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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Cardiac Conduction System The impulse conduction system of the heart consists of four structures: 1. When both the right and left atria are completely depolarized, they contract simultaneously .
As the atria depolarize, the impulse is picked up by another group of specialized muscle fibers called the atrioventricular node . This is an extremely important phenomenon because the delay in the transmission from atria to ventricles allows time for the atria to completely depolarize and contract, thus emptying their contents into the still fully relaxed ventricles.

About halfway down the interventricular septum the “bundle branches” themselves begin to branch off into enlarged conduction fibers called Purkinje fibers . How do we measure the electrical activity (depolarization & repolarization) of the heart? The AV bundle divides into two lines of transmission just below the AV node and these conduct the impulse down the length of the interventricular septum . These fibers extend out to all areas of the two ventricles and since they are further enlarged , the speed of the impulse conduction is also additionally increased . The specialized muscle fibers that make up this structure are unique in that they can continually and rhythmically send impulses (signals to contract) without any stimulation from the nervous system .

An important fact about the fibers that make up the AV bundle is that they are large in diameter and therefore the impulse speed increases so it is conducted very rapidly down them. Upon completion of impulse transmission through the Purkinje fibers, the ventricles will fully depolarize and then contract simultaneously . The Purkinje fibers The cardiac muscle fibers that compose these structures are specialized for impulse conduction ,rather than the normal specialization of muscle fibers for contraction .

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