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If you're a Filipino looking for ways to earn legit money online well you've come to the right place. One must find topics that can spark the interest of the readers it can either be tutorials , Trivia's , Personal opinions, current news and many others more. Build up your profile just like filling up your resume then find and apply for a job that suits you if the client finds you fit for the job then you can instantly start working just from the comforts of your home. You can easily start selling different kinds of items just by posting them through social media outlets like facebook, twitter, instagram , google plus and many others.

The sky is the limit through this method of making money online who knows you might create the next amazon. You can find work on Odesk and Elance for medical transciptionist virtual assistant encoders programmers clerical work graphic artists to name a few.
The difference with this method from method number 2 is you could sell pre-owned items that you probably don't or won't use anymore.
Clients can be all over the world like countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia just to name a few.

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