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In this 1-99 hunter guide, I will tell you the fastest and best way to get to the desired hunter level 99. I hope this 99 Hunter guide could help you and give you some fast levels.Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? 8RuneScape1-99 Firemaking Guide 2012 Runescape - How to get 99 Firemaking Guide in Runescape1-99 Firemaking Guide 2012 for Runescape. 3NeurologyHow to Increase the Benefits of Delta Waves for MeditationWhat are Delta brain waves? PenguinInformer 3 years ago from Illinois, USA I do enjoy that there is a skilled runescape hubber. It drives me crazy that Demand Studio writers write quilting and crochet patterns for a measly 15.00!! Many are afraid to write craft patterns thinking they have to go to the court house and get a copyright. I just got my newest crochet pattern up called the Baby Mason Quick and Easy Crochet Pattern.
I had posted this on my Yahoo writers account but since they are going kaput I am going to put all my best articles here on my blog.
In this guide, I will tell you about the best and fastest method to get 99 crafting without being a super-billionaire!
54-66: Buy powered orbs and their respective unrobed battle staff and make complete battle staves.
Alternative way to 99 CraftingALTERNATIVE: At level 46, you can also start making unpowered orbs for yourself. I hope this 99 Crafting guide could help you and give you some fast levels.Please leave me some feedback in the feedback sections down there and maybe also a comment? Cake Au Noob 3 years ago I always use these guides when I'm looking for some quick xp. Money making guide, Quest guide, Skill training guide, Wilderness guide – All your RuneScape guides in short videos! Single best way is merchanting, but you need money to start with and you have to be good at it.
Fish Monks (62 fish and swan song quest), cut yews (60 wc but dont until 70), mine highest ore you can mine, Farming ranaars (32 farm), craft air battlestaves (66 crafting), craft nats (44 rc) or request assistance for double nats, hunt chins (52 hunter). But decent cash can be make from collecting many Summoning and Herblore Secondary ingredients.

The 99 hunter skill cape stands for wealth, because hunter is one of the skills that make a lot of money.
At the beginning, you will see what to hunt and also what you need in order to make a trap or whatsoever and afterwards, I will show you a diagram of how much xp you make per hour at what level and there is a a€?helpful sectiona€? in the end. At level 20, you should wear the Larupia clothing (see: helpful items and monsters section).
You should take a tinderbox with you, 4 small fish nets and 4 ropes in order to set up the trap.
The only thing you have to take with you are 500 gp in order to pay this guy, who will give you a falcon.
I dona€™t recommend you doing this at all, because you wona€™t catch many at this low level. Getting to start doing draconic jadinkos is really complicated and worthy of a guide of its own. I quitted RS a longer time ago, but I ought to check it out and well, maybe I will then write some 07 guides. You can either put together a file on your desktop for the pattern or use free downloadable software.
The last pattern I sold to a magazine I got 350.00 plus the retail price of the finished project. It is a skill, where you are able to make your own armor like black dragon hide armor and other useful items such as bracelets and rings and many more. I will omit a F2P version, because this would be very short anyway and is extremely straightforward what to do to get 99 crafting (besides taking eternities to reach it). This method doesna€™t make much xp per hour (still more than the previous items created), but you will make some nice profit at this level. You can even make some profit out of it depending what the Grand Exchange prices are and street prices and this can even be around 300k per hour. I strongly recommend you to use the stealing creation needles, because the double the xp you make per green dragon hide body! Please leave an answer in the comments box below - you don't need an account to post a response. In this guide, you will find a way for a cheap 99 herblore and for a fast (but rather expensive) 99 herblore runescape guide.
I just got 92 prayers but I need all the skill level requirements for temple at tenntisten quests before i can have curses and your guides are helping me a lot getting those quick levels!

I will as soon as possible update my crafting guide and thanks for giving me feedback, this was very kind of you! At the beginning, getting 99 hunter can be boring and will require some endurance and patience to level, but as soon you are in the higher levels, levelling hunter will become great fun and your money will increase with every single hour! I don't even quite know what the 07 thing is about in detail, but yeah, you can follow me and then, you will see it when I publish the 07 guides ;). I have my painting ones in  a file that includes color pictures, a list of materials and instructions.
There is even a money making possibility, which will also appear in my 1-99 crafting skill. I wish you good luck in Runescape and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did it too!Please spread the word about "mbyL runescape guides"!!
If your looking for fast cash you could buy water vials from ardougene or collect snape grass. On a good day, I can get 1K essence and 20-30 law tablets in about 30-45 minutes (add about 15 or so minutes for teleing and crafting etc etc etc), considerably faster than doing it the old-fashioned way. I advise you to buy them in an early stage of your training (already at level 1), so you will not have to wait eternities until you have enough orbs and unorbed battle staves. I strongly recommend you to set up the traps like an a€?Xa€?, one in the middle and four on each edge.
I recommend you to use the spinning wheel in the Lumbridge castle at the 1st floor (at the 2nd floor, there is a bank). Of course, it is not forbidden to make a higher level dragon hide, but they will increase the loss drastically.
At hunter 99, you will have caught 41k chinchompas and you basically never have to teleport to store them, because they are stackable and can be equipped. It is quite easy to do and you can also do something besides this, while you are training for 99 crafting, like learning!I have been asked how many of them you need to do. At the moment, I am too busy to do it, but maybe in two weeks, I'll be able to update it (my finals will be over then!!)Good luck man! You will have to make about 869k bowstrings and nearly 80M profit (this was calculated on the 5th of November 2012).

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