything from massive battles to corporate diplomacy to assembling ships that price out at thousands of dollars apiecea€”a value that can be devised onlyA because of EVE's equally complex player-driven economy.
And I do meanA revealedA 102 designsa€”there were like, sixty different slides shown as part of the keynote. On the one hand, the game should be actively praised for containing so much depth it can basically be considered a living, breathing world in a way no other MMO has attained.
This new system is also allowing CCP to introduce high-resolution textures to the gamea€”something that would've been storage-prohibitive before and ballooned the size of updates.

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