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Plenty of people use their smartphone to manage their to-do lists and plan their daily activity. Here is a brain meditation video with isochronic tones in the alpha range to put you in a light meditative state.
Because the brainwave frequencies in this brain meditation are isochronic tones you don’t need headphones, however  I always think it sounds better with the headphones on.
This cannon also emits an orange charge, so it's also powerful, but you need to be precise, as a poor shot could rebound off something weak, such as a bar table.
Only ever used by Buzz and Commander Nebula in the series, the bazooka is just about the most powerful piece of weaponry in the galaxy, with enough power to smash an asteroid to cosmic dust. When he was still a Space Ranger, he also had an laser gun in his chest in the suit where the insignia is. Even if you are not a fan of math, you can always use apps like Math Brain Booster to give your brain a workout. It emits an orange laser charge, which could mean it's more powerful, since the traditional Star Command laser charge is red.
Instead Zurg uses it to heat a field of crops contaminated with a mutagen that makes cucumbers into Killercumbers.

European scientists reported the discovery Tuesday in the journal Translational Psychiatry.
It can be rather weak at times, and, with the appropriate alloy (diabonic for example), can be resisted.
Psychologist Simone Kuhn of Ghent University in Belgium and colleagues recruited 154 healthy 14-year-olds in Berlin and divided them into two groups. The resistance itself is comprised of disgruntled citizens, most of whom are Americans, and ex-military personnel. Twenty-four girls and 52 boys were frequent gamers who played at least nine hours of video games each week. Fifty-eight girls and 20 boys were infrequent gamers, who played less than nine hours a week. Structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed differences in the test subjects' brains.A  Frequent gamers had more gray matter in a portion of the brain known as the left ventral striatum, which affects the interplay of emotions and behavior. Previous research identified striatal function as a "core candidate promoting addictive behavior," the authors wrote.
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the team also observed changes in the kids' brains as they participated in a task that simulated anticipating and receiving a reward.

They found that frequent gamers had greater brain activity when they were given feedback that they were losing.A  This is similar to a response seen in addicted gamblers, the authors noted, who have increased levels of the the brain chemical dopamine in the ventral striatum when they are losing money. The authors wrote that their study is the first to correlate changes in brain structures with video gaming.
They couldn't determine if the frequent gamers' brains grew larger as a result of playing video games or if those kids were attracted to gaming because that part of their brain was enlarged in the first place; scientists will need to measure the effects of video gaming on structures in the brain over time to figure that out. A  But either way, discovering the link between brain structure and video games could help researchers understand the role of the brain in addictive behaviors, they wrote.
A  "If the striatal differences observed in the current study are indeed an effect of gaming, video gaming might post an interesting option to explore structural changes in addiction in future studies in the absence of any neurotoxic substances," they noted.

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