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There are a lot of stories in the news about NFL players who have gone broke or have been involved in some form of negativity. The life that Anthony Trucks has lived to this point is a testament of the strengths that he feels are the driving points towards success. Overcoming obstacles is an understatement when talking about the path that Trucks had to work through. Trucks preaches to people about having the belief, the faith that they have the ability to do something. Breaking through the assortment of obstacles that he experienced required Trucks to have a positive outlook and the ability to always find the silver lining. Being a victim of domestic violence allows Trucks to have a unique perspective on the incidents that the NFL has recently been faced with. I teach people how to break free from the confines of their own mind and to tear down barriers from their past failures to create the life, relationships, business, job, etc. More stories you might likeThe Fantasy Greek’s Fantasy Football Player of the Week: Peyton ManningBears Trade Up to Take Paea at No. Running back for the San Francisco 49ers, Frank Gore is pictured here chilling with his Maserati Quattroporte.
It seems the 49ers players have vision and style when it comes to their rides as here we see Glenn Dorsey with his custom Rolls Royce Phantom. I personally detest this crazy Donk fad but thought I’d include one as NFL players seems to like them. 49ers offensive lineman, Chilo Rachel probably chose this whip to allow for his substantial 6’5”, 323 lb frame. Former NFL running back for teams like The Jets, The Bears and The Chiefs, Thomas Jones sure knows how to strike a meaningful pose, and if any car is worth posing in front of is a fire engine red Rolls Royce Phantom.
Anthony Davis plays defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49s and clearly knows how to make a jeep look cool. 49ers linebacker,  NaVorro Bowman has his Porsche properly blacked out… in a good way.
It’s a well known fact Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush has a passion for buying cars.
LaRon Landry plays safety for the Indianapolis Colts and is a player who also buys a lot of cars.
Like most athletes, what they drive around in matters, and this is defiantly the case when it comes to the NBA.
Here we see Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry II with his pimped out Mercedes G-Wagon. Considered one of the greatest shooters in the game, this baller thinks big when it comes to his rims and ride.

Chris Andersen, aka “Birdman” is a center for the Miami Heat with a slightly different vision. Running back Thomas Jones made the elite 10,000-yard club with 10,549 yards of rushes over his 12 year career. Love her or loathe her, there’s no doubt Kim Kardashian possess the kind of bulges and curves that put an E-Type Jaguar to shame. Where The Stars Died (the 1990's) - Seeing Stars in Hollywood A list Hollywood locations of famous celebrity deaths, crimes, murders, & suicides.
Recent Celebrity Deaths Famous Hollywood Stars Who Died - Celebrity deaths, hospitalizations, illness, major news, background information and some trivial stories. Where The Stars Died (the 2000's) - Seeing Stars - Seeing Stars in Hollywood A list Hollywood locations of famous celebrity deaths, crimes, murders, accidents & suicides.
On Music: Three Rock Stars Who Died Choking On Vomit (and - Ransom broke new ground a couple weeks ago with his, shall we say, colorful Big D. Unfortunately, a lot of stores about the obstacles that professional athletes had to overcome to get to the NFL and remain successful in their post career go unnoticed.
He dealt with being in the foster care system and having to deal with abusive foster parents as he grew up. He saw that hard work would allow him to excel on the football field, even if he was not as privileged as some of the other people in school. He trusted his hustle in numerous situations and he has achieved a lot of success throughout his life. Subscribe to the Pro Player Insiders newsletter for exclusive content, VIP invites and special access delivered right to your inbox.
For an NFL player dabbling with customising such a regal car, I think the tints and rims go really well.
Tight end for the Tennessee Titans, Delaine Walker definately knows what to do with a classic – forget the Donks and slam it into a Lowrider. The 23-year-old is a behemoth of a man, so it’s probably best to remove the doors to allow for any overhang. Simple window and rear light tints and spoked alloys with the yellow callipers on show is the way to correctly pimp out a Panamera.
The cream of the crop so far in this list is this 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500 – think Eleanor from Gone In Sixty Seconds. He owns a Kawasaki green Lamborghini Murcielago but I think this matte white Aventador with black rims earns the right to grace this page. Ballers are responsible for the most diverse and eclectic collection of cars in the sports world.

This Olympic gold medalist and former Rookie Of The Year has chosen one of Ferrari’ finest with the California.
2012 NBA All-Star and 2013 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Grisol owns a rather reserved yet stylish Jaguar XK. Anthony Trucks played linebacker for the Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers. He looked at what he was faced with in life, how he overcame it all and wanted to figure out how he can share a part of his life with the world. I teach you how to become the person living the life you envision yourself to have once you learn to TRUST YOUR HUSTLE. I guess the bonus of donks is being able to get to those hard to reach areas when washing your car. What better way to transport that 270-lbs torso around than in this silver white Bentley Mulsanne? A fan of making an impression, Harden also has a murdered-out Range Rover and an all white Mercedes S Class. Take the shot above, for instance – here we see the inside door of her blacked-out Range Rover.
One, it’s the only time all year, outside toonie Tuesdays, that the Dome is virtually sold out. He has an amazing story and has found a large degree of success after the NFL by adhering to a basic concept that he came up with.
That hustle resulted in being an All-Region selection by Prep Star magazine and first-team East Bay Cream of the Crop by the Contra Costa Times. His successful high school career earned him a scholarship to play football at the University of Oregon followed a two year career in the NFL that was cut short due to an injury. Then the next night, 14,000 show up…In terms of memories, one that stands out for me is that time STARTING JAYS CATCHER Ken Huckaby gave Derek Jeter a concussion. If you step into that role, you have to understand that one of the things that come with putting on the jersey is that people are looking at you.
All I knew was that at the end of the day, nothing would be perfect but when it came to it, I could perfectly work at it.
That doesn’t mean we have to go out and beat kids but more importantly, you have to teach them at a young age instead of putting them in front of a tv screen. Take Adrian Peterson, did he enjoy getting beat with a switch as a kid?

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