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I want to tell you the single biggest success secret from the world’s most powerful and influential motivator Anthony Robbins.
If you learn nothing else from me, learn this secret of achieving big success from Anthony Robbins (also known as Tony Robbins).
People have small goals that suck the energy out of them, leaving them lazy and unmotivated to do anything much. Once you understand this crucial wisdom from Tony, you must stop right now doing whatever you were planning to do, and focus for the next 10 minutes on setting (at least) one most important goal for yourself for the next 1-2 years.
Think about it and write down in paper because just the process of writing makes it more powerful and beneficial for your success.
Next, now write down what different actions you can take or you must take to make your dream come true. Finally, start to take all those actions beginning today, so you move rapidly towards your goal. After you watch the video, click on the links on the right side of this page to get a course or mind machine to help you get more success.

During the challenging times if their life, former USA President Bill Clinton, Grand Slam tennis champion Serena Williams, Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, legendary clothing designer Donna Karan, Aussie acting legend Hugh Jackman and other great leaders from every walk of life have turned to Tony Robbins to take their life to the next level. Hugh, whose opening number launched the 81st Annual Academy Awards, revealed that Tony helped him prepare for his challenging role in Les Miserables by finding ways to cope with his fear and anxiety.
Tony Robbins Quotes – When it comes to the world of peak performance and personal growth, no one is more famous than Tony Robbins.
He is very impressive, and he managed to change his life and do a 180 degree turn around , before helping other people do the same. He is definitely the go-to guy for people who want to see themselves really step up and perform better than they ever have. Robbins' hallmark program, 'Unleash the Power Within,' nets him some $9 million annually; 2,000 people a year complete his life mastery course for $10,000 a pop. From athletes, to ordinary folks, to those who want to see the light shine in the board room, those who want to lose weight, to celebrities.
We focus on Mzansi's stories, even though at times we do cover stories beyond south Africa.

The goals are not being enough to give energy in the morning so people jump out of bed to enjoy the tasks and challenges ahead in the day.
Robbins commands as much as $300,000 for speeches and enjoys income from merchandise sales on QVC and infomercials.
Estimates by Forbes; sources include Billboard, Pollstar, Adams Media Research, Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen BookScan.
E-Score evaluations are provided by E-Poll Market Research, which has a database of more than 2,800 celebrities.

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