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This page is about Ichigo's true Shinigami powers and the being referred to as his Inner Hollow in the anime.
Zangetsu (??, Slaying Moon) is the manifested spirit of Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakuto as well as his inner Hollow.
Inherited from his mother, Masaki Kurosaki, Zangetsu represents the dark side of Ichigo's soul. When manifested outside Ichigo's inner world from one of Oetsu Nimaiya's Asauchi, Zangetsu's appearance is marginally the same. When he is merged with Ichigo's Quincy powers, much of the manifestation's personality seems to be in effect, making the merged spirit much calmer, though he is prone to occasional outbursts similar to Zangetsu. While Ichigo Kurosaki underwent training to gain his own Shinigami powers, Kisuke Urahara puts Ichigo's soul through a process called Encroachment, where if Ichigo does not gain Shinigami powers on his own, he will become a Hollow. There used to be a web page similar to this, but unfortunately it disappeared, so I'm going to try to build a listing of hypno scenes from as many anime as I can think of, with screenshots or brief videos if I can get them.
Mori (a student of the Borgman team (working undercover as teachers))'s classmate shows her a strange starfish creature he captured and put in a jar. The bad guy, Grosser, pretends to be Professor Inuta for several weeks, drawing Yui's friend Haruna into his power and eventually transforming her into the evil Corrector, Dark Haruna. A man named Londes appears on TV preaching the separation of mind from body to purify it of the body's desires. While holding a bunch of humans hostage in an attempt to find and destroy the 8th Digidestined child, Myotismon has Demidevimon put the hostages into a deep, hypnotic sleep. Chichi and some others are transformed into vampire-like creatures by a funky black mist that is unleashed around Master Roshi's island. No on-screen mind-control, but judging by Excel's slavish devotion to Lord Ilpalazzo, you gotta know she's rather heavily brainwashed. Emi thinks she's chasing after her dream-boy, but it's really a vampire, who bites her and makes her his vampire servant.
Somewhere in Feudal Japan, there's a weird little village with some even weirder villagers, possessed by demon eggs they've swallowed. The monster known as Chouhakkai has special headbands that cause people they land on to fall in love with him (where can I get me some of those?!?!).
In volume 3, the main character Miko is implanted with a tiny tranceiver that places her under the control of a pair of Evil Ninjas. In volume 6, Fubuki is kidnapped by cyborgs and converted into a killing machine to be used against one of their enemies.
Lemnear (that's the half-naked girl in the pics) confronts the slaver, Vuan, demanding his slaves be freed.
There are those who would argue this is an American production, not an anime, but it's close enough in style and there are enough Japanese names in the credits that it could be mistaken for an anime. Roll's operator, Meilu, was given a specialBattlechip that's supposed to increase Roll'spower, and guarantee victory. The plot thickens as Meilu's opponentsgive Devil Roll even further enhancements,allowing her to weild deadly lightning attacks.

Devil Roll refers to Meilu as her "formeroperator" and ruthlessly attacks Megamanwith the aid of her former enemies.
Miss Yoshimi is chasing after the new teacher on campus, not knowing he's one of the bad guys in disguise. Misao is cornered in her apartment by Princess Rumia, who pulses hypnotic power from her eyes.
Malik captures Téa and uses his Millennium Rod to brainwash her into his mindless slave. Since Season One never made it to America, Téa will be referred to as Anzu (which means Apricots, btw) for this description. Personality: He's shy, doesn't talk to people a lot and wants to trust people, but he can't. Specialty: Automatically goes into demon form when he gets angry and becomes a werewolf demon when it's full moon. Personality: her smile and charm seduces everyone to think that she is overflowing with kindness, but the real her is opposite, she's vain, cruel, barbaric, evil, etc.
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Oh I’m sorry can you explain to me how Starburst Stream is a finishing move when it’s a fucking skill in a video game?
During the episode For Real, Bumblebee, along with her fellow Titans East members, arrived in Jump City to watch over Titans Tower because the Teen Titans were in Siberia.
Mind-Control Resistance: She can resist mind control to some extent, as shown in "Titans East - Part 2".
Addonexus' also have the ability to use the blood substance to control their bones and use them as weapons.
She is also able to use them to conduct electricity and move it from one source to another without harm to herself. She was able to fight on par with both Cyborg and Brother Blood, and was able to defeat the former in one episode.
Cyborg soon followed and helped the team build their tower, but Blood entered with his new Cyborg copies and beat the Titans East whom he then placed under mind-control to attack and capture Cyborg, whom Blood wanted to examine.
She subsequently socialized with the other assembled Titans in Titans Tower and participated in the recapture of Doctor Light after he robbed a bank. In the continuity of Teen Titans, however, Karen's wings and powers appear to be a natural feature.
Mas y Menos are also shown hiding in the pigtails in the episode For Real, when Control Freak surprises them in the Ops as soon as they arrive. Abbey developed into a non you've in your thoughts as myself,??you cannot perceive life the.

When the Bakudo restraining Ichigo begins to break, Tessai uses a more advanced version of it. Wily is using subliminal messages to control humans, including the mother of a deaf girl who Roll and Megaman befriend.
Bison (known in Japan as Vega) uses microchip implants to control some of the fighters, including Chun Li and others, but since none of the others are female, I won't bother mentioning them. Please do not replace it with an image of lower quality (that is, an image lower than 1920x1080, excluding black bar cropping). Everytime i see a list on this page I gotta wonder who put it togather and who the Hel votes for them. Bumblebee is an African-American hero typically depicted wearing red lipstick with her hair pulled back into two pigtails.
The animated Bumblebee is able to shrink to tiny size and electric blasts from a pair of hand-held weapons, as well as fly, like Marvel Comics' Wasp. She wears a yellow belt and long, black pants with her boots built in, as well as long, yellow arm bands.
They also have the innate ability to see people's natural aura and with this they can stop the person from using their natural element.
Zangetsu's reason for existence is to take over Ichigo's power and body and use it to kill everything and anything he sees, as opposed to Ichigo's desire to protect. When Jinta Hanakari says it will kill Ichigo, Tessai states he must restrain him before he completes the transformation into a Hollow. Size Alteration: Bumblebee can shrink into a size like a bee and it helps her fly with more speed and agility and thus making it hard for enemies to bring her down. Bumblebee was able to resist Brother Blood's mind-control powers eventually the first time. However, Bumblebee displayed some resistance to the mind control, which was quickly dissipated by Blood.
Bumblebee was forced to participate in Control Freak's challenge, she was restrained to a collar, which required her to stop a subway car with a bomb on it while remaining at her small stature.
I’d like to see Kirito go up against Lelouch with a recreation of Dark Repulsor and the Elucidator in reality. She managed to deactivate the bomb that was attached to the subway and, along with the rest of her team, defeated and captured Control Freak. Bumblebee made the strongest bond with Aqualad first, but they fight less than she does with Speedy.

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