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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…! You live in the present, not in the past of regrets, or in the future of what-might-be, but in the very real present of now, what you can control… to the best of your ability. I have received several requests to create a strength training program for individuals, men and women who want to train at home, but have only or just want to buy adjustable dumbbells. Few realize the versatility and the incredible number of exercises that can be performed only with a pair of adjustable dumbbells .
You can be absolutely sure that, yes you can, and do not even need a weight bench, although it may be more practical. Below you can see an example of a very thorough workout to work all major muscle groups of the body. Make a sincere effort to do all the exercises slowly and controlled, in order to make the most of your workouts. Keep in mind that the best way to maximize the intensity of your workouts is conducting exercises in all its amplitude, with the proper technique, proper breathing (inhale as you lower the weight and exhale when climbing) and a weight that allows the realization of exercises with the correct form.
That said, if you have little ability to recover, you should carry only 2 sets per exercise. For women and those who want to give special attention and develop more “legs”, you can do the leg workout twice a week, for example on Wednesday and Saturday. As already mentioned, the training scheme above is just an example and does not include all exercises that can be performed with dumbbells.
I’m going to teach you a radical new way to think about and enjoy money that will get you off of your current debt-powered treadmill and into a lifestyle that is completely unimaginable to most people where I live, which happens to be in the United States, ground zero for self-imposed treadmills. Once you are off the mill, you’ll feel like Neo did when he unplugged the suction cups from his pale naked body in The Matrix and looked around at the other imprisoned humans. You will suddenly be able to fly freely through the world, free from having to work for a living, able to start living life as you choose, doing exotic things like spending time raising your young children, taking a 3-week vacation each month, or just enjoying understated shows of leisure like sweeping your driveway in pajamas at 11am on a sunny Thursday morning.
Everything has collapsed – losing my house and possessions, can’t find work, debt is more than I can pay off in a lifetime, why is the world so cruel to me!?
Another good strategy that protects you against an unpredictable market is this: leaving the door open to more work in the future if you need it.
Most Americans are angry because they spend the majority of their adult life chasing after something that does not exist. There’s a big hole between 1 and 2 – being debt and mortgage-free is still a long way from being retired! Guessing most of the people here (I hope) are already at #2 and steaming their way towards #1!
With the low interest rate mortgages that have been around the last few years, I would imagine many people are hitting #1 and retiring before they actually paid off their mortgage actually. You can always roll over you 401k to an IRA and convert to a roth IRA at which point it’s easy to withdraw after 5 years.
You’d pay income tax in the year you convert from a traditional rollover IRA to a Roth IRA.
I’m at 4, quite a way to go to get to #1 but I am only 26 so middle sounds fine for me, But I have no car loans just student loans. When I recently switched jobs I took a month and a half off to relax and practice my early retirement.
I also loved going to the park with my kids for hours during the day, and getting the same looks and questions from all the stay at home moms. I just found your site today after torturing myself for a few hours with retirement calculators.

Thanks, this is a great blog, been following it for a while now – it endorses most that I believe in. While I can’t send you a personal email every time I write something, you can get the next best thing right here: an email subscription! What are some good resources for a middle school aged person who is interested in investing and dreams of great wealth? Have you ever experienced any life situations that created an unexpected hole in your plan?
My friend turned me on to this site and I must say, with my current housing, job, financial, relationship, and family situation, I am already intrigued. Like any immigrants, starting afresh takes a bit of time and money is still sporadic in its appearance. AboutoffMetro is a travel resource for city dwellers who want to get out of town–car-optional. Jobs at offMetrooffMetro is currently looking for an online sales representative, editorial interns and freelance writers. Sign up for our Wanderlust Wednesday newsletter to get weekend getaway ideas and be entered to win a free monthly Metro Card!
It is  always very interesting and curious thing to show ours and see others’ vintage pictures, because one moment in one vintage photo may share the happiest moment of one’s life, the hardships of a survivor, the experience of a gentleman, the beauty of nature and what not… The collection of “Amazing and Beautiful Vintage Photography” is presented to you here today with the hope that it will bring smile on your face as it is going to share with you the unforgettable moments of others’. This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. There is also the question of time and money that is spent on trips to the gym, In addition, we would often train on days when the gym is closed. You only have to purchase the equipment and pay once (adjustable dumbbells, weights, and other equipment you like) and do not need to spend money on travel (fuel, public transport, etc). We’re going to cover a lot of ground and make plenty of amusing side trips into lifestyle and culture issues, but when it boils down to it, we are talking about money, and the freedom it can give you. If you are one of the 99% of working people I hear and read about every day, you are in a bad place right now. My wife’s present consulting side gig is doing a great job of backstopping her dividend income stream (which is at present somewhat worrisome) without making her feel like she has actually gone back to a job.
However, most people have poor values, so regardless of your instructions, most Americans will remain broke because they value things of no value. For instance if you buy a new car, you will only be happy for a few months, then you are back at square one.
They are merely obstacles that stay on the forefront of your mind about how you are going to maintain or sustain them. You can withdraw principal only from a Roth Ira with no penalty after it has been open 5 years. I’m working my way through the posts starting at this first one and felt like I had to comment. I feel the same way, everytime I talk to somebody they are full of excuses why they want this and that but can not save 3 grand or more a year for retirement. I am a single professional girl who just started living on half her paycheck at age 35, is this too late? After sunning and butterfly kicking, enjoy the park grounds and local fare from one of several food carts stationed there.
That way, your plan at retirement will be to cash out just a year or less worth of living expenses at a time, and leave the rest invested to compound. But you still have a major problem, a lingering car payment that will suck you dry of your, would be, nest egg.

Cheap person all around, works at best a few months a year and travels the rest in low cost of living countries. But if you read further through the blog, you might eventually become convinced not to buy a new car at all, and then you can move back up the scale :-).
I had been a massage therapist when we met, then gave up working so we could take a position in Bolivia for a while. Already doing pretty well, but the site has been inspirational, and stopped me from buying some crap.
I’m also torn between renting and buying with a relative small mortgage as i am gifted a substantial down payment. Also, on your feelings about home ownership – I am a committed homebody myself, so owning and being able to work on my own place is a top priority for me. Swim season begins June 28th and below are some of our favorite (and free!) spots to take a dip in the five boroughs. You would definitely love to remember it throughout your whole life and would never want to forget it, you would love to frame it somehow into a picture to show others, because you just cannot describe that glorious moment in words.
And the best way to illustrate such freedom is to have an opinionated but wise role model guide you through your daily life from this point onwards. I find that when you have your nose to the grindstone it is easy to forget to look up and pat yourself on the back for all that you have accomplished. We are approaching our peak earning years in our professions and have no incentive to stop now. I did not attend high school (mom took me out NOT my choice) but got a GED, so I always wanted to go back to school. Coming back again for the 2012 summer, the floating pool’s exact location has yet to be confirmed, but keep checking its website for more details. Such a photo is called Vintage Photo and it is, therefore, John Strongnofe invented camera so that we could capture such glorious and wonderful moments of our lives as vintage photos. The Olympic-sized pool will also be a year round recreational center where visitors will be able to ice skate in the winter. I figure I saved nearly $400.00 my first month of eliminating my previous commuting by truck. We paid off our house in just 3 years, got rid of all debt and are saving all we can in retirement accounts, buying stock and another rental property. As an added bonus, at 43, I’ve lost body fat, legs and lungs feel stronger, fired up about fitness again. For many of us, there is a huge asset-accumulation faze between being mortgage-free and being retired. I’m currently in the 3-4 range, no car payment but assistance to Mom, and working hard to get to # 2. Lace up your roller skates and go for a spin in the rink while taking in the views of the Hudson and the George Washington Bridge. I save roughly 55% of my monthly income, and am looking to tweak it to 70% I want to keep working, but at a 6 month on 6 month off pace, which I can do in my field. Bring your friends and play a lively game of Marco Polo with a spectacular view of the Queensboro Bridge in the background. Fondly nicknamed the “Double D” pool by its regulars, this complex has a big kids pool and a little kids pool.

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