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Managed:  Reminding myself to be respectful and discovering some great ideas for kids that model the respectful behavior you want to teach them in a fun way. Children learn so much through experience, so be sure to take the opportunity to have a discussion with your child when you see someone acting either very respectfully or very disrespectfully.
When reading to your child, select books that demonstrate characters learning about and showing respect. When you do end up working with me you will get my Video Assassin 2.0 free and learn how to dominate Google, Youtube and Yahoo. If you encounter a disrespectful individual, model calm respectful behavior for your child. Role play a disagreement between two people, so your children learn that they can disagree without being disrespectful. Have them determine if the behavior is respectful and, if not, what could have been done differently. Turn the pipe cleaners into glasses by twisting the ends of the long pipe cleaner together to create a circle.

Have the children compare the pieces of paper with one another and talk about how each of the children is different. I don’t suggest to go down there and just stand out there and randomly pass out fliers without the General Managers consent. A child needs to be taught that we look people in the eye when they are talking to us to show that we are respectful listeners, and we don’t interrupt.
Role play future events for your child such as an upcoming party, showing them expected behavior like how to greet the guests and thank them for his gifts.
Then discuss how the difference makes them special or unique.  Explain that no one else’s fingerprints are the same as their own. You will need to have a bunch of these Fliers or Brochures to market MCA to Car Dealerships. Something that will get the general manager on your side and show the benefits of MCA and the value it has. What I have personally done is bring a folding table out in front of the establishment and call it MCA Day.

Attach a 6-inch pipe cleaner to each side and bend at the ends to fit around the student’s ears.
If you happen to get the okay from the General Manager you will have to have some promotional material to keep in the dealerships to show to potential customers. Pass out the fliers and even ask for donations to keep you in business if you don’t get sign ups on the spot.
You can also do this at your local supermarkets, fairs and even yes I said it Gas Stations.

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