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The bold, sexually aware female AI, the protagonist who risks his life on a crisis of conscience, and the amoral but brilliant scientist-turned-creator.
These differences between Blade Runner and Ex Machina is only highlighted by the imagery and setting of both movies. Aside from the brief experience with Caleb, all Ava has is a relationship with an amoral scientist, who treats his creations as objects – even as he tries to imbue them with awareness. Though there are hints throughout Blade Runner that Deckard is a Replicant, he never confronts this question head on.
The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond the academic appointment above. University of South Australia and Western Sydney University provide funding as members of The Conversation AU. Studies of historical anatomical textbooks have shown that depictions of the clitoris were significantly limited and often omitted completely from the mid-19th into the 20th century. During these times there were ideologies and subsequent theories relating to women’s bodies that likely encouraged and sustained censorship of the clitoris.
These fallacies led to the neglect of the clitoris in research, literature and the public domain. Although more recent research and feminist lobbying have improved the quality of information on the clitoris in current textbooks, most texts are still brief.
This figure, published in 2014, depicts the clitoris as only the external clitoral glans and prepuce (hood). The clitoris lies at the junction of the labia minora (the inner lips of the vulva), just above the urethra. The body, corpora, crura and bulbs of the clitoris are all made up of erectile tissue and converge below the glans. The crura extend laterally from the body of the clitoris and are on average around 5-9cm long. The clitoris is highly innervated, with twice as many nerve endings as the penis, and receives a rich blood supply. The penis has an obvious and well-researched role in the reproductive and urinary systems, while the function of the clitoris is usually stated as being purely for pleasure. Censoring the clitoris in textbooks means doctors and other health-care professionals won’t be equipped to treat patients with clitoral concerns.
Because of its delicate yet complex make-up, the clitoris is prone to infections, inflammation and diseases.
On average, one-third of university-aged women are unable to find the clitoris on a diagram. Given there is evidence to suggest our sense of body ownership can influence pain, perhaps this lack of body ownership over the clitoris helps to explain why conditions such as clitorodynia are common. Germaine Greer is right: female genital mutilation and female genital cosmetic surgery are both “cultural” issues.

Alex Garland’s Ex Machina borrows the visions of Blade Runner, but turns the narrative on its head. This breakthrough is apparent when she refuses to simply respond to Caleb’s classic Turing Test questions, and instead turns the questions to Caleb.
There the main protagonist Deckard implements his Turing Test on Rachael in a double-blind game. While Rachael is in a dark room, almost suffocated by her stiff clothes, full hair, and cigarette smoke, Ava is in a brightly lit clinical room – without hair or clothes. Though I am glad the film did not go in this direction, part of me still wondered about Caleb.
We use a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives licence, so you can republish our articles for free, online or in print. If not, it’s probably not your fault: in anatomical textbooks, few words and diagrams are devoted to understanding the clitoris. For instance, there was Freud’s now defunct theory that clitoral stimulation was a sign of sexual immaturity and neurosis. These include minimal information, or information only on the external portion of the clitoris (the glans).
All four parts of the clitoris are visible in this view: the glans (external portion), the body, the bulbs and the crura. The bulbs of the clitoris are generally 3-7cm long and lie between the body, crura and the urethra. This rich blood supply allows the erectile components to swell up, with the body and glans of the clitoris becoming up to three times larger during arousal – and you thought a penile erection was impressive! While the clitoris and penis arise from the same group of cells in a zygote, we now know they clearly have different forms and functions.
The close proximity of the clitoris to the urethra and vagina has led to suggestions that it plays a much larger role than sexual pleasure, such as assisting in maintaining immune health. Women are at risk of sexual dysfunction (such as lack of desire or arousal, decreased lubrication, inability to orgasm) from operations on their urinary and reproductive organs.
Some common examples are itching and soreness due to thrush infections, swelling due to bruising or inflammation, and pain of unknown origin (called clitorodynia).
Yet this may be difficult for doctors treating conditions such as clitorodynia, given they may not be receiving adequate information about the clitoris themselves.
We frequently use synonyms of females' reproductive organs as derogatory terms (“pussy” to mean weak, “cunt” to mean an unpleasant person) and many women are often not comfortable using anatomically correct terms. Instead they use code names such as “lady parts”, even when discussing gynaecological issues with their doctors. Ava tests Caleb’s emotional reactions to questions about his family, his origins, and his feelings towards her. Deckard does not know Rachael is a Replicant robot (though he has his suspicions), and neither does Rachael.

Indeed, the only time Ava hides herself is when she dons the hair, skin, and clothing of humans. A Voigt-Kampff-style test would also fare no better with Ava, as she is capable of scanning any tester’s micro-expressions and voice patterns, and changing her physical responses accordingly.
In Blade Runner, Rachael gets the furthest of any Replicant on the Voigt-Kampff test, in part due to her memories. Caleb is a contemporary programmer who reads about AIs – his character would have definitely watched Blade Runner while growing up. He has no family, no ties, and an uncanny knack for programming, and has visions of Ava in the wilderness.
Most label the very small portion of the organ visible on diagrams of the vulva, when in fact it’s almost entirely under the skin. Women were also taught not to enjoy sex; women had sex for reproductive purposes, while men had sex for pleasure. This shows doctors need more in-depth knowledge, and we need further research into understanding the anatomy of the clitoris. Instead, as stated by Ava’s creator, Nathan, the more important question is whether Ava evokes an emotional response in Caleb.
Its Turing Test, called the Voigt-Kampff test, specifically measures physical responses to emotionally charged questions. All other Replicants have only a 4-year lifespan, limiting their chance for human experience and the chance to form their own memories. As the movie unfolds, Ex Machina is not afraid to question our preconceived notions about sentience and morality, and in the process, explicitly divorce the two. Not only does Ava become self-conscious of her confines, she learns how to use the game to her advantage. It uncovers one Replicant who feels no empathy for a turtle on its back, and reveals Rachael as a Replicant for her lack of an empathetic response to a boiled-dog entree. Roy, another Replicant, only finds a moment of empathy at the very end of his life, as he reflects on the wonders he has seen in this galaxy. Note, the clitoris is a tri-planar organ, with each component lying in a different plane to one another. No matter how perfectly crafted, she will never be human – only an imitation of a long-dead girl. The strong suggestion is that human experience, human relationships, and the lasting memories that form as a result are the fundamental bases for morality – not the hardwiring of genetics or robotics.

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