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It's inevitable that a cancer diagnosis of any kind will bring an array of mixed emotions.
As you create a relationship with your therapist, he or she will help you through your healing process. Living with cancer is not just physical or purely personal; your family and friends also share the experience. Learn to convey your innermost fears, feelings and experiences, through self-help techniques, to obtain the encouragement and support you need.
So stay on the positive road to recovery by giving your body and mind the attention that's needed. Provide your face with a nourishing cleanse and improve your tone, texture and over all look.
Vanessa Iversen, atesthetician at The Wellness Center, is a profoundly self-motivated and professional Certified Skin Care Specialist in the Tampa Bay area. Vanessa previously worked with a prestigious Safety Harbor Spa where she received exceptional European Training and was exposed to amazing techniques and products.
We will visit at your place of employment, and provide a chair massage for you and your coworkers or customers. If you've been diagnosed, keep in mind there are psychotherapeutic options to help you and your family cope. Graduated at the top of her class, Vanessa’s endless workshops, certifications, and an absolute love of the industry puts her in a class all her own! Proper cleansing not only removes impurities but also clears the way for the penetration of active ingredients you may want to apply afterwards.

Our most popular gift cards cover any of the 14 Unique Full Body Massage Therapy treatments, or a First Time Here - Chiropractic Visit. Skin care at The Wellness Center involves a trained aesthetician providing a nourishing facial treatment to cleanse, restore and revitalize the skin back to a healthy state. If you have oily skin and after cleansing it remains sticky or oily, you might benefit from applying toner after cleansing. Potential benefits of exfoliation include fresher, brighter looking skin, better penetration of active ingredients of skin care products and, for people with excessively oily skin, a varying degree of reduction in oil secretion.
Our spa like atmosphere helps clients to feel relaxed, whether they are visiting for pain relief, a pampering, a cleansing facial, or a nutrition & weight loss consultation. Cleansers vary by the amount and types of detergents, moisturizers, emollients and other ingredients. People with oily skin do not need to moisturize because the abundant sebum they produce has more than sufficient emollient and moisturizing effect. People with normal skin do not necessarily need to moisturize since they too produce enough sebum and other natural emollients and humectants. If you still feel you need a toner, use a soothing toner free of alcohol or witch hazel, such as alcohol-free toner with Chamomile. Some experts argue that toners help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, thus reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.

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