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For as long as high-stakes poker games have existed wealthy businesspeople have been taking on the best, and the best have been trying to take their money. The river of funds is undeniably flowing towards the poker pros so why do some of the richest, and smartest, business minds in the world continue to play high-stakes poker? From the legendary grudge match between Texas banker Andy Beal and “The Corporation” to Guy Laliberte's eight-figure online poker losses, rich amateurs are drawn to the games by their desire to test themselves against the very best. UK entrepreneur Paul Newey has played the biggest tournaments in the world in places like Macau and Las Vegas. Newey, who founded and sold the debt-consolidation company Ocean Finance, is rumored to be worth roughly ?220 million. Newey fired two bullets in the $100k Super High Roller just days before, and finished a few spots out of the money in the PCA main event. According to Newey playing against the best players in the world is the quickest way to get that experience.
Last summer Antonio Esfandiari won the biggest prize in the history of poker, over $18.3 million, when he took down the Big One for One Drop.
Newey was one of the amateurs who ponied up the seven-figure buy-in, and it was only because of players like him that Esfandiari even considered playing. Hedge fund manager David Einhorn finished third in the Big One and donated the $4.35 million prize to charity. Canadian billionaire and One Drop founder Guy Laliberte finished fifth for a $1.8 million payday.

And while Esfandiari conceded that amateurs are always going to be taking the worst of it when they play against professionals, it's no guarantee that the pros are going to walk away the winners. And despite still looking to recoup some of his poker investment, Paul Newey assured us he's ready to take another shot at the next Big One for One Drop in 2014.
If you are on the button, you can push all-in with the following hands based on the number of big blinds in the shorter stack. When calculating a range to call your opponent’s all-in, the following chart is a good start and provides the same protection as the chart above. These charts provide a simple strategy that gives you a big advantage of your opponents when the blinds get big and the stacks are getting small. Casino with us live online casino games like they're in casino taht play live dealer online gambling games, casino live dealer, sign up to attract tens of the hottest live dealer casino games, cash. He even put down $1 million to play the biggest event ever last summer at the World Series of Poker. Trying to be tricky and make a small raise or limp in with a big hand is only useful if you are a very strong player facing a very weak player, and even then many of the best players avoid it.
Knowing that you are playing perfectly is a rare thing in poker, but when you are heads up with a short stack the math is not complicated and we have created charts that allow you to play perfect poker very easily.
We know these ranges seem very wide, but they are mathematically proven, and experts playing against them are unable to beat them. If you play this strategy, your opponent can only break even against you at best, and the vast majority of them won’t know about these charts and will make mistakes frequently.

If you follow these charts you have the short stack portion of the heads up sit and go mastered.
Reviews of play roulette, the best benefits to get ahead of the rated online casino players. If you just go all-in or fold when the effective stack is eleven big blinds or less, you will avoid making costly mistakes.
This can be extremely useful, whether you’re competing in a live tournament, or simply practising your skills online at a site like Party Poker. You can tighten up these ranges by about 5% if your opponent is much too tight, but otherwise it’s safest to just follow the chart once the stacks get short. No matter how your opponent plays, they can not win money against these charts in the long run. Luckily for those of us who use these charts, most of our opponents don’t know about them and tend to make significant mistakes when stacks get short.

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