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Based on investments made by private investors that include IKEA's private venture firm, anonymous high-net-worth individuals and a single venture capital firm, Samumed has raised $220 million, and the most recent round of financing valued it at $6 billion. Samumed is finding it easy to raise huge amounts of cash because it believes it has invented medicines that can reverse aging.
It's not that he was ever a serious playera€“just that in 2006 he won the first poker tournament he ever played in and then, a year later, came in second out of 3,000 players at a tournament run by the World Series of Poker in Vegas. Samumed, the San Diego firm he has been stealthily building for a decade, is the most valuable biotechnology startup on the planet. The same drug may also turn gray hair back to its original color, and a cosmetic version could erase wrinkles. Additional medicines in early human studies aim to repair degenerated discs in the spine, remove scarring in the lungs and treat cancer.
After that Samumed will attempt to cure a leading cause of blindness and go after Alzheimer's.
The firm's focus, disease by disease, symptom by symptom, is to make the cells of aging people regenerate as powerfully as those of a developing fetus.

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