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A space transport vessel crashes on a desert planet and only 10 travelers survive including the pilot, Carolyn Fry (Rahda Mitchell) and Richard B. The character of Riddick illustrates some of the worst traits of humankind, murder and cruelty and threats, physical and verbal abuse, but unabashedly. The survivors dwindle, slowly picked off by the creatures, and toward the end Riddick abandons the others to seek escape on his own. Fry pursues Riddick to an escape pod and confronts him, and in their struggle he tries to convince her to come with him and leave the rest of the survivors behind. The film presents a harsh world where few seem like “good” people, and yet the viewer is given a tremendous portrait of undeserved grace. The narrative inference is obvious, despite a quick-buck sequel that blurs the beauty of the first film.
Is the cross of Christ an abstract concept of salvation to you, or do you truly understand the weight of sacrifice, pain and death… as directly and vividly as Riddick experiences Fry’s death?
Do you grasp the even greater weight of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as it relates to you?
Since most are based on quality attributes, and not safety, best-before dates doesn’t usually grab my attention.
Reuters reports that Subway, purveyor of lots of deli meat, is investigating Chinese media reports that some of their staff were altering storage date codes to push profits.
Chinese media reports that started circulating on Friday said workers at a Beijing outlet for Subway, which operates globally as a franchise business, changed expiry and production dates on meat, drink and vegetable produce to extend their use. The Subway spokeswoman said the firm sent teams to inspect its franchises around the country each month and that it gave staff training on food safety and handling produce.
Salvation is given to the “worst” offender who certainly hasn’t earned it, a depraved man who literally had his eyes changed to “live in darkness”.

Riddick has been changed, his old self “dead” on the planet, the Christ-like sacrifice of Fry forcing him to reassess his view of the world and experience something of a rebirth. Moses was a murderer and David was an adulterer and even biblically God used these real people as foreshadowing and archetype for the messiah fulfilled in Christ, who was none of these things but perfect!
Ben Chapman is an associate professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University. Marooned, the survivors find themselves hunted by the planet’s flesh-eating alien inhabitants, who come out in a rare season of darkness that happens every 22 years. As the film progresses, we see his interaction with the survivors expose the hypocrisy and equal compromise in nearly all the other characters.
This man fully realizes how “wrong” it is that a loving, sacrificial person would lay down their life for one so unworthy. Also, I wanted to say thanks for this ministry of helping other’s see the depths of movies, their insight into culture and how we can use that to engage it with the truth. Such as his character is the one challenging culture norms, being the one to do what is needed despite the gravity of the situation(s), and being the “older” brother? You can see this same almost hard to admit archetype in Fight Club with Tyler Durden, so the same holds true from the narrative standpoint with Riddick. FDA and FSIS quantitative risk assessment identified deli meat as the highest risk food category for Lm illnesses and deaths. As a teenager, a Saturday afternoon viewing of the classic cable movie, Outbreak, sparked his interest in pathogens and public health. Riddick seems their best chance of survival, with surgically enhanced eyes that equip him to see in the dark, yet he cares nothing for his fellow shipmates, concerned only with his own survival.

No one is without sin, and even stereotypical hero types reveal surprising character flaws. He’s shaken by this in an amazing way, and as the only survivors depart the planet (planning to drop Riddick off before reaching civilization) one of the others asks what they should say, should anyone ask after him. It’s helped me out a ton in learning how to break movies down and articulate everything.
With the goal of less foodborne illness, his group designs, implements, and evaluates food safety strategies, messages, and media from farm-to-fork.
He mocks the others at every turn, reluctantly helping as he at least realizes there is strength in numbers.
Fry comes back for him, gets between Riddick and one of the aliens, and is skewered right in front of his polished eyes, pulled back out of sight into the dark.
Through reality-based research, Chapman investigates behaviors and creates interventions aimed at amateur and professional food handlers, managers, and organizational decision-makers; the gate keepers of safe food.
Ben co-hosts a biweekly podcast called Food Safety Talk and tries to further engage folks online through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and, maybe not surprisingly, Pinterest.

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