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One of the most frustrating misconceptions the general public has with regards to there health is the perception that once they hit roughly the age of fifty their health and wellbeing  will slowly deteriorate until they inevitably ‘kick the bucket’. As you can see above the success cycle consists of 4 boxes: belief, potential, action and results, and each component has a direct influence on the next box down the arrow stream.
One of the best way to destroy a negative belief is to take yourself out of your comfort zone. This would allow you to have a new and exiting experience that would contradict the disempowering belief that you have previously bought into and identified. These are similar to positive affirmations where you repeat a empowering statement  over and over again however, incantations are positive statements that are said with conviction, are shouted loud, and are believed and embodied. Spend a minimum of 10 minutes or so focusing all of your intention on exactly what you want in your health, and ask yourself what you would have to believe differently to make this a reality.
A great exercise right you can use is take a piece of paper and right down as many self limiting beliefs as you can think of  specifically in the area of your health. What have other people who have been successful in this area believed in this area that has helped them be successful? What are the easiest and most enjoyable strategies that would allow me to start changing my beliefs today? By creating empowering beliefs and challenging the ones that aren’t serving you, you will tap in to your true potential and take control of your health and your life. It is understandable why this belief is so deeply ingrained in our society when everywhere we look we find evidence to support this claim. He proclaims the ‘success cycle’ is what allows the rich to get richer and the poorer to get poorer. It is also important to remember that since beliefs are learned from interacting with our environment we can also unlearn these harmful beliefs by having a new experience, challenging our old beliefs or creating and reinforcing new beliefs.

We see it in our workplace, when we hear about another co worker diagnosed with type II diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease; we hear it in on the news and talk shows. I personally believe there are a number of other important factors to why the rich get richer but that would be another post. Here are a few useful strategies that will help you change your self limiting beliefs not just in your health but any area of your life. It will also get you envisioning a compelling future in that area inspiring you to tap more potential and take more action. However, I do believe the driving force behind the slow downhill slope of ageing is directly influenced, if not caused by, this principle. If you have a empowering belief, you will access more of your potential and be more apt to take massive action towards changing your health.  With more action comes better results which again fuels the empowering belief and makes it even stronger. I would like to see more people taking responsibility for the state of their health in general. The success cycle is basically a different name for what psychologists call a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’ as both principles essentially work in the same way. Harper Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. It is so easy to point the fingers at the food industry, our government, or just say, ‘that’s the way it goes’. I am hear to tell you externalizing the state of your life whether its your job, your health, your relationships will not lead you towards fulfillment and will only relinquish the control you have in your life.
The challenge is figuring out when to do it.” – Peter TurlaTime Management QuotesProcrastination is the foundation of all disasters.

Especially if you are in the coaching business or trying to influence the belief system of your employees or kids. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Even though it is only 20% but you still need the strategy, find someone who has done it and model them. That is what we are doing with internet marketing, we are modeling people who have created 6-7 figure income using internet.2. You need a Better State – train your body, feel it that you can doPost Traumatic Growth by Tony RobbinsEveryone talks about post traumatic stress, but there is something called post traumatic growth. I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples.
Find someone who is in a harder situation than you are and help – you will put perspective in life. Also it will remind you that life is more than about taking.1h and 2 minutes were very well spent with Tony Robbins.

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