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Irrational Games has announced Bioshock Infinite: Mind in Revolt, which is an eBook and prequel to the upcoming FPS RPG hybrid releasing on March 26th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The eBook will be released on February 12th for Amazon Kindle for $2.99, and also free for those who preorder the game through Amazon.
In fact, Irrational also released a new billboard poster featuring Daisy Fitzroy and her push to recruit members for the Vox Populi.
February 11, 2014 by Kristine Cruz Leave a Comment Cosplayer BewitchedRaven is freaky in the most awesome way as she poses as a Little Sister (a young Eleanor Lamb) from the second Bioshock game. Bioshock Infinite fans are in for a treat with this super cool genderswapped Booker DeWitt cosplay! Because of his great renown in the field of cosmetic surgery, Steinman was one of those invited to Rapture by Andrew Ryan. A perfectionist, Steinman was in love with his work, so much so that he became obsessed with human anatomy. The following is based on the BioShock: Rapture novel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
For years, even during his life in New York, Steinman had experienced hallucinations of Aphrodite speaking to him. On at least one occasion, Steinman purchased the bodies of rogue Splicers from Rapture's constabulary so that he could practice his art on living subjects. During his trek through the Medical Pavilion, Jack is required to get a key from Steinman to end the security lockdown in Emergency Access. In the Medical Pavilion the player can see many of Steinman's works of "art" painted on the floors and walls, as well as mutilated corpses left from Steinman's operations. Other, possibly easier strategies include using the flooded alcove to shock him with Electro Bolt, and using the Telekinesis Plasmid to pick up and throw nearby gas canisters at his head, as well as a loose door in the right corner of the area that can inflict heavy damage on him (as well as provide protection from his shots). There is also a nearby Security Bot and Turret in the hallway outside, both of which can be hacked before the battle begins. Steinman is mentioned briefly by Atlas, commenting on how he learned to perform a transorbital lobotomy from Steinman's medical journal, before he begins torturing Elizabeth. Mind in Revolt is written by Irrational Games’ writer Joe Fielder and creative director Ken Levine, and will look at the characters behind the floating city of Columbia.

Bioshock 2 might not be as popular as the first or the third game, but it’s still very close to our gamer hearts. When she's not geeking out over the littlest things, she spends her days testing her navigational skills and getting lost in the city. There, he set up a medical practice in the Medical Pavilion level of Rapture and offered beauty to those who could afford it. Steinman became so utterly obsessed with making his patients beautiful, that he actually began seeing hallucinations of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty. He saw it as an added bonus if his "patient" had been paralyzed in a fight with the police, since he wouldn't need to administer anesthesia to keep the subject still during his carving. Fontaine wanted Steinman to perform surgery on himself and Reggie, making the underling look like Fontaine and Fontaine look like a completely different person. In many cases the mad doctor took photographs of female faces and modified them in eerie ways before posting them on the walls like framed artworks. Steinman's Aesthetic Ideals, Steinman can be seen on the television monitor addressing the "moral obligation" of beauty.
Steinman is a relatively easy fight, as he will simply attempt to shoot the player with a machine gun. An oil slick near the operating table can also make the fight remarkably short: if Incinerate!
Steinman is mentioned in the Audio Diary, "Working for Sinclair" as being the one who supplied Augustus Sinclair with his "Thousand dollar smile" and does make something akin to a cameo appearance in BioShock 2's Siren Alley level. Steinman is briefly seen in the Need to Know Theater film "Taking the Taint Out of Fontaine", along with other members of the Rapture Central Council.
Steinman was born into a Jewish American family[2] and was a respected medical professional at the Benjamin Church Medical College. When ADAM became available, Steinman saw it as an opportunity to revolutionize his field, making it possible for surgeons to truly "sculpt" flesh with ease.[3] However, the negative side-effects of repeated ADAM use soon caught up with Steinman, and his mind deteriorated. His Audio Diaries are the first real exposure the player has to the total effects (mental and physical) of repeated splicing. When Jack enters the lobby of his domain, Steinman can be overheard wondering why humans have two of most body parts.
Steinman, but the Bot provides some extra damage, and hacking the Turret will ensure that there is one less thing that is shooting at the player if the fight moves out into the hallway.

His pose amongst his "failures" before his final confrontation with Jack is depicted in a painting above the case of a Little Sister relic. Steinman is a well-known figure in the city and a topic of discussion among the citizens of Rapture. I felt like it looked a bit like a tiny Deceptacon and wanted to add it to my shelf of comic collectables – possibly something frowned upon by serious gamers.
Steinman had a successful career as an orthopedic surgeon but earned his highest accolades in the field of plastic surgery, inventing techniques that revolutionized the field. The minute Steinman see's Jack approach he rushes into the corridor leading to his surgery, chucking a grenade behind him.
The most straightforward, and probably hardest, is to shoot back; it takes a while to whittle down his health. In fact, Steinman may attack the bot to the exclusion of anything else, making him an easy target so long as it is still fighting him, but this does not always occur. An accomplished surgeon, Steinman rose to a degree of prominence throughout Rapture, but ADAM abuse caused him to lose his grip on reality.
One problem with this strategy is that once he is at low health, he will run over to heal at a nearby Health Station in a flooded alcove.
After the player removes the debris, Steinman sets up a Turret and sends a Security Bot to attack Jack before retreating to his operating theater to continue his "art". Hacking the Health Station beforehand will set it to poison him when he uses it and helps to finish the battle more quickly. This mouse is definitely for hardcore gamers and at the price we may need to add that it is aimed at hardcore gamers with money to blow.
She spends most of her time willing her superhero powers to kick in and attempting to convince horses to jump over brightly coloured poles.

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