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Brain has some amazing powers and we are generally unaware of them; And yet there are some simple exercises to boost the power of our amazing brain and benefit from our powerful subconscious mind.
3- Boost your memory by trying to recall different things, such as phone numbers and names. Bones are hard like stones, but in fact, bones are alive and they constantly degenerate and regenerate!
Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Washington, May 2 : Combining mentally stimulating activities, such as using a computer, with moderate exercise decreases your odds of having memory loss more than computer use or exercise alone, according to a Mayo Clinic study.
Previous studies have shown that exercising your body and your mind will help your memory but the new study reported a synergistic interaction between computer activities and moderate exercise in "protecting" the brain function in people better than 70 years old. Researchers studies 926 people in Olmsted County, Minn., ages 70 to 93, who completed self-reported questionnaires on physical exercise, and computer use within one year prior of the date of interview. Moderate physical exercise was defined as brisk walking, hiking, aerobics, strength training, golfing without a golf cart, swimming, doubles tennis, yoga, martial arts, using exercise machines and weightlifting. Mentally stimulating activities included reading, crafts, computer use, playing games, playing music, group and social and artistic activities and watching less television. Of those activities the study singled out computer use because of its popularity, said study author Yonas E.
The study examined exercise, computer use and the relationship to neurological risks such as mild cognitive impairment, Dr.
Mild cognitive impairment is the intermediate stage between normal memory loss that comes with aging and early Alzheimer's disease. Memory Jogging Puzzles were developed specifically for elderly patients with special needs and to meet their physical and mental needs.
Small wooden puzzles with large pieces were designed to keep puzzle and puzzle pieces visible and within reach. You will find these large piece puzzles with few pieces remove frustrations and intimidation’s, making the care of people with Alzheimer’s, dementia and those with special needs more meaningful and beneficial. These large piece puzzles automatically pull elderly patients into a familiar, comfort zone and they reach out to connect and participate in their brain exercise. The Saturday Evening Post puzzles with storytelling themes will capture your loved ones attention because images are fun and family oriented. 6 piece puzzle with large pieces recommended for middle to late stage of elderly in dementia care, memory loss and stroke recovery. 12 piece puzzle with large pieces recommended for early to middle stage of elderly in dementia care, memory loss and stroke recovery.
The Saturday Evening Post was a very popular magazine in your loved ones era and still available today. Remember: It is not about how big or how quickly the task is completed, it is completing the task in their time. I paid special attention to the small details important to elderly with shaky hands and stroke victims with limited mobility.

Each puzzle piece of Memory Jogging Puzzles is determined by user level or stage in Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia care and elderly patients with disabilities. These memory puzzles have unique interesting cuts and have been tested by seniors, those with Alzheimer, dementia and stroke patients with huge success. 6 piece Puzzle – average piece size 2?3? – 3?4?- Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with large pieces – Memory Puzzle recommended for middle to late stage of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Memory Jogging puzzles are also available in 12 piece puzzle for early to middle stage of Alzheimer’s dementia and 20 piece puzzle for seniors and elderly. If you aren’t sure which level or stage your loved one is in, start with easy 6 piece puzzle for middle stage of Alzheimer’s Dementia, it has large chunky puzzle pieces. Puzzles being used for brain training and rebuilding problem solving skills should be designed for different stages or levels of patients. Most elderly have put puzzles together in their earlier years and this process is stored in their long term memory. Some elderly patients recall right away what to do; others need a little guidance and more time. It is important to start with large piece puzzle you feel your loved one can handle easily and introduce a puzzle with more pieces after they successfully handle the first one.
Activity Directors suggest 15 to 20 minutes for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Activities, after that amount of time, elderly patients get tired, lose focus and interest. These fun brain games of easy puzzles have been proven to rebuild cognitive skills, awaken memories, emotions and stimulate conversation.
Are you wondering if your loved one in middle stage Alzheimer Disease could work with these puzzles. Memory Jogging Puzzles capture attention, motivate participation and stimulate conversation. Just wanted to let you know how much my mother enjoyed “The Saturday Evening Post” puzzle – and more than once… she meets each piece assemblage with a “slap me 5” and ear-to-ear grin!
I’ve yet to keep her interested in the Hats & Bonnets card game but continue to try – she has responded with “OOooooh that’s nice!” to the pretty pink and purple women’s hats, however. 1) take the pairs of pink & blue hat cards she likes, plus 2 or 3 random cards (nonMatching). 2) put one of hats she like plus 1 or 2 random hats, on table, hats are facing up in front of her. You can add to the cards when she finds the matching one, or make the ones on the table matching none you hand her. Grandchildren love to interact with grandpa and grandma with Memory Jogging Puzzles and Memory Games, and it doesn’t have to be a holiday.
It is a wonderful time when grandparents open up and express memories (long term memories) that have been buried for a long time.
Please keep in mind people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and stroke patients can not or do not always express themselves. You can change the color (hue) of this image by dragging the HUE slider or choosing TINT in the customizer to the left.

Pay once and download as many of our PowerPoint templates, animations and clipart images as you need. Continue to use anything you have downloaded, even if you choose to let your subscription expire. We are creating new templates and images every week, so you'll always have a fresh supply of new images. If you should find that our service does not meet your needs, please contact us within 30 days for a refund. Start downloading any of our templates and graphics immediately upon completion of your order. Peaceful sleep, healthy diet and a relax environment are so critical to have a healthy brain.
Some researches showed that people who use both hands in their regular activities, have 10% more neural connections between the two sides of their brain. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Of the participants who both exercise and use a computer, 36 percent were cognitively normal and 18.3 percent showed signs of MCI. Memory Jogging Puzzles themes are replicas of the actual covers from The Saturday Evening Post Collection. Memory Jogging Puzzles are used in cognitive therapy to help rebuild problem solving skills, improve memory, motivate participation and build self-confidence.
Karen Miller has created these Norman Rockwell – Saturday Evening Post inspired puzzles for Dementia’s Disease patients to enjoy, while exercising their brain, what a great idea!. Each one could serve as coffee-table decor, but they are highly functional pieces that not only entertain but serve the greater purpose of helping memory challenged adults with maintaining memory.
You can start to practice some easy activities, such as brushing your teeth or combing your hair with your non-dominant hand and gradually do more complex tasks, and become ambidexter!
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Puzzles with few pieces allows elderly patients to complete the puzzle and build self-confidence. You will have the option to renew, but you will not be automatically billed at the end of your subscription. In this amazing poster you can find some very effective tips to boost the power of your brain.

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