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As seen in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and more, SharpBrains is an independent market research firm tracking applied brain science. Sword Art Online: The Beginning Project just electrified the anime and gaming world by announcing that the very first VR-MMO would bring SAO to life by combining Oculus Rift virtual reality tech with IBM supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence. While Sword Art Online: The Beginning Project is a far cry from the Full Dive technology of fiction, it is a starting point since it provides external audio and visual information through a headset. In the anime, a headset called NerveGear interfaced directly with the human brain and allowed for mechanical reception (the feeling of contact), thermoception (the feeling of hot and cold), stretch reception (the feeling of muscle compression), kinesthesia (the sensing of body movements), proprioception (the sensation of a body’s place), and equilibrioception (the sensation of balance).
The new DARPA stentrode (passive stent-electrode recording array) avoids craniotomy surgery entirely, although surgery is still required for implanting the stent-like interface through blood vessels. The real-life applications of this technology also happen to mimic the Sword Art Online anime. Obviously, the biggest difference between the SAO NerveGear and DARPA’s BMI is the necessity for a cranial implant. In the end, the brain implant chip of Reki Kawahara’s Accel World may become the reality. Panfu is a fun virtual world, in which children can play online games, have fun, learn Spanish easily and make new friends.  Kids explore Panfu with a panda avatar, which they can dress up. One of the secrets in Panfu is that there are hidden pins and small photos which you can collect. The pets of your Panfu pandas are small, soft creatures which look a little like ducks and are called Bollys. Please consider registering early to benefit from these discounted rates and help us shape the Summit Agenda!

The video game project is definitely the first step toward realizing Full Dive technology for video games, but DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) recently announced a new Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) that could make a real life NerveGear headset possible just in time for 2022.
A full mobile Full Dive experience is possible now with a combination of motion-capture technology, the Virtuix Omnidirectional Treadmill, and the Oculus Rift.
Such a device does not need access to the entire brain since the cranial nerves serve as a junction for input and output. In 2013, ExtremeTech reports how researchers at Harvard University built a human brain interface capable of controlling the physical movements of other animals.
Currently, the new BMI has been tested successfully on sheep, and human trials begin in 2017. The story had the NerveGear being created in 2022 for video games, but later on, the third generation Full Dive tech introduced the Medicuboid, a device focused on medical applications. A completely wireless approach would require stimulating neural states with sufficiently high spatial and temporal resolution. In early 2016, the journal Nature published results on a functioning brain implant chip the size of a grain of rice. Every child in Panfu can individually stylize their own panda and set up and decorate their own tree-house.
In addition to the exciting online games children will also have the chance to socialise with children of their age through chatting and developing friendships. The better you get at these games, the more points you win and the more Panfu coins you earn. If you have the Panfu Gold Package, you can purchase furniture for your tree-house that fits your taste.

Penelope Panda brought them back with her in January 2008 from her expedition through Patagonia in South America. The next logical step is a Brain-Machine Interface that allows the video game world to interact with the signals created by the human brain. University of Washington researchers upped the ante by creating a human brain-to-brain interface, which allowed one researcher to control the hand of the other researcher with his brain. In the Matrix movies, the brain plugs looked like an industrial socket at the base of the skull, but real life was about as horrifying since older BMI technology requires cracking and removing parts of the skull.
MRI has the highest resolution of non-intrusive brain imaging technologies, but even then that’s not a feasible solution.
You can read the newspaper if you click on the newspaper icon in the upper left border of the screen.
Look out for the many clues that can lead you to a pins – for example, there might be a small icon which was not there before. Thanks to their loyalty and friendliness, Bollys are very cuddly creatures and make great pets.

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