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From Bill Clinton to Oprah, life coach and author Tony Robbins has coached some of the most powerful and famous people in the world. Robbins owns a resort in Fiji, travels by private jet, and is an owner of Los Angeles’ Major League Soccer team. At a young age, Robbins decided that he wanted to be rich when he grew up, so that he could help people in need. Robbins has coached some of the world’s most high-profile people, including Oprah Winfrey, Andre Agassi, Bill Clinton, Paul Tudor Jones, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, and Mother Teresa. He also owns the Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji, a five-star resort which offers luxury villas, spa cuisine, massages and hydrotherapy, and scuba diving trips to nearby coral reefs. Along with Magic Johnson and Mia Hamm, Robbins invested in the Los Angeles Football Club, a new Major League Soccer franchise.
Robbins is known for being a high-energy speaker, and he finds that taking a cold plunge into an ice bath helps him recover from the intensity of his seminars. He travels exclusively by private jet, and says it has changed his productivity more than anything on earth.
In 2014, Robbins contributed $1 million to the $15 million Global Learning X Prize, which will be awarded to an organization that finds an innovative way to transform learning with technology. Anthony Robbins is the number 1 peak performance coach in USA and author of best-selling self-help motivating books.
Anthony Robbins began to showcase himself as a ‘peak performance coach’ through TV infomercials and books.
Unlimited Power which was published in 1987, dealt with focus on health, overcoming low self-esteem issue and improving relationships. Awake the Giant Within – Published in 1991, was a set of specialized personality development techniques and NLP strategies. Anthony Robbins wrote that he took a long time to write a book since 1994 because he loves reaching out to people in a live audience.
Anthony Robbins launched the Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1991 which empowers children, the deprived and prisoners through food, provisions and learning based programs. Anthony Robbins love to travel and says that his favorite place is Fiji, he has a house there too, a 525-acre plot with 3000 feet of oceanfront.

In de onderstaande video gaat Anthony Robbins (de mentor, coach en groot voorbeeld voor alle  sprekers op het afgelopen Weekend with the Masters) in op de 4 redenen waarom het hebben van een strategie erg nuttig kan zijn. Voor meer dan 30 jaar is Anthony Robbins bezig met het modelleren en perfectioneren van strategieen.
Wanneer je weet wat iemand zijn strategie is of wat jouw persoonlijke strategie is om iets te doen, dan kun je deze dupliceren, en verder verbeteren! Door het herkennen en beheersen van diverse strategieen ben je in staat om anderen beter te begrijpen, managen en motiveren!
Door de strategieen van mensen die dat doen wat jij uiteindelijk wilt doen te modelleren, kun je jaren van falen, frustratie, energie en natuurlijk tijd besparen waardoor je veel sneller vooruit kunt komen.
NEW! Implement a fail-safe system that will help you to keep focused in the long-term, even if the frustrations, demands and distractions come across your life.
You will understand what really matters to you while setting new goals and enriching your life at the deepest level. You will learn how to model others to master absolutely anything and to trigger global changes in all areas of your life. Eli Wilhide, a Peak Performance Strategist and National Speaker from the Anthony Robbins Company visted TGA at the Sept.
The Agency was treated to a complimentary workshop that provided us with the same strategies, communication skills, and physiology used by the world’s top achievers to attain outstanding success and fulfillment. His stepfather, a former minor league baseball player who was working as a salesman, struggled to get by, and the family often couldn’t afford to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. He and his partners are building a $250 million state of the art stadium in downtown LA using their private funds.
He also uses a cryotherapy machine to expose his body to –220° F temperatures for three minutes at a time, and avoids alcohol, caffeine, red meat, and chicken. Born of humble beginnings, he went on to become one of the greatest motivators in the US who has worked closely with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Quincy Jones, Mark Burnett, Larry King, Serena Wlliams and more. He looks up to John Rohn for motivating him for his goals and teaching him winning philosophies of life. He initiated the Leadership Academy Seminar in 1997, where he taught how you can be a leader by serving people.

The 2008 market dip in 2008 prompted him to write a book which would help to take charge of their financial destiny. His foundation according to his website, has reached out to more than 2000 schools, 100,000 human service organizations and 700 prisons. While he was married to his first wife (who had kids of her own from other fathers), he had a son with his girlfriend Liz Acosta. I have got 12 companies, weekend seminars that go for more than 50 hours, four adult kids and two grand kids.
Of course there was a plug to attend a seminar by the man himself, but nonetheless it was well worth attending.
His foundation runs programs to help the homeless, encourage youth leadership, and provide his books and tapes to prisoners. He studied neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with its founder John Grinder and wrote about it extensively in ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, one of his best-sellers.
He debuted as speaker in the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference and became the 6th most popular speaker for TED Talk in 2012.
He found his latest house in Manalapan, after scouting through 87 properties in three states. Young Anthony did not have it easy, he states the conditions in his house was full of turmoil, he recalls an incident wherein his mother chased him with a knife when he was in his teens. Robbins divorced his wife in 2001 and married actress Bonnie Humphrey, who is now known as Sage Robbins.
NBC broadcasted ‘Breakthrough with Tony Robbins’ a personal motivational program that showed him helping people face tough challenges in life and overcoming them.
His mother married quite a few men, of which Jim Robbins, a basketball player legally adopted young Anthony.
It was re-televised again after OWN Network began airing the program in 2012, with the first two episodes and the new set.

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