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Tony Abbott laughs as he speaks during a the second 2013 election debate in Brisbane on August 21. The second election campaign debate gave Australians a glimpse of the real ‘aggro’ Tony Abbott, Labor says. Finance Minister Penny Wong says Prime Minister Kevin Rudd won the debate convincingly and has taken aim at the opposition leader for his ‘Does this guy ever shut up?’ jibe. Mr Abbott made the comment while Mr Rudd was criticising the coalition’s paid parental leave scheme. Liberal frontbencher George Brandis said Mr Abbott had summed up what lots of people had been thinking with his shut up comment. Spook is a progressive culture magazine, publishing innovative content in the realms of fashion, music, art, film and politics. With all this news about Tony Abbott giving out literature awards and establishing a 'Book Council', now seems like a pretty good time to read one of the Prime Minister's own published books and spew out the best - or worst - bits for you.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced the Government will establish a Tony Abbott Centre For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too Book Council of Australia to “promote good reading as well as good writing.” Which is fitting, because, contrary to every ounce of gut instinct and human logic telling you otherwise, Tony Abbott is the published author of four books. I’ve done the generous task of retrieving said ironies and insights so you never have to (seriously, don’t go in there). Funny you say that, 90’s Tony, because 2014 Tony just passed legislation that could see journalists jailed for revealing inconvenient Government secrets.

Could be translated to: Australians whose great great great great grandfathers stole a loaf of bread to support their family living in a corrupt English monarchy that left the poor for dead generally choose to support more progressive systems. Nice try, 90’s Tones, but Queeny didn’t stop one of your future ministers from getting too big for his boots and granting himself supreme powers that not even you can overturn. 1) It kind of is, and 2) He doesn’t elaborate on why the mid-90s were an age that had rightly discovered the value of heritage, but it could be assumed he was talking about the Green Revolution surrounding new research into climate change – in which case, LOL he’s destroying the planet.
Anyone else noticed pretty much all his cabinet members are from North Sydney and have only lived amongst and serve the wealthy? Play It Safe is a film exploring the struggles of budding musicians, with a soundtrack as good as the film itself. Smells can evoke the strongest memories, but what smell reminds you of your significant other? Bowie late nights ends with a bang, with epic party starter and Melbourne local Chela returning from Los Angeles for a very special live show that is sure to make you sweat. They say timeliness is everything - this weeks rediscovered 1984 documentary predicts Australian football culture with terrifying accuracy. Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Tony Abbott has told his local constituents he's still got a "fire in the belly" and he won't hesitate to use hisA status as a former prime minister to "get attention" in the media and Liberal party room.Mr Abbott last week appeared to put his leadership ambitions on the backburner, declaring he hadA accepted that his colleagues had made their decision and he didn't expect they would ever change their minds.

The former PM hasn't ruled out taking up a cabinet position and says he'll "see what happens after the election". But in a recentA interview with a local magazine in his Sydney electorate, Mr Abbott made it clear he won't be disappearing from view."It definitely helps an electorate to have someone well known a€“ and as a former prime minister, I am definitely well known," he told Peninsula Living. Mr Abbott a€“ described in the articleA as a "phoenix rising from the ashes" a€“ says he has unfinished business in Warringah, the seat he has held for 22 years.Claiming he still has a "fire in the belly" for politics, Mr Abbott says he's focused on delivering a better economy, growth and environment. The interview a€“ published three weeks agoA but not widely noticed a€“ took place shortly after author and journalist Niki Savva detailed claims that Mr Abbott had been having an affair with his powerfulA chief of staff, Peta Credlin.Mr Abbott refused to talk about the claims, switching to local member mode by focusing on issues such as traffic, ferries and the long-gestating plan for a privately-run Northern Beaches Hospital. Mr Abbott also offers some free advice to Mr Baird on council amalgamations, saying it's "vexed issue" that needs to be "handled with care".Labor's candidate for the seat, Andrew Woodward, said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would be thrilled with Mr Abbott's comments.
One of his earlier ones, The Minimal Monarchy – And Why It Still Makes Sense For Australia, is dedicated to defending the Australian Constitution. By some twist of fate, the 175-page window into Abbott’s neo-conservative brain matter came into my possession and is now my favourite book – just kidding! Not interesting in content or literary skill or anything related to the book itself, but in little contextual ironies and insights.

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