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Tip 1: Create a Professional Page – Ever look at some eBay auctions and wonder whether some child just slapped the website together? There are ways around it but Photoshop CS even has code built into it that prevents you from loading or editing scans of currency.
Suggest you print larger or smaller than a standard bill as I know a print shop owner that did some promotional dollar bills for a realtor and really caught hell. Your experience was with them investigating counterfeit currency, which is very different than responsible and legal film use. No serial number, noted as not legal tender, makes no reference to the ol' USofA and Ben Franklin has been given the Emmitt Kelly treatment.
The Counterfeit Detection Act of 1992, Public Law 102-550, in Section 411 of Title 31 of the Code of Federal Regulations, permits color illustrations of U.S.
Some make this their full-time jobs, while others are just looking to supplement some income. If you are selling a CD with a scratch on a certain track but the rest of it works like a charm, be sure to say that. This way, whether an item sells or not, you can see how many people have come to your sale. Sure, it’s annoying, and if the whole world on eBay used nothing but capital letters, it would make the site impossible to use.
Just a motion picture use disclaimer on the bill will not keep you from getting a visit from the Treasury Dept. If what I was told by Treasury Agents is correct, duplicating ANY portion of a piece of US Currency is a no-no.

Mind you I have not checked since before they changed the bills, but I haven't needed to make any for films either. Not to mention the paper I use doesn't feel a thing like the real deal, which is also important. All one needs is some extra on the film set who picks up a handful of these and decides to pass them off as real just fer shts and giggles. If you would just take the time as a seller on eBay to make your selling page look great, you’d be surprised how much more interest you’ll get on your item! When anyone searches for an eBay item, the first items that come up are the ones that close first. People would much, much, much rather see the flaws in your item if they exist than to get the item and realize that it’s not exactly what they thought they were bidding on. A table with a ding or a chair with a slight bend in it can really upset your buyers if you don’t disclose the issues ahead of time. However, perhaps you realize that the seller of those other tickets are just trying to get rid of them and doesn’t care about their own profit margin. Had a run in with those guys a few years back over some counterfeit bills passed through my stores. Join us here at Make Easy Money 365, as we take a look at the Top 10 Ways To Make Money with eBay. You also might want to sell a whole bunch of items significantly underpriced just to get some positive feedback going. Most sellers don’t even pay attention to auctions are close in more than 24 hours time.

Post the auctions at different times, use different titles, different descriptions, and see what works.
It still looks relatively professional, and it doesn’t give the buyer the feeling that you are screaming at them. They have no sense of humor, certainly have never seen a movie, and aren't interested in any explanation, just a guilty plea.
Make sure you always speak well of the person whom you are dealing with, and they’ll be sure to be positive with you as well. Not only does it take a competitor away from your auction, but it also gives you the ability to resell the ticket or other item sold.
Create a page that looks as good as you hope your product does, and you’ll be sure to be adding to your eBay sales in a heartbeat. If you buy an item for $100 that should be selling for $150 and you resell it for even $140, you’ve still made a $40 profit. If by chance they do buy an item that they don’t like when they receive it and they want a refund, issue the refund once you get your item back.

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