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Anthony Marra is the author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (2013), which won an array of prizes including the National Book Critics Circle's John Leonard Prize, the Barnes and Noble Fiction Discover Award, the Grand Prix des Lectrices de Elle and the Athens Prize for Literature, and appeared on more than twenty Books of the Year lists. Find out which books the Marketing and Publicity Director and Head of Digital at Random House Australia picked as his Top Five from 2013.
For inquiries about Marra’s speaking events and touring schedule, contact Books In Common. This entry was posted in A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Anthony Marra, Authors and tagged 2014 literary fiction awards, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Anthony Marra, Dayton Literary Peace Prize. John James Toya is the founder of TOYAstudio, an architectural firm in San Francisco that specializes in homes inspired by the landscape and traditional materials. John developed his love for architecture in Chicago, where he grew up, and often visited sights with his father, who is also an architect, and mother, who loved art.
He enjoys cycling and participates in the AIDS Lifecycle, a 45-mile race, which takes place every year and raises funds for HIV groups in California.
Museums are increasingly a space for discussion, reflection, movement, creativity, participation, and personal and professional growth. At the fifth annual Museum Conference, museum and cultural professionals from Greece, the U.S.
With Bottom of the Lake, Christian Patterson takes an allusive view of his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. In addition, he has reactivated the directory with an interactive object, the Fond du Lac Telephone. The telephone directory is an exhaustive, factual document of a specific place and time, while Patterson's work is a selective, subjective document of the same place in an undefined, other time.
By combining and mixing different documentary forms and image types, his work challenges and questions the very nature of photography, truth, memory and representation.
Athens Photo Festival is the leading international festival of photography in Southeastern Europe. The main program will take place from 3 June through 26 July 2015, at the Benaki Museum, one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in Greece. Pages from the infamous Guinness Book of Records come to life in Sam Green's documentary The Measure of All Things, a meditation on fate, time, and the outer edges of the human experience. In their first-ever appearance in Greece, Sam Green and the six-member band yMusic will present performances and workshops on March 13 and 16 at the Athens Concert Hall and on March 14 and 15 at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.
Filmmakers, artists and creators will have the chance to meet filmmaker Sam Green in a seminar during which they will discover the secrets to a successful crowd-funding campaign. Entries will be accepted until March 5 for the group in Kalamata and March 17 for the group in Kozani. The Athens Comics Library is the result of the collaboration among Comicdom Press and the network of social entrepreneurship Impact Hub Athens. Athina Kritikou: During my life I came to realize that 10% of the population is both invisible and excluded by the other 90%. Athina Kritikou: The greatest challenge so far has been to make people want to listen to you.
Timothy Lomas: I think that the challenge lies in meeting each student at his or her level of ability while giving them the needed support and scaffolding so that they can experience growth and success.
Athina Kritikou: Our mission has been to reshape attitudes towards disability by educating students and a wider public through experiential learning, motivational campaigns and joint activities.
Since 2008, more than 21.000 students and youth with disabilities (physical, intellectual, sensory) from 252 mainstream schools, special schools and social institutions have participated in the experiential-interactive workshops organized by SKEP. Timothy Lomas: Yes, I believe that we have come so far and I see that we still have so far to go. You partnered with Onassis Cultural Center last summer for an arts program – is there a highlight from that experience? Athina Kritikou: Our experience from last year's partnership at the Onassis Cultural Center was a truly rewarding one. Fly me to the Moon celebrates Christmas with classical festive melodies, a magic Xmas ball and a group of joyful mascots on 24th and 31st of December at the Athens International Airport. Four Happy Μascots, a living Xmas ball, a joyful snowman, the Nutcracker and Santa Claus' reindeer, in full Christmas spirit offer wish cards and hugs to the passengers and the visitors of the AIA, entertain their little friends and pose for photos. An ethereal figure gives life to a magic ball through a special choreography and acrobatics presenting a spectacular show with a touch of winter magic. 32 young artists from Alimos Music School present a special festive musical program including carols and our all-time-favorite Christmas classics and New Year's melodies. The Conference was held on November 22, 2014, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (48 Vassileos Constantinou Av., Athens) and explored the relation between libraries and entrepreneurship.
American library speaker, Kerwin Pilgrim has worked for the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) for over thirteen years in progressively responsible positions. Pilgrim's title speech was Library Engine: Driving Economic Development through Programs, Services, Spaces, and Partnerships. On Wednesday, November 26 at 20:00 at the bookstore Janus (Stadiou 24 Athens), the author will talk with the translator of the book Achilleas Kyriakidis and literary critic Aristotle Sainis, and will answer questions from the audience and sign copies of the book. The last days of 2004, in a small village in Chechnya, the eight-year Havaa hides in the woods when the Russian military forces seize her father. Marra composes around the six main characters of the book a human mosaic, worthy of the most imposing and dramatic fiction frescoes of the 19th century. The Conference will be held on November 22, 2014, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (48 Vassileos Constantinou Av., Athens) and will explore the relation between libraries and entrepreneurship.
Pilgrim's title speech is Library Engine: Driving Economic Development through Programs, Services, Spaces, and Partnerships.
The official languages of the Conference will be Greek and English with simultaneous interpretation from English to Greek.
In the first part of the Conference, Professor of Classical Greek Literature and Comparative Literature, and Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies Mr. Moderation: Claudia Filos, Coordinator of curricula development and community development at the Centre for Hellenic Studies. In the second part, teachers of Primary and Secondary Education of Arsakeia - Tositseia Schools will present applications in teaching suggestions in humanitarian objects using digital media. The heads of the career centers of the University of Ioannina, Patras, University of the Aegean, and the Athens University of Economics and Business along with a Ministry of Education representative, travelled to our nation's capital to explore how university career centers operate in the U.S. The visitors held meetings, among others, with the University of the District of Columbia, World Learning NGO, the National Career Development Association, the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers, the University of Delaware and the Embassy of Greece in the United States, but still managed to find time to take a photo in front of the White House and Lincoln Memorial! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the second city that the heads of the career centers of the University of Ioannina, Patras, University of the Aegean, and the Athens University of Economics and Business along with a representative of the Ministry of Education visited during their U.S. Philadelphia is a great example of how a city can revive its economy and stop brain drain through partnerships between local government, universities, and the business community.
Despite common misconception, our exchange program visitors discovered that Detroit is much more than Motown records and Big Three golden eras' photos hanging on the walls.
Detroit is a city that is slowly starting to recover after more than 30 years of economic crisis, and the role of secondary schools and universities is of paramount importance for the economic growth and social cohesion of the greater area. met with bullying expert Joe Kosciw from GLSEN and discussed the issue, particularly with reference to LGBT bullying. I work at GLSEN, which is an NGO which is almost 25 years old, and actually GLSEN started working on creating safes in schools for all students but with special attention to lgbt students in the US. A student who has had a sudden change in their mood or behavior, someone who doesn't want to go to school, someone whose grades in school are suddenly dropping. About 9 out of 10 LGBT teens have reported being bullied at school within the past year because of their sexual orientation, according to the most recent gay bullying statistics. For the first time, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the Coursera platform will be enhanced with content designed for a Greek audience. As Greek participants, you will be invited to join meet-ups in four different cities in Greece - an opportunity to discuss the topics of the course, ask questions about material you don't understand, share ideas and find out how to make your business (or business plan!) stronger. The course is sponsored by ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece, Metavallon, and the US Embassy in Athens.
The musical supervision of the evening and for the first time in Greece is taken over by a flagship House name, the music producer Dj Qu from New Jersey. The program is run by Chapter Two, which consists inter alia of the dancersNikoleta Karmiri, Candy Karra, Aris Papadopoulos, Antonis Strouzas and Ilias Hatzigeorgiou. Nelson Mandela died December 5 at his home in Johannesburg, surrounded by his family, Zuma said. After being imprisoned for 27 years for his struggle to end apartheid, Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa in 1994. Obama, who became America’s first African-American president, said his very first political act was to protest against apartheid.
Obama said to the people of South Africa that all Americans draw strength from the example of renewal, reconciliation and resilience that they have made. Obama spoke directly with President Zuma by telephone on December 5 and expressed his condolences, the White House said. The South African Embassy in Washington planned to open a book for condolences on December 6 for any Americans to express their feelings on Mandela’s death. This exhibition is an evocative exposition of the true meaning of some of Cavafy’s most important poems, bolstered by the museographical display and scenography. The 67 ancient artifacts, which accompany and illustrate the 27 selected poems, come from 13 Greek museums, antiquities’ Ephorates, and private collections. On Tuesday 3rd September, at 21:00 in Avdi square, will be screened the first film to comprehensively depict the cruel and dehumanizing practices of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale. Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life takes viewers into a world where millions of children are exploited, every day, through an astonishing array of practices including forced labor, domestic servitude, begging, sex tourism, sexual exploitation, and child soldiering.
My field is adult higher education; my central focus is adult development and learning with particular emphasis on individual growth and societal transformation.
While attending an educational conference in Athens in 2012, I learned how vibrant the field of adult education is in Greece. Anna Tsiboukli: I was trained as an Educational Psychologist at the Institute of Education, University of London from where I have also received my PhD and then I was able to carry out further research as a research Fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry in UK in the field of Training Mental Health Professionals to fight addictions. Anna Tsiboukli: Kathleen was here as a Fulbright Scholar hosted by the Hellenic Open University and this is how we have first met. It’s important to note that such changes do not imply indoctrinating them or in any other way imposing on them my own beliefs, assumptions, or ways of thinking. Anna Tsiboukli: Innovative practices in training adult learners and especially those coming from socially excluded groups include needs assessment, networking, team work, making proper use of trainees personal experiences, even the negative ones, in the learning process, experimenting and piloting new types of training programmes, maintain freedom, creativity and an open dialogue and above all pursue a specific goal. I also plan to remain in contact with Greek colleagues who have asked how to broaden their approach to teaching and learning in these new ways.
Anna Tsiboukli: I have to continue facing the enormous challenges economic crisis has imposed in the area of training mental health professionals in Greece and also support a large group of 150 former addicts through training and education in order to be able to develop their entrepreneurship skills and set up their own small business as a way of fighting unemployment, social exclusion and relapse into drug taking and criminality.
Kauffman FastTrac® is a globally successful program aimed at the development of new and established ventures, offered by Metavallon and ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece.
Metavallon ( is a nonprofit organization that supports and accelerates early-stage ventures (accelerator).
ALBA Graduate Business School was founded in 1992 and operates under the auspices of the business community, an association of corporations and institutional members, currently numbering more than 90. Step2Freedom is the culmination of a series of educational workshops conducted by the Founder of The No Project, in collaboration with English Language advisors, teachers, and students from ten public high schools. Over 55 works from approximately 40 students between the ages of 15 and 18 will be displayed, including visual art, video, poetry, stories, essays, music and dance.
The exhibition will run between April 19-30 at the Vryssaki Cultural Center in downtown Athens and is open to the public.
The festival includes screenings of films from all over the world, tributes to international animation film festivals, workshops, seminars, the professional forum and above all the competition section.
All interested filmmakers are invited to submit their applications for participation through our website until July 15, 2013. More information on the festival & forum will be available very soon and will be waiting for you to join us! Each April, the United States celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), an opportunity to savor a major American contribution to world culture. Eugene O’Neill reworks the myth of Orestes and updates it into a modern trilogy, revealing the corrosion of the bourgeoisie hidden by a flawless facade. Although I am only at the beginning of my internship, I eagerly look forward to the various projects I will be involved with in the future, one of which speaks against Human Trafficking and the exploitation of women and children; a cause I am very passionate about.
Dear Professor Sfendoni, you were a Fulbright alumna at Harvard University, philosophy department. In the year 1991 I received a Fulbright Senior Research Award in order to conduct research at the Department of Philosophy of Harvard University.
Let me first say, that concerning my research, it was a thrilling experience to be able to hold in my hands and read the private correspondence of my hero philosopher Charles S. Author Anthony Marra, 28, of Berkeley, is photographed along College Avenue in Berkeley, Calif., on Friday, May 31, 2013. Here he is, husband and father, scruffy romantic, a shambolic scholar--a man adrift in the wake of his wife's sudden, accidental death, and there are his two sons who, like him, struggle in their London apartment to face the unbearable sadness that has engulfed them. In this moment of violent despair they are visited by Crow--antagonist, trickster, goad, protector, therapist, and babysitter. Part novella, part polyphonic fable, and part essay on grief, Max Porter's extraordinary work combines compassion and bravura style to dazzling effect. Anthony Marra is the author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, which won the National Book Critics Circle's inaugural John Leonard Prize, the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award in fiction, and appeared on over twenty year-end lists. Anthony Marra is the New York Times bestselling author of a National Book Awards Longlist selection, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. Maria Kuznetsova’s short fiction appears in New Ohio Review, The Southeast Review, and The Summerset Review. In the meantime, follow us on Tumblr for writing inspiration and updates on January’s featured authors. Upcoming Stories on Stage featured author Anthony Marra was named one of ten finalists on the National Book Award longlist for fiction. Anthony Marra’s devastating debut novel, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, was recently longlisted for the National Book Award. The novel is much different than the story both in tone and in content, so much so that I actually look back at the short story now and I really don’t recognize those characters. PL: The six main characters weave in and out of each other’s lives, and a lot of times they’re unaware how their lives have intersected in the past.
It wasn’t until maybe fifty pages before the end that I began to see how it was cohering. I would often get the sense of what was going to happen next from what I had already written. PL: So in a way you were already subconsciously writing the narrative before you knew what you were doing?
PL: What was it like to write about a place you knew so intimately through research but had never physically visited? AM: Chechnya today is much different than the world of the book and quite a bit different than the Chechnya ten years ago. It was more getting to meet everyday civilians, who are the kind of characters that populate the book, and listening to their stories and hearing what they had to say. PL: You had to do so much research, not only with Chechen and Russian history, but also with surgical operations and daily life in wartime Chechnya. But I feel like nothing kills the spark of fiction faster than the sense that the author is giving you a history lesson.
AM: I think that humor—and this was certainly my experience in Chechnya—we use humor for all sorts of reasons, but it can be a coping mechanism. When I was in Chechnya, I was always amazed at how surgical the senses of humor of many of the people I met were. Even in the reporting—a book like A Small Corner of Hell by Anna Politkovskaya, which is one of the most harrowing pieces of literature I’ve ever read, is shot through with incredibly bleak humor.
PL: The other thing that tempers the bleakness of the book is these quick flashforwards into the future of the characters, no matter how incidental, showing their ultimate fate.
One of the things that happens if you’re retyping the same scene is that your mind wanders a little bit. I wanted to include these flashforwards partially to let a little light leak into the book. AM: Ever since I was a kid going to the school library, libraries have been almost a church-like space. is the companion website to the bi-monthly print publication “Public Libraries,” the official magazine of the Public Library Association.
PL and PLonline are the only industry publications focused entirely on public libraries and public librarians. As he addressed Upper School students and faculty, Marra said his love of writing first started in English teacher Fred Mora’s creative writing class during his senior year. The work received strong reviews in The New York Times and The Washington Post and is one of 10 books in consideration for the 2013 National Book Award in Fiction. In addition to working on his second novel, Marra currently teaches writing classes at Stanford University. A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, a Guggenheim Fellow and Whiting Award recipient, Marra lives in Oakland, California, and teaches at Stanford University.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Due to his trips as a child to Greece, he developed pride in its heritage and saw his love for architecture grow. When at home, he enjoys listening to vinyl records, and has a collection of them that is growing constantly. Ambitious speaker programmes give a cross-disciplinary background to works in the collection. In Manchester, UK, the Whitworth has made the community part of the organisation's artistic and creative mission, handing authority and ownership to visitors – and as a result it received the Artfund Museum of the Year award in 2015.
Some of those migrants, returned to Greece and left important traces behind, often building something to remind them of the past!
In image and captions they convey, through a dream-like narrative, what remains, what is swept away, what we give up and what we gain, the sorrow, the calculation, the ambition not to be forgotten, the love, the rage.
The work revolves around the 1973 Fond du Lac Telephone Directory, published shortly after the artist's birth. Exploring issues relevant to our times, our programs work internationally, nationally and locally, encompassing a variety of activities that aim at fostering a critical understanding of contemporary culture and society through photography and related media.
At the core of the programme is a series of solo and group exhibitions from emerging and established photographers and artists, as well as a range of events, including portfolio reviews, screenings, workshops, talks (the so-called 'Photo Voices') and participatory projects.
Mission to Greece is partnering with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, the Athens Concert Hall and the Fulbright Foundation, to bring pioneering American filmmaker Sam Green and his Live Music Cinema to Athens and Thessaloniki.
Mission to Greece is partnering with the Greek NGO Mataroa to sponsor a one-of-a-kind, innovative coding program for Greek girls aged 10-16.
She does not need to have previous experience in computing, or any specialization in mathematics.
Our main objective remains the interactive cooperation between students and youth with disabilities aiming at building relations.
We get to meet and interact with many people such as teachers, professors, parent associations of mainstream and special education schools, university students and the general population that participate in our interactive programs. You always meet the most amazing people in doing this kind of work; committed people who are very compassionate and generous of spirit.
Embassy for setting up this event between SKEP (The Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth), the Onassis Cultural Center, and myself, It was such an overwhelmingly successful experience on so many levels and my first creative project in Greece. He is currently the Director of Adult Learning and oversees BPL's continuum of educational services for young adult and adult learners as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.
He addressed the role of entrepreneurial librarians as digital age advocates of social change, responding to patron demands, designing new services, and developing fundraising programs. Anthony Marra will attend the award ceremony, Monday, November 24 at 19:00, at the Cultural Center of Athens (Akadimias 50). Their neighbor, Ahmed, a failed doctor, whisks her away to the nearest town hospital, where the only doctor, Russian Sonia, treats a relentless wave of wounded rebels and refugees, while mourning her vanished sister. He is addressing the role of entrepreneurial librarians as digital age advocates of social change, responding to patron demands, designing new services, and developing fundraising programs. Gregory Nagy will present the work carried out at an international level by the Centre for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University in the field of digital humanities. Teaching subjects: 6th grade History, 9th grade Ancient Greek, 10th grade Greek Modern Literature, 8th grade Greek Modern Language, 10th grade Ancient Greek Language, 12th grade Expression-Composition. The group visited the Fox School of Business of Temple University, Villanova University Career Center, and the Department of Commerce in Philadelphia to learn about innovative methods to engage students, alumni and the business community to promote youth entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation. During their study tour, the heads of the career centers of the University of Ioannina, Patras, University of the Aegean, and the Athens University of Economics and Business along with a representative of the Ministry of Education visited Wayne State University, the Henry Ford County Community College, TechDown Detroit innovation hub, and held meetings with local government and business representatives to explore how public-private partnerships can make an economy flourish. What can be done within schools and communities to create a tolerant and safe environment for them?
If they feel like they can't talk to their parents about it, or a brother or a sister, they ought to reach out to a supportive person at school, whether that's a teacher.
The course is free of charge and open to everyone, and will include a series of interesting interviews and discussions with entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, funders, and business experts.
A place coupling voltages and currents of contemporary urban culture where young artists from different backgrounds come together, exchange ideas and participate in an interactive experiment through the presentation of their works.
The 20 participating artists will present a multifaceted audiovisual experience through exhibitions, screenings and performances, accompanied by modern electronic sounds. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the results at a special performance on the OCC’s Main Stage which will feature both the school choreographies and a slightly modified version of the Chapter Two piece. Mandela’s final years were marked by frequent hospitalizations for respiratory problems that had bothered him since he contracted tuberculosis in prison.
Apartheid was a system of racial segregation in South Africa that lasted from its enactment in 1948 until it was officially abolished in 1994. He said that a free South Africa at peace with itself is an example to the world and is an integral part of Mandela’s legacy to the nation he loved.
He also reaffirmed the strong and historic partnership between the United States and South Africa.
House of Representatives John Boehner said that Nelson Mandela “was an unrelenting voice for democracy. These are drawn either from myth or from the pages of history and, especially, the broader horizon of the Hellenistic world as it formed under the successors and descendants of Alexander the Great. They include sculptures (primarily marble heads, busts, statuettes, and groups), bronze vessels, terracotta figurines and clay vases, faience objects, coins, funerary portraits, grave stelai, as well as icons and ecclesiastical vessels of the Post-Byzantine period. More recently, I have expanded my research to embrace newly emerging understandings of how the adult brain learns and what these discoveries imply for educators’ practice. Taylor: My hosts for the Fulbright were Hellenic Open University (HOU) and the Hellenic Adult Education Association (HAEA). Rather, it means enlarging their capacity to see themselves and the world around them in more complex ways. The most significant and innovative programme we run right now at KETHEA is addressed to 150 former addicts and hopes to train them in order to develop their own small business. Thankfully KETHEA has a long standing relationship with Fulbright Greece and from 1998 until today with the Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego in training mental health professionals. It was founded by late entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion Kauffman in the mid 60’s in the United States. The implementation of Kauffman FastTrac® for any aspiring or existing entrepreneur will be realized with the valuable collaboration of ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece, the leading research-driven Graduate Business School. Only in 2012, Metavallon held 38 workshops, 395 training hours and 122 coaching hours were held. Embassy in Athens, in collaboration with the Vryssaki Cultural Center and The NO Project, is pleased to present the art exhibition Step2Freedom, showcasing artwork created by students from across Attica, designed to raise awareness about modern-day slavery and trafficking in persons.
The workshops aimed to raise awareness about modern-day slavery and trafficking in persons. Produced by young people, the citizens of the future, they inspire all of us to take a Step2Freedom.
University students seeking to gain a better understanding of the United States are invited to attend a seminar exploring American politics, economics, society and culture. Initiated by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, JAM aims to focus public attention on the music and the many talented composers, musicians and other contributors to the sound. But the house of Mannon, with its dark history and unhealthy psychology, hides many open wounds. The edifice maintained by Puritanism and a rigid moral attitude gradually crumbles and those trapped inside are dragged down with it. After interning at the Public Affairs section of the embassy for two weeks now, I realized that perhaps I had some preconceived ideas regarding the atmosphere I expected to find there. Exciting times are ahead and already I can’t help but wonder how many interns around the world can say they received an email from both the former and present Secretary of State in their inbox earlier this week. The reason why I had chosen Harvard University for my research was the fact that the correspondence of the American philosopher of late 19th and early 20th century Charles S.
The father imagines a future of well-meaning visitors and emptiness, while the boys wander, savage and unsupervised. This self-described "sentimental bird," at once wild and tender, who "finds humans dull except in grief", threatens to stay with the wounded family until they no longer need him. Full of angular wit and profound truths, Grief Is the Thing with Feathers is a startlingly original and haunting debut by a significant new talent. Marra's novel was a National Book Award long list selection as well as a finalist for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize and France's Prix Medicis.
He is the winner of a Whiting Award, a Pushcart Prize, The Atlantic’s Student Writing Contest, and the Narrative Prize, and his work was anthologized in Best American Nonrequired Reading 2012.
Her novel, The Accident, won the 2011 UC Davis Maurice Prize in Fiction, and an excerpt from the work is forthcoming in The Iowa Review.
I showed the story to a few people and the reaction was often that it seemed like it was a synopsis for a novel. It felt like their narratives were much deeper than could be conveyed in a twenty-five-page short story. Was this interconnectivity a process of discovery or did you have a general sense of how their lives all fit in with one another? The Abraham and Isaac—or Ishamel as it is in the Islamic tradition—story, that idea was introduced fairly early on in the book between Khassan and Ramzan.
I think it goes to looking back at what you’ve already written to figure out what to write next. It was after I had written it by and large, but I was still going through the final editorial stages so I was able to change things here and there. How did you balance giving the reader what they needed to know without overwhelming them with research?
I knew going into it that unlike a book set in Germany in World War II, chances were that any reader picking up the book would have only a vague familiarity with Chechnya, if any familiarity at all. I realized that there had to be some sort of operation in the book, both to show Sonja’s mettle and her brilliance as a surgeon, but also to prove the reality of the world of the hospital.
They could recognize exactly what you were afraid of or uncomfortable with, and then tease you for it. So the first three drafts were all written from a third person point of view that was more or less stapled to a single character’s shoulder in each scene. Most of them have been put out by universities or small presses and many of them are out of print. It was a place that taught me to fall in love with stories and the possibility of what you can do in fiction, the ways that we both escape and understand our own realities through story.
This is one of the perks of working in publishing and while we get to read many good books, it’s still thrilling when we come across a book that really sticks with us.
This year, Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena was a finalist in the fiction category.
Marra sets the story in contemporary Chechnya, which has endured a series of devastating wars, occupations, and insurgencies that began in 1994 and have only recently subsided. After 13 years in New York, he opened the company's office in San Francisco in 2008 and was responsible for all of their projects on the west coast. In New York, the New Museum, which is the city's only dedicated contemporary art museum, has addressed civic and economic issues with the IDEAS CITY festival and the New Inc. Patterson revisited and photographed places listed in the book and eventually placed his images inside his reproduction of the directory.
In addition to the main venue-based programme, the festival encourages community involvement through the satellite exhibitions across the city of Athens.
Sam Green has drawn inspiration from the Guinness Book of Records in highlighting the personalities and lives of seven record holders, from the tallest man to the oldest man to the woman with the longest name. In an attempt to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors, this program aspires to educate, inspire, and equip high-school girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields. The aim is to create a mixed group comprised of girls with different levels of experience and varied interests.
Since 2006 they are organizing Comicdom Con Athens, an annual comics festival attracting more than 11.000 visitors. I decided that something should be done in order to create a society of equal rights and opportunities, where all people will feel accepted and useful without discriminations.
Have you seen change in awareness of the general public, in access for people with disabilities? However the most rewarding group we work with are children and youth with disabilities (motor, sensory, intellectual) and students from primary and secondary mainstream education schools. Then there is always the accomplishments of my students, seeing a mural or exhibition come to fruition. We need to stand up for each other and see that each individual is a person of value and worth and has something to contribute.
Within five dramatic days, Sonia, and Ahmed travel back to their pasts, looking to solve a mysterious puzzle of coincidence, betrayal and forgiveness that binded them unexpectedly and decides their fate. The same issue will also be addressed by Professor of Classical Studies at Brandeis University and Director for Information Technology, Collections, and Publications at the Center for Hellenic Studies, Mr. The official definition is that it's something that happens over a period of time, there is usually a power differential, so one student has more power; they're older, bigger, stronger, more popular. I remember being in my early years at GLSEn hearing people talk about bullying like it was just becoming sort of the topic that people were taking about.
Especially going to school and wanting to miss certain classes, students who go home and they're missing things; suddenly they don't have their phone.
If they have an adult in their life, a coach or a school counselor or they can talk to the principle if they feel comfortable.
From April 28 through June 9, participants will get simple, practical advice and information on how to start a business and identify funding sources in a tough economic environment. Other sections relate to historical figures and events of the Roman period and Late Antiquity, to the transitional period before Christianity’s predominance, and to the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine periods.
To coincide with the exhibition, educational programs for schools, workshops for children and families, guided tours and lectures for the public will be organized.
Tsiboukli and discussed their cooperation, the project they worked on, their Fulbright experience and their future plan.
I was also deeply affected by my experiences (emotional, intellectual, esthetic) at cultural and historical sites during the weeks spent in Greece before the conference began. In my professional and teaching career I came across several theories and reading and I was fascinated by the work of Robert Keegan who talks about human growth, development and maturation and places emphasis on how mental health professionals need to be cautious and constantly aware of their role and boundaries. This greater complexity of mind enables adults to respond more effectively to the increasingly difficult challenges posed by modernity. This philosophical approach is apparently being confirmed by the new research on the brain and learning.
We are still in the beginning but with the collaboration and networking with other important key players we hope to be able to achieve our goal in the first Semester of 2014.
We were able to build up and sustain this relationship after visiting US based programmes on addictions during an international visitor programme in 1996. Since 1993 its FastTrac programs have educated more than 350.000 successful entrepreneurs around the world. At the same time, it serves as a startup incubation hub offering several benefits, such as the workspace, business advice and access to funding sources.
Through the use of sensitive, age-appropriate language as well as art, video and written material, the students learned about trafficking and the different forms it takes in society.
The neurotic, desperate and ultimately unvindicated heroes are condemned to oblivion and silence.

Certainly, I encounter daily the dedicated professionalism I anticipated but at the same time, I was pleasantly surprised at the genuinely warm and friendly environment I found myself in. Secondly, it was exciting and extremely rewarding to be able to participate in the intellectual life of one of the most prominent Universities of the U.S.
With his debut novel, "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena," he wrote about Chechnya, and only then traveled to the Russian republic where two wars for independence have been waged.Marra was still in college when he started writing the book, an intricate and affecting epic spanning those wars.
Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who documented war crimes in Chechnya, had been recently assassinated in Moscow."I lived a couple of blocks away from this metro station that had become a gathering place for Russian veterans of the Chechen wars," Marra says. He received an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop and was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, where he teaches as the Jones Lecturer in Fiction. Marra holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University.
Stories on Stage Davis will feature “The Foreigner,” which received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers.
Deeply humane and profoundly moving, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena is a novel that resounds with the reader long after finishing it.
It wasn’t until around nine months after I finished it that I really began thinking of it as a much smaller part of a larger story.
It was useful—in terms of writing—to have this backbone of a structure within the short story as I started thinking of it as a novel. In the process of writing the book I don’t think I looked back on the story very often, if at all. And I remember when I realized, “What if this actually plays out, that this story that is referenced is actually enacted and dramatized?” In hindsight it seems like a pretty obvious choice to make, but I remember it was this eureka moment about fifty pages before the scene comes in the book that I realized that was what it had been building to.
All the major plot points and mysteries that unfold throughout the course of the book are more or less set up in the first hundred pages. So for instance, in the draft that I had at the time, there was an escalator in a scene set in 2004. There are still pockets of insurgent activity, but for the most part it’s relatively stable and peaceful.
I did as much research as I was able to,given my resources, before visiting Chechnya and as I was working on the book. So feeding the contextual information to the reader without overwhelming the story was a bit tricky at times. I’ve received some nice notes from the authors of some of the books that I used for research. Is that reflective of a Chechen style of humor, a coping mechanism for what they were living through, or both? They begin putting their clothes away in the oven and in the refrigerator because there’s no electricity, so why not make use of the space?
You’re surrounded by these shelves and bookcases that hold a very broad array of human possibility and what the mind is capable of achieving. There’s just something inexpressibly special about a library that I can’t quite put into words. Just purely in terms of research, I would spend a lot of time in the library and rack up all sorts of overdue fines in checking out various books. And those have all been incredibly important within my life and I think I owe a lot of that to public libraries. We’d like to recommend the following 10 books to you, our readers, as the books that kept us up all night. Marra has himself traveled to Chechnya and in literary events he weaves together stories from Chechen history, his travels in the region, and his novel, resulting in informative and entertaining talks. Worldwide, museums and other cultural organizations are taking advantage of their often enviable spaces to host studio courses, innovation labs, and even yoga classes. There are over 150 experiences contained within it, including field audio recordings, archival audio, and scripted and improvised performances by Patterson and a cast of friends, fellow artists and actors.
The Measure of All Things, first screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, raised over $30,000 during a 27-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Participation to the program is free and will be on a first come basis, as spaces are limited. Every year they collaborate with several institutions around the world in order to host artists and exhibitions. Since 2008, I founded SKEP – Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth, and focused on the ways society will deconstruct stereotypes of prejudice, bias and indifference to overcome discrimination of people with disability.
I was drawn to the IDEAL School's mission of inclusion and social justice where the full identities of all students are accepted while promoting academic excellence and creative leadership.
Our work begins at familiarizing people on issues of disability, raising awareness and promoting social inclusion for all. You know that the project is a success when you have a wide variety of outcomes that all stem from the same concept.
Most children were not acquainted before hand and got together for the first time on the initial day. Leonard Muellner, as well as the Associate Professor at Rhodes College and Director of Fellowships and Curricular Development at Center Hellenic Studies at Harvard University, Mr.
So GLSEn as an organization provides programs, research, often works with educators to give them the skills to make a difference in their schools, to know how to address bullying when they see it.
Kids who are coming home and their property is damaged, their clothes are damaged; those are all signs of something probably going on at school and probably victimization of bullying of some kind.
The problem is that a lot of students feel like they've talked to their school and most commonly they say that teachers are not doing anything about it.
At this crossroad for the defining human rights issue of our time, Not My Life tells us that the choice between good and evil is, quite simply, ours. This is where adult education meets the work carried out at KETHEA that mainly provides drug-free treatment and training programmes for drug and alcohol addicts, their families and allied professionals. Taylor to visit KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) and explore how we could work together in this context.
In essence, for learning to be lasting and meaningful, the student must be able to associate the new knowledge with what he or she already knows. We hope to be able to continue this significant work in the future and receive and host more Fulbright scholars in our services. Following the workshops, and with the support and guidance of their teachers, the students were encouraged to create their own artwork and to express their feelings, thoughts and personal responses to trafficking. The expansive material of the trilogy has been adapted and condensed into a single play by the Artistic Director of the Greek National Theatre, Yannis Houvardas, who, together with a cast of major actors, brings one of the most important works of the twentieth century to the Main Stage. Embassies are active, hustling places yet no matter how busy things get, the people working here are never too busy to greet you kindly when they see you, ask how you are getting a long and remind you not to hesitate and ask for assistance if you need it. It's an impressive debut by the 28-year-old author, who lives in Berkeley and is completing the second year of a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University.In an interview in Berkeley, Marra says he wasn't even sure how to spell Chechnya when starting the book. Its central characters are Sonia, a surgeon in a Chechen hospital, Akhmed, an incompetent doctor who becomes her unwilling assistant, and Havaa, a girl Akhmed rescues when her father is captured by Russians. But I had this rough sense of where I was going, which I think prevented me from getting lost in the woods on many occasions. But the other characters—Khassan, Ramzan, and Natasha—their parts all changed dramatically and I really had no idea how it was all going to come together. The ultimate connections between the characters were less a process of deliberation or planning, but hearing the echoes the book had already created and trying to move them to resound at the same frequency. It was much less intentional planning on my part than simply I wouldn’t quite know where I was going and I would look back and see what I already had. The character Khassan was partially an invention to deal with that: creating a historian who’s been working on a book of history his entire life was a hopefully natural way of putting in some of those contextual and historical backgrounds that the reader needed.
The fact that the novel is told and is most concerned with these everyday civilians—people who are not particularly political, who are not particularly religious—meant that I could get away with weeding out the more thorny and finer points of the contemporary Chechen conflict.
If I could just get that right then I wouldn’t have to write any more about medical procedures. There was a journalist who was a colleague of Anna Politkovskaya (Editor’s note: Politkovskaya was an award-winning journalist whose reports from Chechnya during both wars in the 90’s and early 2000’s detailed the atrocities of war. So the dark, black humor [of the novel] is both indicative of a way of surviving all this and also [a way to] allow a little levity into what could have otherwise been a pretty bleak story. The arts program at Bloomberg Philanthropies helps institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History attract new audiences with beautifully designed digital content such as the 82nd and Fifth app for iPad.
In 2007, Comicdom Press became more active in the publishing field, by launching the homonymous publishing division. I currently teach about 150 students all across the spectrum of varying physical and mental abilities, it is certainly the most diverse community that I have ever worked with, and I get to be their art teacher to inspire and ignite their creativity. Following that initial sensitization, comes the comprehension and understanding of the situation.
For us, the highlight of this experience was how a group of children with different abilities, began as strangers and during the course of the week, managed to come together, form relationships, work as a team, have fun with each other and create a wonderful, colorful exhibition at the end of the program.
On that first day we were a room full of strangers and by the end of the week we had created an incredible exhibition of artworks and made new relationshipsI hope that this will be one of many such events to promote inclusion and equity for people of different abilities.
So people who are bullied in school feel like this is an ongoing basis, it's not just getting into one fight.
We work with students to try to get them to be leaders in their school and we work with the Gay-Straight alliances.
I certainly had some problems with students as everyone does in school but it wasn't as a severe experience as I hear from students today. Greek participants will be invited to join the lecture, which will be live-streamed on Coursera.
My subsequent doctoral research focused on what I now knew to be my calling: to understand and design transformative adult learning environments.
This is also where we meet with Kathleen Taylor, a distinguished adult educator, with an amazing awareness of human capacities and boundaries that adults experience in the process of learning. We had an extensive meeting with Kathleen over 3 and a half hours and we could have stayed much more just discussing openly and sharing our thoughts, critical questions, experiences and even stereotypes on adult education.
We have also made a promise with Kathleen to stay in touch and I am sure that we will because the challenges ahead in adult education are far too many to cope without fruitful collaborations.
Finally, it was a great experience for me to communicate with American people, academics as well as other members of the community and exchange with them ideas concerning philosophy, education, politics and everyday life, in general. You’d see a field and you could maybe imagine what had happened there, but there aren’t bodies lying around. So I put my narrative and research-related resources into this five or six-page-long detailed description of this amputation. She was assassinated in 2006, and her murder remains unsolved.) She wrote a piece for  Voice of America and she sent me a tweet saying thanks for the book. But the fourth time retyping the book, I just wandered into another character’s head in the middle of the first chapter.
But also I wanted to write a book in which there were no minor characters, in which every character, no matter how incidental, got their sentence in the spotlight.
He won the Whiting Writers’ Award in 2012 and was a Stegner Fellow, one of five chosen in fiction, at Stanford University from 2011-2013. Since 2008 they are organizing educational workshops for children, educators and librarians (they have presented their workshops to more than 500 schools and libraries all over Greece). During the course of the week, participants that began as shy and silent, managed to overcome their initial fear and hesitation and finally changed their attitude towards disability. What I do at GLSEN with most of my time is I started doing research on bullying for 15 years and every two years we do a national survey of lgbt students about their experiences in school, and I think that that's been valuable because we've been able to say here is the information that we have. We hear about a lot of these clubs who go and meet with their principles to try to get the school to change what their policies are and how to make a difference. But also I went to school a long long time ago so the topic of being gay it wasn't something that came up. I was fortunate to meet her in person and not just through her writing and I was very moved by her idea to research the potential of adult learning and education in a context of crisis. It was one of the most fruitful dialogues I had the chance to experience and a very refreshing and stimulating meeting where we shared practically all our thoughts and experiences from family life, to politics, stereotypes and the role of adult education at crisis times. Peirce started with my doctoral thesis, titled Probability and Chance in the Philosophy of C. All these gave me the opportunity to get to know, to understand and appreciate the American educational system, as well as the American people in a more substantial way. And I would use those little physical artifacts throughout the book in order to turn the story in different directions. And that allowed me not to have to write about any other medical procedures throughout the book. And one of them took a photo of me and put it on twitter under the caption, “He may look like a dork but he’s braver than he looks.
I think that’s a way of finding the necessary changes within the text that emerge organically, rather than having them superimposed from the outside. That was a way of addressing that too, hopefully demonstrating that anyone of these characters could have had a novel written about them. We can demonstrate that for example 80% of students are experiencing harassment at school, and that's convincing now to educators and policy makers. I came to this because I was a school counselor and I sort of saw the different way that students were being negatively affected by their interactions with their peers.
We have agreed at that meeting that we would like to have Kathleen share her work especially in relation to the ageing mind and the ways this could affect learning with a team of very experienced adult educators working for KETHEA and get their feedback.
He signed up for "The Seven Wonders of Chechnya Tour." His guide was a Russian-Chechen woman who had studied tourism in Moscow. He’s the first American tourist in Chechnya.” And all of the comments in his twitter feed were variations on, “Are you making him smile at gunpoint?” And stuff like that would happen again and again. All of the sudden I was discovering corners of the fictive world that I hadn’t realized existed before. So I work with children education programs to improve the work that they do in schools, and teacher training, and working with youth to develop youth leadership. Applying this 3 hours programme with lectures and experiential learning activities, which was received with great enthusiasm from the audience, we have agreed to run another three hour session. It could be because of race, ethnicity so that's why I think in the United States the power differential comes out. I was a student at this session and I have to admit that Kathleen managed to make me leave the session with critical questions and creative ideas in mind, to take with me at home. As an adult educator I tend to be more critical and resistant in adult training session but Kathleen Taylor is so resourceful, creative and skillful to truly engage adults in learning and build meaningful relationships. The immediate thought was to repeat the session for a larger group of audience and not to let this opportunity go. As adult educators we are highly aware of the impact of the relationship between adult trainer and trainees. This was my first time to visit the United States and to experience the richness of the intellectual, cultural and educational environment of one of the leading American Universities.
Obviously other people in the session felt like me with the result being to receive about 100 applications from mental health professionals, adult educators, teachers and students who wanted to listen to what Kathleen had to say. The next year I applied to the Fulbright Foundation and I had the honor to be selected as a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar to conduct research for three months at Harvard University in the Fall of 1991. We planned the session for 30 people and to be honest we have expected more applications but reality exceeded our expectations.
Kathleen fortunately agreed to run the session for 50 people and I am afraid that we had to disappoint many people. He deleted it from the final draft.As a study of life in wartime, though, the book transcends history. It's structured as a constellation of characters, a map of those peculiar twists of coincidences and fate.

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