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Ten years ago I wrote a book called The Practice of Happiness; not the pursuit of happiness but the practice of happiness.
Let’s stop the chattering, judging, critical mind, that needs and wants more, and simply appreciate what’s in front of us; a sight, a sound, an experience, ourselves, the moment we are in. Here is an incredibly valuable piece of wisdom, that when applied, will help you move ahead quickly in life. Here is the question each of us should be asking ourselves: What one habit or practice can I begin today, that when implemented daily, will make an incredible difference in my life? We’ve been having exceptionally warm spring days these last few weeks, so my wife Sylvia has taken to sprouting seeds of her favourite greens—kale, arugula and romaine— which she wants for our garden.
She waters them daily so the soil stays moist, and keeps them in the sun during the day, bringing them back into the house at night so they will stay warm.
Watching the diligence and care Sylvia is giving these little seedlings reminds me of how we train the mind to accept new beliefs.
Sylvia’s effort is producing strong seedlings, which when planted in our garden will turn into our summer harvest. 1) Maybe if I put it off till next month the task that needs being done will magically look after itself without me having to do anything.
4) In a month I will have more information and time to do it than I do now and if I don’t I can always procrastinate doing it for another month. 10) Some of the greatest achievers in the world have undoubtedly been procrastinators. I’ll let you know their names when I research it. Too often people think of mind power simply as a concept or a philosophy forgetting that to get results we have to actually practice our techniques and bring them into a daily routine. To live our fullest life and be successful at our goals we need to train regularly and get beyond procrastination or whatever other excuse we have given ourselves for not doing 15-20 minutes of mind power exercises every day.
But don’t just blindly accept this idea from me, think about it yourself and make your own decision. It would obviously help you, your family, and those working directly with you, but there are many more individuals than these who would benefit. Now take this radical new insight about success and imprint it into your subconscious so that it can take root within and inspire you daily. But the story I want to share with you isn’t about my wife Sylvia, but something that happened about twenty years ago. People began arriving that evening and there I was at the entrance greeting every woman with “Happy Valentine’s Day” and giving them a red rose.
When the hall was packed and it was time to speak, I quickly went backstage to gather my thoughts, and a few moments later I hit the stage and was greeted with thunderous applause. It is a breakthrough in our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world to discover that our body has access to information beyond what the mind can understand.
In one of my chapters, Quantum Time, I discuss how past and future are happening simultaneously in the quantum world and how we can go back in time to help our selves in the past as well as access knowledge from our future selves to help us now.
Well… On September 23, the Cern Institute in Geneva held a press conference to announce that they had conducted an experiment where the neutrino, a most elusive particle, had been measured traveling faster than the speed of light. What would our life be like if we practiced living and enjoying the moments of each day, living in the now of our experiences and appreciating them for what they are? We don’t need secret formulas or new and improved ways to make our life better, we need only to implement half of what we already know and our life will be transformed. They are given tender, loving care and lots of attention; this way a higher percentage will successfully germinate.

Her attention and daily ritual to her seedlings bears a similarity to the attention we need to give any new belief we wish to create in our life.
Now, if you don’t mind, I would also like to sell you some waterfront property, however, you’ll have to view it at low tide. Imagine both these aspects daily; the training and the results and let these images inspire you. Success always creates waves of opportunities in its wake, so there would undoubtedly be a spillover effect for numerous people, many more than we might originally suspect. Maybe we might learn some personal life lessons during the process but what good does it create for others?
When our desire for success becomes an act of service, a creative way of helping others, we are inspired to be our best.
It was the day I presented a thousand red roses to a thousand different women on Valentine’s Day. I had no idea when I woke up that particular Valentine’s Day what was going to happen that evening. Apparently a red-flanked bluetail from Asia was spotted last week in Vancouver, and it seems it is a big deal.
Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, an event takes hold of us and we are dealing with a major illness, a death, financial problems, loss of a job, a divorce, the unexpected messiness that comes with having a life.
Within weeks of publishing my new book “Quantum Warrior – The Future of the Mind” scientists have discovered a particle that travels faster than the speed of light and are now speculating that we may someday be able to time travel. I know it sounds crazy but I have been doing this very effectively for a number of years and explain it fully in my book. Using sophisticated instruments including advanced GPS systems and atomic clocks they measured the time it took for blasts of neutrinos to travel from the Cern Institute in Geneva to an underground laboratory at Gran Sasso, 700 km (450 miles) away. Yes, and many more surprises are in store for us as we unravel the mystery of space, time and consciousness.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Why do we think we need something more; something that will magically make our life better?
Any new concept or belief that has yet to ‘put down roots’ in our life needs similar attention. What seeds are we sowing in our life, and most importantly are we giving them the attention necessary to ensure they grow strong within us? Athletes are not lazy nor do they give into procrastination and the numerous other excuses we give ourselves for not training. It is this quality, more than anything else, that makes us athletes and it is the reason why we are so successful. Fortunately I’m married to the most amazing woman who puts up with my nonsense and is the recipient of many of my antics. I didn’t plan the talk to happen on Valentine’s Day, but that’s the way the scheduling turned out.
Now looking back, I think, “How many people can say they gave a thousand red roses to a thousand different women on Valentine’s Day?” It is one of my fondest Valentine memories and I remember it every Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not a birder, so I don’t really get excited about these things, but I was intrigued when the speculation about how it got here was raging. But where we are going in life will most certainly be determined by how we think and act from this point on.

What I didn’t have at the time of publication was scientific proof to verify that this is indeed possible.
We are far greater than any of us can possibly imagine and our abilities to act in extraordinary ways are just beginning to be revealed to us.
You can’t just repeat something to yourself a half dozen times for a few days and expect to magically believe it or have it work for you. Not only do we not have to do whatever is required but we successfully justify our decision by telling ourselves we will do it later. They know that their ability to perform is directly related to the amount of training and preparation they put in ahead of time; so too in our life. Suddenly our success becomes a way by which we can help people, and we should believe this because when you closely scrutinize this concept it becomes obvious that this is true. This is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated benefits of success; it flows freely and copiously in many different ways once it is in motion. So from this perspective, we realize, it is our moral and social responsibility to be as successful as we can.
So there I was, the morning of February 14th and a wild idea comes to me: “Why not give every woman, who comes tonight a red rose?” I had my tour manager frantically calling all the florists and wholesalers trying to order a thousand roses.
One theory is that it was caught up in a major storm front and blown thousands of miles from its habitat. Imagine that Asian red-flanked bluetail finding itself thousands of miles out of its habitat. When we rely only on the mind and our logic we close ourselves off to a huge source of information. For beliefs to become imprinted we must give them the water of attention and the sunshine of daily repetition.
Now we can desire success not just for the obvious benefits it will bring to ourselves but for the good it will create for others. For example an observer traveling past a swift flying neutrino would witness the particle hurtling backwards in time and appear at its destination before beginning its journey. With attention and daily repetition you can firmly imprint whatever belief you choose, and have it acting for you in very positive ways in your life.
In my new book Quantum Warrior – The Future of the Mind I explain how one of the mythic titles of the body is Navigator to our Destiny.
The reason it has this title is that we can only find our true destiny by trusting and following our instincts and feelings. This is backed by scientific experiments; one experiment was by neuroscientist Antonio Damasio who devised a test that measured our ability to process information. We, as human beings, are multi dimensional beings with a conscious mind, a subconscious, a soul and a BODY and this body is capable of guiding us in all areas of our life if we tune into it. Trust and act upon what your deep feelings are telling you and you will be led in extraordinary directions.

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