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Practicing feng shui may help create balance in your personal space while allowing for the free flow of positive energy.
Step 1Paint your front door a deep shade of red to invite wealth and positive energy into your home. Step 2Position a jade plant, or another species with round, coin-shaped leaves, directly inside the foyer by the entrance. Step 3Add a water feature, such as a small tabletop fountain, near the plant in the entrance to symbolize abundance. Step 1Keep your stove and the area around it in pristine condition, cleaning the drip pans regularly. Step 2Hang a large, rounded mirror in the dining area of your home, positioning it so that it reflects the tabletop and therefore the food.
Step 3Situate your home office in the southeast corner of your home, which is known as the wealth area in feng shui. Step 1Incorporate water features and plants throughout the rest of your home to encourage prosperity.
Step 2Reduce clutter throughout your house, tossing unused or broken items, focusing first on the southeast corner, the location tied to wealth and prosperity. Step 3Walk through your home and note any areas where furniture blocks the natural footpath. Feng Shui Bagua To Attract 8 Types Of LuckFor example if you want promotion, respect and fame you can place a horse in south or color the south wall red.
The numbers appear in the flying star feng shui chart as mountain stars, water stars, annual stars and monthly stars. The numbers that fly into every corners of the house influence the member of the family and also the person born in the years of animal represented by that direction.For example the north represents career luck. If your home was built before 2004 and never renovated after 2004 then this chart does not apply to your house. Buy a good compass, find your house direction and then superimpose all the feng shui chart on the house plan.
Placing three or six or eight coins tied together with a red thread or Ribon in your purse, taped onto your invoice book or on your cash register is one of the most effective ways to attract money and revenues into your life. Most of our asian decor are hand crafted and finished by Chinese and Asian artists.Each item is unique, no two will be exactly alike.
One of the goals of the application of feng shui is the attraction of wealth and prosperity.
Tie three coins together with red string and place them underneath the welcome mat to further encourage prosperity.

A Chinese money tree, also known as Malabar chestnut, bamboo and bonsai trees are all good options. Small to large fountains, including wall-mounted fountains, and fish tanks are wealth-inspiring water features.
In feng shui, the heat of the stove represents fire, and fire is the element that provides the energy for an increase in wealth.
Creating a double image of the food with the reflection signifies a doubling of resources, increasing prosperity. The energy-emitting products commonly found in home offices, including computers, increases the overall energy of the wealth corner. Excess clutter blocks the flow of energy, creating a feeling of stagnation that limits growth in your career and finances. Rework your furniture layout to maintain smooth, open transitions in each room and between connecting spaces. Your mountain stars and water stars will NOT change their position unless you renovate after 2024.. Old coins which are used as amulets for Feng Shui purposes are widespread today.They each have a square hole in the center where the round circle symbolizes Heaven while the square represents the Earth. While painting your front door red or relocating your home office won’t instantly build up your bank account or assets, having a home in which you feel both comfortable and creative helps to create a solid foundation for personal and financial advancement. The energy of the stove is infused into the foods that you cook, and dirt and debris hinder the flow and alter its purity.
Ensure that, when seated, the reflection of the people around the table is whole; a mirror that cuts off the reflection of a head encourages negative energy in the home.
If a home office isn’t for you, use this space for your home computer or family room, complete with a television.
Eliminating old items also opens up space for new ideas and pieces, encouraging creativity and advancement. So you can have windchimes, or gold or silver color outside the bathroom which is still the north of your home. And the animal that belongs to the north is rat.So if you occupy the north room the number 1 will bring victory to you.
Increase wealth by installing a mirrored backsplash behind the stove to reflect the stovetop, doubling prosperity.
Decorate the space in black and blue, the colors of abundance, with accents of red to increase energy. The north belongs to water element. So what can you do to exhaust the bad water energy of the north bathroom or kitchen?

In 2013 the inauspicious numbers will be found as annual stars in east, west, center and south west.So if you have toilets here then its a good reason to celebrate.
You should always look at all the charts before deciding how to enhance your luck and control afflicted areas.
Whether its your living room or toilets or kitchens.However sometimes its good to have bathroom or kitchens in certain areas . Look at the 3rd feng shui chart again you will see that the mountain star 8 means excellent relationships. But what you may not know is that in 2013, However,Did you know: In 2013 the annual romance star 4 is in south east.
In the current 20 year period of 8 the number 8 is the most important water star that brings wealth and abundance. So place it in south west this year.Now if you have a kitchen there then the fire energy strengthens the number 2. Why because the 2 or 5 appear here either as water stars or mountain stars.And if you already have kitchens there then you should destroy the fire of the kitchen. So you must place water in an urn in the kitchen visited by numbers 2 or 5.Also you donot want to trap auspicious stars inside kitchens and bathrooms. So place water in an urn.If you have a toilet, garage, store room, then its good news because they trap the bad stars.
Bad stars only affect you when they come in your sitting, eating or sleeping areas.The annual stars will change their position every year. But if only a small part of it is in the center its ok.Place your living and dining areas in north west, south east and north east.
Its best to go for an open plan house so that the auspicious stars do not get trapped inside rooms. This will ensure that your living and bedrooms remain flooded with good energy untill 2024. Also on the floor above you can have bedrroms in auspicious sectors.The north west or south west should never have bathrooms or toilets. But there will be years when you have good stars in your living and dining and bedroom along with good mountain and water stars.

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