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If you haven’t yet heard, playing brain games exercises your cognitive abilities and improves your brain fitness.
Stare anywhere, and you will see black round dots in the little white circles that are not really there. You know how they say to wear clean underwear everyday in case your in a car accident, well I guess this lady didn't have any. Your eyes gather visual information, which is sent to your brain to be processed and understood. The Cacodemon in Doom 3, as compared to the original monster, is taupe in color, has a wider mouth, and has multiple green eyes, as well as some longer, thin tentacles hanging from the bottom of its body. The Doom 3 version of the Cacodemon is no bloated ball of sloth as it flies rather speedily around this time and as a consequence is harder to hit and closes in faster. Up close, the Cacodemon can bite the player, although this tends to leave it vulnerable to melee attacks as the delay between opening its mouth and biting is long enough to make it rather easy to dodge.
Its energy balls can also be shot down and destroyed in midair, like every other explosive projectile in Doom 3, and they are easy to hit because they travel in a straight line.

The Cacodemon is more dangerous in groups as they can surround the player and attack from occasionally unexpected angles (e.g. Its biting attack has some surprise value, but often it only leaves the Cacodemon particularly vulnerable to melee weapons such as the fist, flashlight or the chainsaw. In Resurrection of Evil, the Super Shotgun is definitely a recommended weapon against them, as it can easily kill it with one blast.
At some point in development of Doom 3, the Cacodemon was supposedly able to spit Lost Souls at the player, like the Pain Elemental in Doom 2.
So take some time to entertain and train your brain with these optical illusions and other puzzles that we will be posting on a regular basis. Now try and do it quickly, chances are you’ll say the printed word and not the color at least once. Nichols began modeling while attending Columbia University in New York City in the late 1990s.
Like the original, it fires an energy ball in a straight line at the player, although this projectile is yellow instead of purple and red, and sometimes it fires it in a somewhat wild direction, deliberately "missing" their target, which can confuse players.

It floats slowly enough and is large enough such that targeting it is fairly easy, and it can be killed rather quickly with either the shotgun or the chaingun. The Cacodemon is one of the Doom 3 monsters that are actually fairly easy to defeat with either the fists or the flashlight.
It is also notable how many similarities the Doom 3 Cacodemon has to the Pain Elemental from Doom 2, so it is likely that the Cacodemon was originally supposed to have been a hybrid of two classic Doom monsters, like the Doom 3 Hell Knight is a hybrid of the classic Doom Baron of Hell and Hell Knight.
The Cacodemons are usually found in outdoor areas, although they can be encountered in relatively close-quarter indoor areas, as long as the ceiling is sufficiently high. The chaingun is often the most efficient, especially when there is a lot of open space that will allow for plenty of time to keep the aim focused on the advancing beast.
They often appear in groups of 3 or more and are characterized by a mysterious whirring sound they make when they are present.

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