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Brain training with simple and entertaining online games can cut the risk of dementia by a third according to a scientific breakthrough which experts have described as “spectacular”. In the most rigorous study to date, researchers compared different types of cognitive training head to head and report that a speed-processing-based training can indeed lower rates of cognitive decline and dementia. The study involved nearly 3,000 healthy older people who were randomly assigned to take a five week classroom-based training that involved either improving their processing speed, improving their memory skills, or improving their reasoning skills, and followed over 10 years.
At the end of the study, only those assigned to the speed-processing training showed a 33% reduction in the amount of dementia or cognitive impairment after 10 years compared to those who received the memory or reasoning training.

The training is actually available online in a commercial program by Brain HQ called the Double Decision Exercise (which licensed the training from the researchers who created it). In the study, the people were trained for five weeks and the effects seemed to last for at least 10 years. The researchers were led by Jerri Edwards, from the University of South Florida, and the results were presented at the Alzheimer’s Association annual meeting on Sunday. The purpose of the computer-based training was to help people take in and process information on the screen faster.

Exactly how often people should be taking advantage of the training, and how durable the effects are, still aren’t clear. For now, she says, it couldn’t hurt to keep your brain sharp by training it, like any other muscle, to take in and process information as efficiently as possible.

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