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Our bodies are constantly losing water, and we must replace that water if we want our bodies to function at the highest level possible. Dehydration is one of the biggest problems people tend to think about when it comes to not drinking enough water. In addition, water is good for flushing out toxins and just plain keeping our body running smoothly and efficiently.
So get in the habit of drinking water throughout the day, not just when you feel thirsty – but all day long. Have you ever been in a situation where you have to explain to someone what he or she needs to do? As a management coach, I am always asked, “How do we make sure that when we train our employees they perform at the level we expect?” My answer is to build a bridge of understanding between your brain and theirs.
The first part of building the bridge: Make sure the trainee can repeat back to you what they are going to do. By doing this, both the trainer and the trainee are clear on the actions necessary to complete a task and can adjust anything that is not correct.
Have you noticed that customer service agents repeat back your telephone number or address to make sure they got the information correct, adjusting anything they did not hear correctly?

I came to understand the importance of using the right examples when I first moved to West Virginia  to open up sales center. The problem I ran across in West Virginia was that I was in the heart of Nascar country, something a NJ boy knew nothing about. By using these two strategies, you will create a pathway that will lead your employees to the desired results. Glenn Pasch is the new COO for PCG Digital Marketing as well as an management coach with his performance consulting firm Improved Performance Solutions. I want to connect ideas on marketing, training and personal development and make these ideas accessible for organizations and people so they perform better. I am blessed to have great support from my team at PCG Companies but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important. It can also help you feel more full and since it has zero calories it can aid in weight loss if that is a goal of yours. I finally realized that I needed to start taking better care of myself, and I seriously need to lose weight. If you take that same approach to all of your training it will save you so much time later and this tactic will put your employee in a position to succeed from the beginning.

My baseball and football analogies worked only so well, so I had to take a crash course about Nascar. Catching up on Heavenly Homemaker, I noticed the link to your site and decided to check it out.
From their perspective, the commentary in their head is saying,” I hope he does not ask me what they just said. This  reason alone should be enough to encourage you to make sure you are drinking enough water.
Soon my coaching analogies started to be filled with examples from Nascar and this allowed me to bridge any learning gap by using examples THEY understood.
Those are huge numbers, and in order for us to continue to function, we have to maintain those numbers by drinking plenty of water. I know I should be drinking more water but I always use the excuse, the water just isnt that great here!

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