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Whatever you call blended coffee -Frappuccinos, Freddos, Coffee Ice Blended, etc.- it is a refreshing way to enjoy coffee in the hot summer months. I prefer mine with a dash of cocoa powder and a little agave syrup, for a barely sweet blended mocha.

I bought a jar of agave chocolate sauce at the farmer’s market last weekend and this is the first place it is heading. Just the other day I was thinking of making this and glad now I have a place to refer back too! It’s like a grown-up slushie, which can be made as sweet and indulgent as the junk food classic with added sugar and flavored syrups.
I was just thinking about making a coconut version with coconut milk or coconut oil (Starbucks has a new flavor, coconut mocha, that sounds too interesting to not try to recreate).

You can save money and calories, plus control what goes into your beverage by making your own at home.

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