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Watching 3D movies is beneficial for enhancing and boosting brain power, new research says. The subjects’ reaction times were improved by 11 percent and they experienced a ‘brain boost’ for up to 20 minutes after viewing a 3D film, The Guardian reported. Along with professor Brendan Walker of Thrill Laboratory, a London-based company dedicated to new forms of thrilling experience, they found that the improvement in reaction time was five times that experienced by participants, who had been watching a 2D movie. There has been a noticeable decline in cognitive brain function in old age, which can impair future quality of life. For the study, cognitive brain tests and brain-monitoring headsets were used to analyse moviegoers at the Vue cinemas in Piccadilly, London. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Kualalumpurpost and receive notifications of new posts by email. As more and more technology is taking the thinking out of the tasks that we do everyday it is becoming increasingly important that we keep our brains active, and this was proven by computer games like brain training and what not so I have to say as time goes on more and more people will be looking at keeping their minds active. In this PLR Package, you will find 10 well written articles on brain power, and you can do what you like with them whether its create a free product or simply compiling them to make a kindle book its up to you, but I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed in them. The 31-year-old physicist has been involved in a unique research project focusing on the study, analysis and modelling of financial systems. Their findings show that the collective way in which stock markets behave during a crisis resembles the way in which a brain behaves during a seizure.
Dr Kenett explains: “You can think of different regions of the brain as different economic markets. He says that in epilepsy, one part of the brain takes over and interferes with normal brain activity. So, analysing the financial crisis is about more than just the banks borrowing too much then? He explains: “In 2008, before the crisis, there was a report by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, which noted that the markets would return to equilibrium.
What’s more, he says: “There is a view that traders have access to all the market information enabling them to make a rational decision, but obviously this is not the case in real life, and physicists are now coming up with new tools to deal with this. He cites comparing financial fluctuations to earthquakes as an example of using physics to gain a current insight into how the markets react.
Dr Kenett is currently a research associate at the Center for Polymer Studies, Department of Physics at Boston University, working under influential physicist Professor H Eugene Stanley. He has also been working with Professor Ben Jacob and the Kiel Institute of World Economy in Germany, on a market “seismograph”.
The idea is to monitor the “well-being” of all markets separately and then, to quantify the interaction between these markets to understand how the events in one market will affect all the other markets.
Their findings show, for example, that changes in correlations in the UK can predict in some ways, changes in Germany. Born in the US, Dr Kenett grew up in Israel obtaining three different physics degrees from the Tel Aviv University. Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since they stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving. Thanks for visiting and playing our unique collection of games that are good for your brain! Now, holding the earlobe between your first and second finger, pull it firmly down and release it. If you can, squat and stand up a few times while you do this, creating a gentle pumping action in the body.
Since the left brain is connected to the right side of the body and vice-versa, we cross our hands when massaging the ears. When practiced regularly, this small exercise can work wonders for your memory and awareness.
Even today, there are many educated people who mistakenly think that features of the subtle body like chakras or acupuncture points have “eluded scientific detection” by Western cultures. But funding has occasionally been found for the investigation of mysterious or publicly doubted phenomena, and a diligent search has occasionally been done by those with open minds and an utmost proficiency in their field. Nationally sought acoustical-imaging scientist Joie Jones teamed up with physicist and acupuncture practitioner Young Bae to investigate the acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) using leading edge tools and technique.
Their ongoing research came to have a team of collaborating scientists and college students assisting in the experiment, particularly with the task of running an array of 100 ultrasound transducers, with 101 computers processing data (the entire array generated one terabyte of data per 6 seconds of use). They also examined their human research participants using fMRI to study the brain’s response to acupuncture needles, observing how the participants’ brains responded to the stimulation of an acupoint that TCM said pertained to vision. Just beneath the skin at an acupoint location, this coordinate map shows some sort of field effect that attenuates (absorbs or scatters) particular rates of vibration in what we humans subjectively label the “ultrasound” spectrum.
The researchers also found that these attenuating structures changed shape and location in some sort of biorhythm, in the same way that acupuncture practitioners said that they should. As an aside, seeing as how Joie Jones was nationally sought in his field, held multiple patents on ultrasound imaging innovations, and was a science advisor to two presidents (and one United Nations panel), I have a high level of confidence in his abilities.
Each acupoint had an electric field surrounding it, as shown in the skin conductivity maps below, a field that varied in strength according to a 15-minute rhythm.
Becker and Reichmanis diligently investigated the properties of the points they studied, and in a particularly pivotal experiment they planned to record the fields of multiple acupoints along a meridian line while stimulating the acupoint furthest away. But right then the NIH canceled their grant, even though they had published four papers in a year. Thankfully, while it doesn’t show the same level of detail as Becker’s work, the Jones & Bae study did examine the movement of chi between acupoints (or the “signal propagation” in the language of the study).
A video of the presentation of the Jones & Bae study can be found below, from a conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (though the study was published in the proceedings of the national academy of science). As a species that grew and evolved to become one of the Earth’s most dominating forces, we came to believe that we were its greatest glory. The tricky part in all of this knowledge and wisdom that quantum mechanics has imparted to us, is that we don’t know where to draw the line. In order to truly understand what is happening at a sub-atomic level when we think of someone or when we feel the lightness of love for another; we must first bridge the gap between the micro-world and the macro-world.
So how do these tiny strings that bind the book of life, correlate to how we experience consciousness and affect the physical realm? Nonlocality is also known as spooky action at a distance (Einstein’s famous phrase for describing the phenomenon). Think about it this way, when two atoms that come into contact with each other, they experience a sort of “unconditional bond” with one another. This discovery was so bizarre that even Albert Einstein went to his grave thinking that Quantum Entanglement was not real and simply a bizarre calculation of the universe’s workings. Since Einstein’s days, there have been a multitude of experiments to test the validity of quantum entanglement, many of which supported the theory that when two particles come into contact, if one’s direction is changed, so too will the other. In 2011, Nicolas Gisin at University of Geneva was one of the first humans to witness that very thing, a form of communication that went beyond the realm of space and time. Senior scientist at Princeton University, Dr.Roger Nelson began a 14-year long study and organization called The Global Consciousness Project (GCP). Reminding the world and skeptics alike, that even quantum physics shows itself in the least likely of places. As an American Author and Research Psychologist, the two aspects in life I value most are: humanity and self-improvement.

I know some would say coincidence but these things happend to me; I pick my mobile phone after few hours of not touching ita, then when I unlock it my girlfriend messaged me on that same moment the phone unlocked. Noway quantum mechanics explains what love is, or could be used so broadly as was used here. Dear Luis, my conclusion to the paradox off timeless transfer of infomation through space is, there is only one electron in the universe. As much as we’d like to think we know ourselves and our own minds, in actual fact there is a lot that we don’t know, are yet to discover and sometimes may not ever know.
This experiment is said to be the most famous psychology study in history and showcased how social environments can affect human behaviour.
This study taught us that even those of us who are declared psychologically “normal” can demonstrate an evil streak when placed in certain environments.
Another famous experiment where college students were targeted by a researcher who asked for directions. After the Second World War, Stanley Milgram wanted to understand why Nazi criminals committed the crimes they did and if the authority figure had something to do with it. Spanning 75-years, this study followed 268 male Harvard graduates at various points in their life to record data on various aspects of their lives.
One of the most popular theories and areas within psychology, cognitive dissonance is the idea that humans cannot cope with conflicting thoughts, emotions or values so experience some mental distress.
There have been many experiments into this area, but one of the most interesting was carried out by Leon Festinger, where he asked participants to complete long, mundane tasks then offered half of them $1, and the other half $20 to tell waiting participants that they enjoyed the task. There are many more experiments that demonstrate just how little we know about ourselves and our minds as humans, these studies only scratch the surface. While everyone marvels over Internet and mobile device technology, medical breakthroughs are happening nearly as fast. The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System provides sight to the blind by utilizing macro computer technology. Unlike the nonfunctional mannequin arms of the old days, Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, has developed a prosthetic arm and hand that is controlled by the mind. In a recent study, scientists have encouraged the growth and regeneration of certain tooth-building stem cells in rats using laser light. In 2013, Japanese scientists succeeded in developing the first liver using pluripotent stem cell growth. Developments concerning eye-scanning have done everything from being used within security systems to determining what visitors on a website are most interested in. Eye tracking is being further developed in order to allow individuals that are incapable of speech to communicate. The team led by neuroscientist Patrick Fagan from Goldsmiths University found a 23 percent increase in cognitive processing ability among participants after watching a 3D movie.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. He works within the arena of “econophysics” — a field of physics that applies theories developed by physicists to solve economic problems. Changing prices of stocks and shares are not ‘normally’ distributed, as was thought in the past. A type of weather map for the markets, it measures the interconnections between the major stock markets across the globe (the UK, China, US, India, Germany and Japan) and could, says Dr Kenett, help each country predict when a financial crisis is imminent. His father, Ron Kenett, who he cites as his role model, is a professor of statistics and president of the Israel Statistics Association. There are 4 difficulty levels, and we’ve integrated a high score system into the Smart-Kit site database. Cross your hands and bring them up to your ears – left hand to the right ear, right hand to the left. Like many incorrect beliefs concerning “what science has found or not found,” it is based on the false premise that many scientists have been diligently looking for the thing in question using a very broad array of scientific tools. Such was the case with these two ongoing experiments, one recent and another decades in the past.
They examined a specific acupuncture point with various ultrasound vibrations until eventually finding a particular frequency range that was absorbed or deflected by the human body, especially at acupuncture points. They also tuned their ultrasound transmitters to a frequency capable of stimulating the acupoints in the same way an acupuncture needle does.
On the right, the field rotates and tightens inward when the acupoint is stimulated by a needle or by certain ultrasound frequencies. Becker had no ambitions to explore the physiological basis of acupuncture, but he was asked to do just that when someone from the Army Surgeon General’s Office came knocking at his faculty office.
It would also vary in its shape in a manner I find quite in agreement with various spiritual groups’ descriptions, and the scientific work of later years such as the Jones & Bae experiments. Shown below is only a visual representation of their data, not a literal image of the acupoints’ locations in physical space along the meridian. Right: The signal of one acupoint being stimulated has moved from the first to the second, and now causes the third field to begin changing shape. Sometimes they are ahead of their time and then forgotten, other times they are simply not communicated well to other interested parties, such as fellow scientists in neighboring fields.
Joie has a great story to tell at the end of the video about the special challenge they had when publishing their work.
It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement.
Primarily because the physiology of our brains prevents us from truly experiencing the universe as it is.
This is much easier said than done, because the micro-world operates under significantly different laws. Where there would typically be a medium like air or space for the atom to communicate what it was doing; during quantum entanglement there is no medium, communication is instantaneous. I make it my goal and life's work to illuminate the secrets of the mind and our potential to every thirsty man and woman. Maybe Einstein used false propositional logic when trying to make sense and that where he couldn’t get it.? I was also trying to call her but I cant get through then my phone rang then she said she cant contact me at that very instant we both trying to contact each other. I believe it has to do with the force that we use when focusing (consciously or subconsciously) with things.
Fact like this or similar must be forced to the general public and be an integral part of a new education system. The human mind works in mysterious ways and the endless studies into different aspects can only widen our understanding, not complete it.
The study placed 24 healthy undergraduates with no criminal background into a mock prison, asking some to act as guards and the rest to act as prisoners. Halfway through the directions, workmen holding a wooden door passed between the two having the discussion, switching places with the individual who was asking for the directions. The “teacher and learner” experiment had one researcher instructing a participant to produce electric shocks of high voltage on another human being in front of them, simply because they were asked to do so.
The conclusion to the experiment is that love really does make us happy and fills us with a sense of life-satisfaction that we don’t get from other areas of our lives. The $1 group felt the need to justify the time spent by saying it was a fun task, whereas the higher-paid group believed they had sufficient justification for completing the task.

I can often be found reading self-help articles snuggled up in bed with a cup of coffee or writing about anything and everything in a quiet cafe somewhere. Very interesting article and I chat about this things with my son who is in his second year studying psychology. In fact, it’s quite common for most technologies to be adapted to service other practical functions in various devices. Essentially, a pair of glasses equipped with a camera sends information to a computer in the back of the eye which then sends signals back to the brain. Using input from the brain, the mechanical extremity can adjust for the amount of pressure and coordination to pick up items as small as coins. The study provides strong evidence to support that the energy from a laser can trigger a biological response. The study concludes that if immature liver cells were implanted into a host surrounded by normally nurturing supportive cells, the liver could essentially grow to embrace the host with a lower chance of organ rejection. By monitoring the movements of the eyes, computerized systems provide a virtual keyboard allowing patients to communicate when otherwise incapacitated. Medical technology can keep people alive longer while assisting in the discovery of answers to problems that plague the human body.
He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business.
The research study was headed by Tel Aviv University’s Professor Eshel Ben-Jacob and Dr Gitit Gur-Gershgoren, chief economist of the Israel Securities Authority. He believes that a new way of looking at financial systems is needed in order to prevent future economic crises. Both found ways of viewing some of the undulating structures of the human energy field, yet neither received the publicity and support needed to become wide public knowledge. Every bit as interesting were the images they generated of the acupoints, according to how the acupuncture points either absorbed or reflected ultrasonic vibrations. The man said that they knew it was effective for pain control, but until they knew why they could not consider it for full battlefield use by medics. Quantum mechanics or the study of the micro-world states illustrates that what we think of reality, is not so. But when we look into the atomic world with a magnifying lens, it becomes evident that we are not exactly what we thought we were.
String Theory states that our universe is made up of tiny little string particles and waves.
The EPR paradox stated that the only ways of explaining the effects of quantum entanglement were to assume the universe is nonlocal, or that the true basis of physics is hidden (also known as a hidden-variable theory). What nonlocality means in this case, is that events occurring to entangled objects are linked even when the events cannot communicate through spacetime, spacetime having the speed of light as a limiting velocity.
Through Gisin’s work in Switzerland, humans were physically capable of witnessing quantum entanglement through the use of photon particles for one of the first times in human history.
Psychologists have made a huge impact on our understanding of human behaviours and how we view the world around us, but there is much we still have to learn. After six days (the experiment was scheduled to run for two weeks), it had to be cut short due to the violent behaviour of the guards. Half of the participants didn’t even notice that the person asking for directions had completely changed. 65% of participants administered the highest possible voltage of 450-volts when asked to do so by an authority figure, despite seeming distressed and uncomfortable at doing so. Perhaps one of the most uplifting stories, especially since one participant started the study with the lowest rate of future stability and a past of attempted suicide, but at the end of the study he was one of the happiest – the reason being he spent his life looking for love. Summarised, we tend to tell ourselves lies to justify events that happen throughout our lives, even simple ones such as mundane tasks. Are there any more studies that you have heard about that taught you something new about yourself? Personally I see a programing being instaled very early in life as kids, being taught to be obedient and be good.
It’s a cohesive development as one improvement for a specific use is augmented to serve another in a completely unrelated field of study. A 60-electrode array rests on the surface of the retina and is roughly the size of an aspirin. It is even capable of allowing an individual to handle a knife to chop food in preparation for a meal. Some believe that this would be the case as humans share a great deal of DNA markers with the plants on Earth – which convert light energy into growth in much the same way. Using eye movements, a person can virtually type out a message on the computer screen which is translated by text or computerized speech.
In that time, acupuncture was suddenly a fresh topic to Western science media and grants were available to explore – or perhaps disprove – this foreign practice. Our human brains trick us into believing in the idea of separation when in truth, nothing is truly separated —including human beings. Our atoms and electrons are no more important or significant than the makeup of the oak tree outside your window, blowing in the wind. These strings are the building blocks of the universe we experience, and make up the multiverse and the 11 dimensions that exist in the multiverse. Over the 426 pre-determined events measured in the entirety of the project, the recorded probability of a hit were greater than 1 in 2, far more than probability could explain.
Aside from my love of moving the human spirit -- I also research and rejoice in the fields of neuroscience, historical arts, and quantum mechanics. This demonstrates how the human mind can experience “change blindness” and how we may not be aware when something is happening right in front of our very eyes.
I remember playing being bad with the little ducks and little chickens in the backyard and then save them and being the good guy.
This device stimulates remaining health neurons while communicating with the computer in order to process imagery.
Other researchers of his time expected acupuncture was just an old superstition that would be explained away as the placebo effect, and they designed their experiments accordingly.
Clear sight is still far away, but the Argus II allows users to process shapes and figures that were once invisible. In epilepsy, there is the over dominance of the epileptic focus on the functioning of all other regions of the brain. Meanwhile, Robert Becker approached the topic from the perspective of his field, taking a “hard science” approach by examining whether acupoints themselves were in some way visible to the diagnostic techniques of biophysics.
He teamed up with a highly capable young biophysicist named Maria Reichmanis, and with her mathematical giftedness and their combined ingenuity they made quick headway. Ultrasonic imaging and characterization of acupuncture points in classical oriental medicine.
The subconscious part (of the mind) in Biological Decoding terms is taught as being collective as well as following the lineage of my ancestors. When gathering in a group, our behaviour is driven and requires a strong vigilance to be able to remain outside the group’s meme, building a strong bond with our stand-point of being present as an individual as opposed to being the collective force.

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