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Tha Carter V had been scheduled for Dec 9th, and Lil Wayne has been raging against Birdman and Cash Money from social media and from the stage ever since it became clear that wasn’t happening.
Ever notice how since C2, Cash Money seems to always get sued by producers are people who make beats on some albums.
I also believe with all the frustration swirling around within their group Wayne probably vented some of that onto his music and some of it might have been indirectly talking about Birdman or others. This famous rapper also recorded and released several successful volumes along with his son Wayne. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Trey Songz Tattoos, Kid Ink Tattoos, Derrick Rose Tattoos and David Beckham Tattoos. The given picture displays one of the very famous Birdman’s tattoos on his arm with the date. This image of Jay and Baby projects a clear hand of Jay and few Birdman tattoos on his hand. This image of birdman and his son Wayne is an extra ordinary one where the both the rappers Wayne and Birdman’s Tattoos are clearly projected.
Coloured Birdman tattoos on Baby’s arm are partly visible in the click with their smiles dominating major part of it. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The Internet got turned upside down today, December 4th, after Lil Wayne blasted Birdman and Cash Money for refusing to release his album.
Juve disclosed his new deal while speaking with MTV News about coming back to the label for a second time and aiming not to have another label during his career. Maybe that’s why Lil Wayne is preparing to take Baby and Cash Money to court to get the Tha Carter V out of label purgatory.

Also No Matter How Many Niggas Keep Sayin Wayne Is Weak Now And Blah Blah Blah Blah….They Still Gonna Cop That CarterV!! Give the Pink Print some time to shine, and soon after Cash Money will release the next album in line…C5. And as the person in charge of releasing other people’s albums he has authority to cause the ones that are a threat to his album to come late or come at different times than scheduled. You know its bad when lawyers sue for not being paid for helping the company fight off being sued for not paying someone.
Hell Wayne and producers probably tried to shield it prior to release but Birdman got ahold and stopped it. In his career Birdman released records like ‘I got that work’, ‘Hood Rich’, ‘like father, like son’, ‘5star Stunna’ etc with Big Tymers. Birdman tattoos on his hand are visible to an extent but the other rapper’s tattoos are clearly seen. It shows only few Birdman tattoos on his face but Wayne’s hand tattoos are clearly visible. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The New Orleans rapper has returned to his southern home label, which he departed back in 2003. I know Lil Wayne wasn’t the first guy to get tattoos plastered all over his face, but I do feel like he set the trend for it.
Birdman is worth about 400 million dollars, yet he choose to spend his money deforming his face. Maybe they had some traumatizing experience, or maybe they feel like they’re a bad person.

But slow or not, I feel like it doesn’t take a genius to realize that a face tattoo is probably one of the dumbest things that you can do. If you insist on getting a face tattoo, at least get something that doesn’t make you look like a complete idiot.
That's probably why they didn't pick him but over all it would had been great to see 50 Cent in that movie. While release date issues aren’t uncommon, the issues always seem to reside in the label not the music itself. He is a famous hip hop entertainer and is also known for his unique style with the tattoos found all over his body.
He is working on ‘Priceless 2’, ‘My Jewel’ and many more such mesmerizing works to be released soon. We can say that tattoos are another form of expression, but that’s not always the case. One thing I noticed in his heightened fame were the amount of tattoos that he had.While Lil Wayne has always had ink, you could noticeably tell that the amount had increased. After Lil Wayne set the trend for tatting up your entire body, I couldn’t help but to notice other guys following along.
They don’t have to work regular jobs, but they still have to deal with society and conduct business deals. After seeing so many guys get their faces tatted I had to ask myself, “are these dudes really insecure?

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