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Dedicated to Black superhero News, Reviews, Previews, Sales figures, Interviews, Galleries and the people who bring them to us. Miles Morales is the son of Puerto Rican born Rio Morales and African American Jefferson Davis. His uncle Aaron realized he was the New Spider-man and offered to train him in exchange for helping him deal with the Mexican crime lord Scorpion.
Upon returning home reporter Betty Brant incorrectly deduces that his father Jefferson is Spider-man.
I think being called Puerto Rican is fine, just as Black, it can be looked at one in the same. Just asking, since I haven’t touched the Ultimate stuff ever since it first came out. From how it sounds to me, this isn’t killing off Peter to replace with a minority like how some people are trying to frame it. Felicia Hardy is the rich heir to the Hardy Foundation who masquerades as the superhero Black Cat. Boy, is that all you got?It has been requested that this article or section be expanded.If the article or section is made to a reasonable length, please remove this template. Peter joined them and Felicia revealed the pair knew each other as they were both students of Empire State. At the charity ball, Felicia interrupted a conversation between Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson as she took the latter away so they could begin dancing together, expressing to him that everything was going well. After Peter interacted with him, the Black Widow Spider-Slayer attacked the ball causing massive collateral damage. Sometime later in the aftermath of the attack, she learned that Flash had been the one impersonating Spider-Man at the charity ball and confronted him over it. Felicia agreed to go on a date with Peter, surprising him as he thought she would still be hung-up over the Spider-Slayer incident.
After Peter reported that it was chilly outside, Felicia went to get a jacket and in going back upstairs and encountered Doctor Octopus. When Octavius spoke of his tentacles, Felicia openly expressed that they reminded her of Flash Thompson for being all hands. While walking home with Peter, Felicia expressed that she was not approving of the direction that their relationship was taking. Felicia was present at the "Animal in You" fashion show, where she participated by dressing up for it. Some time later, Felicia encountered Peter and noticed him wearing a suit admitting that she almost did not recognize him due to his attire and expressing that he seemed so different. Felicia met with Peter after he arrived late on the campus of Empire State and was soon introduced to Michael Morbius as the latter introduced himself to her. When that scheduled timed came and Peter failed to make an appearance, Felicia called his home and spoke to May Parker, asking about his whereabouts and leaving her with the request to have him contact her when he returned home. A frightened Felicia wandered into a lab before being approached by Morbius, who she turned down when he tried to kiss her before kissing him back and later questioned why he pilfered equipment from Curt Conners' lab for what he was doing. After Morbious revealed his motivations as being fueled in the poverty he had seen throughout his home country, Felicia sympathized with him and was scared by one of his bats, causing her to seek his comfort with a hug.
Felicia was later visited by Peter, who started to look through her windows as he inquired about the last time she had seen Morbius and then mentioned that something had happened to him. As Felicia returned to tending to her reading, the mutated, now-vampire Morbius confronted her.
Morbius later reappeared outside the hospital, having left initially when his vampire powers returned to him, as he hanged from a building and was observed by Felicia and members of the media alongside law enforcement.
The result of the test was that she gained the powers of a super soldier, increased strength, speed, agility and reflexes. Later, Spider-Man used the Beyonder's teleportation machine to bring her to an alien planet during the Secret Wars.
If she felt a certain way about someone that was not romantic, she would speak on it, as she criticized and scolded both Peter and Flash for their actions at the charity ball and left both with the message that she did not approve of their behavior.
Despite being mad at Flash over his impersonation of Spider-Man, which she saw as a diversion to the true purpose of the charity ball, it did not take long for her to forgive him and move on the from the incident. A consistency in her traits was not allowing herself to be tied down and quickly rotating between relationships. Though strong and independent, she could become insecure about her ability to handle what she was dealt in life, which prompted her to seek support from others. Thanks to the super soldier serum Felicia has the ability to morph her body between Felicia Hardy and Black Cat. Similar to Spider-Man's webshooters, Black Cat has a grappling hook that she uses to swing through the city.
When she gained her powers Felicia was finally able to establish a greater relationship with the wallcrawler, even though he did not know the Cat was Felicia. Since the series chose not to use Gwen Stacy, Felicia filled her role as the rival to Mary Jane Watson for the affection of Peter Parker. She was raped by her college boyfriend, which led her to learning fighting styles and acrobatics since she did not want to be helpless like that again. Knowing who her father was her whole life, she used her developed skills to become Black Cat.
When Peter returned, Kingpin's revenge happened and her powers caused bad luck for her and Spider-Man.
Venom, or the Venom Symbiote, is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with Spider-Man.
The Venom Symbiote’s first known host was Spider-Man, who eventually separated himself from the creature when he discovered its true nature.
One of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh mythology and the Arthurian legend is Merlin, the great wizard, prophet and adviser to several kings, including King Arthur. In this page, we will take a closer look at the role that Merlin played, as well as tried to piece together of what had happened to him in his final hours. Merlin is one of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh literature and the Arthurian legend. Merlin wore many hats: he was a wizard or sorcerer, a prophet, a bard, an adviser and a tutor. According to the Welsh historian, Nennius, Merlin appeared as a young boy, but under the name of Emrys or as Ambrosius in Latin, with the British king, Vortigern.
Merlin had being identified to the Welsh fictional bard named Myrddin of the late 6th century, in the Welsh poem called Afallenau and several other poems, preserved in the manuscript known as the Black Book of Carmarthen, c. Many scholars were puzzled over his birth, his magical power, his prophetic gifts and his mysterious yet often conflicting fate.
It should be understood that the early known work on Merlin has nothing to do with King Arthur or his knights. Later legend has expanded the amazing birth of Merlin, such as the prose adaptation of Robert de Boron's Merlin; the adaptation was known as the Prose Merlin or the Vulgate Merlin, because it was part of the Vulgate Cycle. According to Geoffrey, his mother was the daughter of the King of Demetia (Dyved, kingdom in southern Wales). After King Vortigern lost his battle and much of his territory lost to the Saxons, he fled into Wales, where he decided to build a fortress. This episode in Geoffrey's work was largely derived from the historian Nennius, who wrote the Historia Brittonum (c.
Also that the king found young Ambrosius (Merlin) was found in the field of Aelecti, in the district of Glevesing, not in the town of Carmarthen. After Vortigern's death, Merlin advised Aurelius Ambrosius of bringing the large bluestones from Mount Killaraus in Ireland, and erecting a circle of stones known as the Giant's Ring (Stonehenge) in Salisbury, England.
One night, Uther and Merlin saw a comet in the sky, where the tail caused the sky to lit up in the shape of a dragon. Merlin became involved in the conception of Arthur, when Uther fell in love with Duke Gorlois' wife, Igraine. Uther could not control his lust and obsession for Igraine and asked Merlin to aid him in seducing Igraine. Apart from the conception of Arthur, Merlin was never involved in Arthur's life in Geoffrey's account. Now, shall look at a different tale where Merlin gained his gift through madness in the wilderness, where he is known as the Wild Man of the Wood. There are several different sources for this legend, but let us begin with Geoffrey's Vita Merlini in Merlin Calidonius. Note that Geoffrey had never given a name to this battle, but in the Welsh legend of Myrddin, it was known as the Battle of Arfderydd, fought in AD 573. For a moment, Merlin regained his senses, when he heard some music played by the retainer of Ganieda (Gwenddydd). To prove that Merlin was either mad or clairvoyance, Rodarch ask Merlin see what the fate of one of the boys in the court. With this three-fold death, Rodarch dismissed Merlin's accusation of his wife's adultery and concluded that Merlin was indeed mad, so the king released his brother-in-law. However, Merlin also warned his wife that he will bring a gift to her on her wedding day, but that her new bridegroom should not see him on that day, and that her new betrothed should avoid standing in his path.
On the day of Gwendoloena's wedding, she saw from her window, her ex-husband mounted on a stag, leading a herd of stags and deer into Rodarch's court. One day, when Rodarch heard Merlin laughed again, the king again wanted to hear the cause of Merlin's amusement. Merlin told him that he had seen a young man buy a pair of shoes with some extra leather for repair, but he would die on that very day. In the forest, Ganieda had a large building constructed for her brother, with 70 doors and 70 windows, so Merlin could observe the stars in the winter, while he was free to roam the forest in the summer. After the funeral, Ganieda returned and lived with her brother for the rest of her life, rather than stay at the palace. The Isle of Avalon was ruled by nine sisters, sorceresses who were famous healers and had the ability to fly. Upon hearing of Merlin being healed of madness, the people of Demetae (Dyved) wanted the prophet to become their ruler, but he refused on the ground that he was old.
Myrddin was also in a number of poems in the Black Book of Carmarthen, a Welsh manuscript of 1250.
In each poem, part of it deals with the legend of Myrddin, while other part of poem deals with the prophecy of Britain.
Myrddin was horrified of the slaughter of his people and the death of his chieftain, Gwenddolau (Gwendoleu, or Guennolous in Latin) at the battle of Arfderydd (probably in Cumbria).
In the poem Oianau, Myrddin lamented the death of Gwenddolau, his lord, and of how low he had fallen.
It is in Ymddiddan Myrddin a Thaliesin in which Myrddin's name first appeared in the Black Book of Carmarthen. In another manuscript, known as the Red Book of Hergest, there is another poem called Cyfoesi Myrddin ac ei Chwaer Gwenddydd (The Conversation of Myrddin and his Sister Gwenddydd), Gwenddydd encourage her brother to prophesy.
In the Scottish legend of Lailoken, he went mad when he heard voices from heaven in the middle of a battle. It is amazing of the similarity of Geoffrey's work with these other legends, yet the tale of Merlin Calidonius in Vita Merlin conflict with the events of Merlin Ambrosius in Historia regum Britanniae. Strangely enough, Merlin or Myrddin doesn't appear in any of the Welsh narratives in the Mabinogion.
I have already mentioned that Geoffrey of Monmouth had told of Merlin's incredible birth in Historia regum Britanniae (c. The tale actually began with a rich man, who lost his family and wealth, because he was tormented by the devil, demon or incubus. The surviving two daughters sought help from a priest, who was a confessor and a clerk, named Blaise (also called Bleheris or Bleise in Thomas Malory's Morte d'Arthur, 1469).
At first, the demon's plan to destroy the rest of the family was disrupted by the priest, but the demon could not be denied. When the oldest sister found out what had happened to her younger sibling, she was distressed and fearful that she would also fall into temptation. The woman fled to her room, and locked herself in from her sister's and her sister's lovers. The devil, which was really an incubus, saw that the woman had forgotten the priest's warning and that she had sinned through anger.
When the woman woke she realised that she had lost her virginity, and couldn't figure out how, since all her doors and windows were locked from the inside.
So she tried to live a life of penance, but soon she discovered that she was pregnant, and couldn't hide her condition from the others.
Soon the judge arrived in town and discovered that she was pregnant and the judge thought that she was lying that she couldn't identified her lover, so she was imprisoned, and mostly likely she would die the same way her sister did. Blaise failed to persuade the judge to spare the unfortunate girl, so he asked for the postponement of her execution, allowing her to give birth to the child; at least until the child was able to eat by itself. The girl was imprisoned, and two women were to share her cell, to help with delivery and the care of the pregnant woman. The devil had planned that this child of his would become the Antichrist that the Book of Revelation had foretold.
As the two women were petitioning to leave, Merlin tried to comfort his mother by telling her that he would save her from execution. When news of this wonder became public, the judges had decided that it would be time to execute the mother. Merlin challenged the chief judge that if need be, he would prove everyone's guilt and his mother's innocence. So the execution of Merlin's mother was delayed until they can be bring judge's mother before the judges, to prove Merlin's abilities. So when the chief judge's mother arrived, Merlin revealed to everyone that the judge's father had not died, because his real father was a priest, whom the judge's mother had committed adultery. In despair, the judge's mother pleaded with her son for mercy, since she had confessed that her accuser was right.
The judge asked who Merlin's father really was, and Merlin reply that his father was incubus, a demon who could entered a locked house and ravished his mother while she slept. For this reason, Merlin had a great deal of power, which included ability to see everything of the past. Then Merlin privately talked to the judge, revealing that the judge's mother will go to the priest with the news of the revelation.
The judge did what Merlin advised him to do, sending two men to secretly follow his mother, who went to the priest. Since the devil had used the priest to commit sin, with the judge's mother, now demon hounded him to commit suicide.
Yet despite Merlin' assurance to the words that he work on behalf of God and Jesus Christ, some people were still suspicious because he was the son of the devil, so many still didn't trust him, including the Lady of the Lake. According to the earlier authors about Arthur (Geoffrey of Monmouth, Wace and Layamon), apart from his involvement in the incident of Arthur's conception and Merlin's foretelling of the Britons defeating the Saxon with the help of the future king (Arthur), Merlin was never present during Arthur's reign. When Uther died it was Merlin who informed the barons of Logres that only a person, who could draw the sword from the stone, would be the rightful king.
When Arthur broke this sword that had named him king in a fight with King Pellinor (Pellehen), Merlin brought Arthur to the lake where he received a new sword from the Lady of the Lake.
Later Morgan le Fay would steal the scabbard (see The Conspiracy of Morgan le Fay in Legend of Excalibur). Merlin foretold of the greatness of Lancelot and Tristan, though Merlin had died shortly after Lancelot was born.
Since the Second Grail Continuation, Merlin had a master and friend, named Blaise or Bleise (see Son of the Devil?). There were several versions of Merlin's death or his mysterious disappearances from the legend. The Lady of the Lake was a powerful sorceress and the lady of Otherworldly realm, hidden by the illusionary lake. The variation of names depends on the authors, but whatever her name was, the most important one was foster-mother of Lancelot and sorceress who had trapped Merlin in a enchantment. In Vulgate Merlin, Niniane or Viviane, the Lady of the Lake had first met Merlin, when she was only twelve.
Niniane should not be confused with the Lady of the Lake, who gave Excalibur to Arthur, because Balin had murdered her in the king's early reign. At the dolorous forest of Broceliande (some called it Darnantes), Niniane used Merlin's own magic against the sorcerer; she entombed Merlin in a rock. Here at Twinstick we are very excited for TT Games latest Lego outing with the DC Comics superheroes being given the Lego: Marvel Super Heroes treatment, with big figures, numerous new abilities and powers thrown into the mix. With so many amazing characters being announced and added to the third instalment of the Lego Batman franchise, we figured it would do everyone a great deal of good if we compile all of the characters that have been announced so far and their abilities within the game.
We will continue to update the list as and when we have confirmation of new charcaters being added, so don’t forget to keep checking back for an up to date Lego Batman 3 roster! A Batman obsessive with A gaming ‘career’ spanning from when games came on tapes, Brett is still playing Streets of Rage 2 with his brother to this day and spends the rest of his time loving everything related to Nintendo, Resident Evil and spends his time with his fiancee playing the Batman Arkham franchise while dressed as Batman. Miles initially wants to keep his powers secret and has no intention to become a superhero [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3]. Miles doesn’t want to be involved but is blackmailed by his uncle into assisting him take over Scorpion’s operation after his uncle threatens to reveal his identity to his father.

Peter still lives in every other continuity, mainly highlighted in the main-main continuity of Earth-616, home of the the original, truest Amazing Spider-Man. Hamilton treated Harry Osborn after Harry adopted the Green Goblin persona from his father. Very fierce one and enjoys ripping apart it`s prey, will destroy anyone and anything in it`s path so gotta be very specific and careful with this one. A ''don`t turn your back on him'' kind of guy, always aware, always sees, always knows, nothing gets past him. They take the form of a human female during the day but at night they transform into a bat.
A common description of the Aswang is of a witch with leathery wings and sharp fangs.It is also described appearing as a bat, dog or snake. Her mother ran the Hardy Foundation and was on the board of directors of Oscorp Industries. Jonah Jameson after the latter became involved with a charity ball attached to her family's name.
Calling him just as unpredictable as ever, she reiterated Jameson's claim that he was his best photographer and left and assured that Peter would not disappoint her looking forward to seeing him that night.
She was beginning to discuss Jameson before taking notice of the arriving Peter and also catching a glimpse of his aunt May Parker, whose identity was unknown to her as she had previously never met her before. Felicia called for Peter when he dashed to get May Parker to safety and tried to get the Spider-Slayer to stop by insisting that it was "ruining everything" before panicking as it closed in on her.
She was disappointed that he would try a stunt like that and insisting that he refer to her by her last name when he tried to reason with her.
After he expressed that he enjoyed their date, she in turn remarked that it was natural that he would since she was the one he went out with. Felicia approached him after he knocked over a vase of flowers, mistaking him as having brought the ones that had fallen out as being for her. She later expressed concern for Peter when he denounced the villain as his mentor, which preceded the latter throwing him outside.
She complimented him as being the only man she knew that was as versatile in his knowledge about various aspects of chemistry and though Peter mentioned the pair frequently studied together. She greeted Peter by hugging him and asked what he was doing there, to which he stated that his aunt gave her his invitation and asked her the same thing.
While Peter came on to her, Flash intervened by calling her his girl, though Felicia quickly removed his hands questioning what gave him that idea.
Felicia rejected his attempt to kiss her hand and asked for him to "excuse" her and Peter as she took him by the arm, expressing her distaste with Michael and that she needed him to escort her to the opening of her mother's new science center that night. After hanging up, she was approached by a mugger, who took her purse and planned to run off with it were it not for the intervention of Morbius, who stopped the man in his tracks before he ran off, leaving Morbius and the purse behind as law enforcement arrived.
Though Felicia forgave him, insisting that it was "okay", Morbius revealed to Peter that the pair had started dating. She looked over to a device he had, asking if it was a neogenic as he mentioned that the school's power was being used to power his devices without their knowledge. The two then went over to his bats and she was further scared when he said they were vampires. Felicia was skeptical, questioning what he was talking about as he told her that she had to stay away from Morbius since he was dangerous. Felicia incorrectly identified him as Spider-Man, citing that only he had abilities that would allow him to stick to walls. She joined the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Curt Connors in his Lizard's form, the X-Man Storm, and even Captain America.
This skill allowed her to outright tell Peter that she was not interested in him romantically.
This shows her as being a person that chooses not to hold grudges and is accepting that people make mistakes.
She was on and off with most of her boyfriends and would often go from one to the other when disappointed with their failure to conform to her standards, evidenced by her quickly rekindling her friendship with Peter before denying being friends with him in the first place to Michael Morbius after he failed to show up for a meeting with her and soon afterward, having Morbius to replace Peter in the role of her companion for the night. She related to Spider-Man because he was around when she started to fall into despair over what she felt was her life being ruined by current events and changing situations that she could not avoid. Though they often argue about important issues, especially since Anastasia knows more than she tells and this often gets the two into trouble.
They became partners in crimefighting and he came to depend on her, even recruiting her for the Secret Wars. She was torn when he first disappeared and greatly missed him when he mutated further and left.
Owl wanted to use it to take the city hostage while Doctor Octopus wanted to actually destroy the city. While she liked Spider-Man, she thought Peter Parker was too much of a geek and broke off their relationship.
During that time she sought to acquire actual powers so she could be more in Spider-Man's league. Eventually, he sought Doctor Strange's help who lifted the bad luck part of her powers while affecting her other powers. Venom was originally depicted as a supervillain when he made his full first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988), but the character has since evolved into the role of an antihero.
In a similar account with Vortigern, it was Geoffrey of Monmouth, who had named this boy – Merlinus Ambrosius (Merlin Emrys in Welsh).
1137), Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote that he was a son of a nun and grandson of the King of Demetia in southern Wales. So before you read about Merlin, the friend and adviser of Arthur, we need to look where he had come from. When Merlin found out what the king's advisers had told Vortigern, the boy told him it was the most ridiculous advice, and rebuked them for wanting his death. Merlin told Vortigern was not building the wall on solid foundation, because there was pool of water underneath. It was Ambrosius who became adviser to King Vortigern after he reveal the mystery of the falling walls. Aurelius Ambrosius and his brother Uther had to fight a series of battles against the Saxons. Merlin informed Uther, that his brother (Aurelius Ambrosius) had died from poisoning, and Uther was now king of the Britons. Gorlois (Hoel) was duke of Cornwall, and he was one of Uther's allies in the war against the Saxons.
Merlin use his magic to make Uther into Gorlois' double, so that no one including Igraine could recognise Uther.
According to later authors (Robert de Boron, writer of the Vulgate texts, and Thomas Malory), Merlin was active in Arthur's reign, as the chief adviser. Merlin took part in the war between Peredur of the Venedotians against Guernolus (Guennolous, Gwenddolau or Gwendoleu in Welsh) of Scotia and King Rodarch (Rhodarcus, or Rhydderch in Welsh) of Cumbria (Cymru or Wales). His grief had overwhelmed his sanity so that he had gone stark raving mad and ran into forest of Calidon. Madness returned because there were too many people in Rodarch's court, and Merlin fled back into the forest.
Merlin decided to return to the woods, but before he did, he informed his wife, Gwendoloena (Gwendolyn) that she had his permission to marry someone else, dissolving his marriage to her.
This interdiction is like the Irish geis or taboo that are imposed on rulers or heroes, where it usually spell doom of the person, who break his geis.
Merlin also witnessed an old beggar resting beside the palace gates, not realising he was sitting on top of a treasure. Taliesin informed that he had visit the Isle of Avalon, bringing with him Arthur, who was wounded in the battle of Camblam (Camlann), on a ship belonging to Barinthus. Morgan le Fay, more beautiful and powerful than her sisters, told Taliesin that they could heal the king, only if Arthur stayed with them. Taliesin guided Merlin to the spring, and when he drank the water, his sanity had returned to him. The prophet brought his friend to the magical spring, curing and restoring Maeldin's sanity. The earliest reference to Myrddin comes from Armes Prydain (Prophecy of Britain) from the 10th century, where he foretold the future of Britain. These poems were called Afallenau (The Apple Trees), Oianau (The Greetings), and Ymddiddan Myrddin a Thaliesin (Dialogue of Myrddin and Taliesin).
Though, Gwenddydd (Ganieda) was Myrddin's sister, she was married to Rhydderch, whose son he had killed. Gwenddolau was the son of Ceidio, and he was a chieftain in the Welsh-speaking North (Scottish Lowland). Although, warriors were all around in the woods, the apple tree that he sat perch on the branch, hid him from Rhydderch's men. Isolated from his peers, with only a small pig for company, Myrddin talked to the pig as if he was human. The poem involved the discussion between Merlin and the great mythical bard Taliesin, over several battles and some prophecies over Britain. At the end of the poem, Gwenddydd urged her brother to accept communion from God before he died, but Myrddin refused to receive communion from excommunicated monks. Some experts and scholars suggested that Geoffrey may have been be writing about two different Merlins.
The sorcerer who appeared in the Mabinogion that have any (superficial) resemblance to Myrddin is Menw fab Teirgwaedd, or Menw son of Teirwaedd. This part of the tale, sort resembled the Biblical Book of Job, except it wasn't so much as test, as the devil's determination to destroy every soul in this family. To keep it brief, the devil first destroyed his livestock and cattle, which had greatly distressed the man.
The good priest suspected that the family had been tempted by the devil, so he tried to counsel the two sisters to lead on the right path to God's salvation, through prayers and penances, and by avoiding sins. Distressed and angry, she collapsed on her bed, weeping until she fell asleep, but she forgot to pray and commend herself to God, by crossing herself. As she slept, the incubus came to her and had sex with her, causing her to conceive a child. She took her problem to Blaise, who did not think it was possible for to lose her virginity without knowing whom her lover were. The young woman feared that she would have to face a similar death that of his younger adulterous (middle) sister of being buried alive.
Blaise told the unfortunate damsel that she should have the child immediately baptize after giving birth, before the priest departed.
However, the devil defeated his own plan, when the newborn baby was baptised, which free the child from being a demonic monster. The two women finally decided that it was time for them to leave, but leaving would mean that the young mother would be executed soon.
When she was brought before the judges, Merlin's mother continued to plea her innocence, saying that she never saw the man who had sex with her while she slept. Merlin tried to persuade the adamant judge to free his mother without revealing the secret of the chief judge's true father, because he knew that the chief judge may not like what he hear. Everyone thought that the judge was the son of his mother's husband, and no one suspected that the judge was really the son of the priest. Yet, he also revealed that since his mother's goodness and frequent prayers to God, as well as his baptism after birth, this allowed Merlin to break his tie with demonic father, but still retained this awesome power of foresight.
As Merlin had predicted, the priest thought that now the secret was out, the judge would probably have him tried and executed, so the priest fled from his home, into the woods.
Rather than go through the ignoble execution that he thought he would receive from his own son, the priest leaped into the lake. Blaise tried to test Merlin's remarkable abilities, yet the priest was fearful of his power. It was said that Blaise was the chronicler of the reign of Arthur and the high adventure of the Holy Grail. When Uther fell in love with Gorlois' wife, Igraine, Merlin helped the king, by transforming Uther to resemble Gorlois (duke of Cornwall). According to the French writer, Robert de Boron, at Arthur's birth, Merlin gave the infant to Sir Antor (Malory called him Sir Ector) to raise the child in obscure fosterage. Though, in Chretien de Troyes' Conte du Graal, Merlin doesn't appeared at all in the first Grail romance. In Suite du Merlin (Post Vulgate romance), during the time of Balin's adventure, Merlin foretold a lot of events that had to do with the Quest.
Apart from that, Merlin had foretold the greatness of Lancelot and Tristan, the two greatest lovers of the ages, as well as their great duel they would fight. As I said before, Merlin disappeared before Arthur was born in the works of Geoffrey of Monmouth (Historia regum Britanniae, 1137) and Wace (Roman de Brut, 1155). In Didot Perceval, he outlived Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, in the final battle against Mordred. She appeared as either Niniane or Viviane in the Vulgate or Post-Vulgate cycles; while in Morte d'Arthur, Malory called her Nimue.
Niniane did not like Merlin at all, because she thought that the wizard was the son of a devil.
In return, for the lessons in magic, Niniane offered to return his love, was nothing more than a subterfuge to gain power to trap the wizard. His life changed when his uncle broke into Oscorp to steal the formula which created Spider-Man and in the process an experimental spider crawled into his bag.
Upon witnessing Peter Parker’s heroic death Miles is wracked by guilt since he has been sitting on his abilities and could have helped. The tension between Uncle and Nephew escalates into a battle in which Aaron’s stolen technology explodes, killing him [Ultimate Comics spider-man #8,Ultimate Comics spider-man #9, Ultimate Comics spider-man #10, Ultimate Comics spider-man #11, Ultimate Comics spider-man #12].
You can only cal him Puerto Rican if that is the heritage of both of his parents — which it is not. I don’t think a new Spider-Man would be as successful as Peter Benjamin Parker, the one and only Amazing Spider-Man.
Even though weren’t bring an a-hole I just gotta say STFU cuz you obvious kno about the alternate and yet you completely ignored the fact THIS is a different universe. A traveler of travelers, of good humor but dangerous.She has chosen this picture that most closely resembles her looks! This creature would stalk its victims at night, walking with its feet facing backwards.These predatory creatures are also known to rob graves and eat the dead bodies they find within.
Due to this, she stressed over the arrangements, annoying him to an extent due to the prices of the festivity. While Flash made fun of Peter's "date," Felicia found it sweet and went over to them to find out who she was.
Its attention was diverted when Spider-Man arrived, ordering the Spider-Slayer to leave Felicia alone and approach him instead.
As Peter returned, she addressed him as a coward for abandoning her and not being there for her as opposed to Spider-Man who she credited with saving her.
Harry interrupted the pair as they tried to kiss, being greeted by Felicia before he started to walk away. After Peter asked about the whereabouts of her mother, Felicia revealed that she was out buying a new yacht and in laughing at his joke, asked if they would take the convertible. Angry over this, Felicia called him a heartless freak, after which he threatened her with his tentacles. Felicia clarified that they were only studying and it was not something she did with a boyfriend, leading Peter to question why she couldn't consider him as one. She revealed it was a family foundation event as her mother was the chairperson and she was assisting her.
She went back to locking eyes with Peter before Flash grabbed her again and led her away from Peter as he claimed the pair needed to talk. Peter asked her to clarify if she was asking him on a date, to which she explained that he was the only one who could explain "these boring science exhibits" to her and allowed him to call it a date. Felicia asked if he was alright as she retrieved her purse and clarified that she was not Peter's girlfriend after Morbius addressed her as such, expressing further that she was not even sure she was his friend. Felicia stressed that the pair had to run as Morbius was taking her to a science exhibit, claiming that he made "everything seem so interesting", and mocked Peter by insisting that Morbius thought enough of her to be there on time, as opposed to him.
This lead Felicia to question if that made him feel guilty and asked if it would be better for him to just work in the school's lab, rather than having the secrecy which she felt compelled to question him about as well.
Though Michael expressed that he would never let anything harm her, Felicia in turn stated her trust in him, but distrust for the bats that he was using for his experimenting.
Felicia removed his hands from her shoulders as she expressed that she had thought he was "bigger than this" and let him out.
After the effects of the mutation wore off for the time being and Morbius was admitted to a hospital, Felicia paid him a visit.
Spider-Man saved her mother along with others including Jameson, entrepreneur Wilson Fisk, and fellow Empire State student Mary Jane Watson.
He once tried to defend her when they were robbed by Spot, but he was overpowered and they were saved by Spider-Man.
He blackmailed Hardesky into recreating the Super-Soldier Serum that created Captain America.

She teamed with Spider-Man and helped him and Peter deal with the loss of Mary Jane, until she decided to help Morbius and Blade rid the world of vampires.
She would waste no time in making it known how she felt, as she grabbed Peter to initiate a dance with him, in the process brushing aside introducing herself to his aunt May Parker and was quick to kiss him, another example of her bold behavior. Despite wanting to cut off that connection, she was smart enough to realize that he was an asset to her and recommended that the pair still communicate with her taking the role as a student to his teacher, recognizing his talent for knowing much about chemistry.
When she was not able to get the support she needed or sought, she would continue her downward spiral by questioning herself and reflecting on what she believed may have led her to the way she felt.
He appeared as an old, wise man, freely giving his wisdom to four successive British kings. Because of his link with a demon and God, Merlin had great wisdom and powers from the two opposing forces. The elders led by Magan, advised the king to find a boy without a father, kill the boy, and use the boy's blood mixed with mortar, so the building would not crumbled again. And underneath the pool was two sleeping dragons – one red dragon, the other was white.
The significant of the two dragons fighting one another, was that the future kings of Britain would drive the Saxons out of their country, but inevitably, the Saxons would overcome the Britons and ruled over Britain.
This contained a different story of how Merlin gained his prophetic gift, which contradict Geoffrey's earlier work (Historia regum Britanniae, 1137), where Merlin was born with the gift. During the time he had not only lived like an animal, he had the ability to speak to the wild animal in the forest. Rodarch tried to persuade his brother-in-law to return, but Merlin refused, so the king had him returned in chain. Gwendoloena had been living with Rodarch and Ganieda, since the day of his disappearance after the battle. Her laugh brought her fiance to the window; thereby her fiance had broken the first interdiction.
One day will Ganieda was visiting her brother, Merlin told her that Rodarch had die, and that she should attend her husband's funeral and deliver an elegy. The future of Britain was uncertain and bleak, so Taliesin want to return Arthur to his kingdom, but Merlin informed the bard that it was not yet time for Arthur's return. At that same time, Ganieda was overcome with a frenzy that gave her the ability to foretell the future. Here, the poem had for the first time, mentioned the name Arfderydd as the place of the battle.
The time different between Merlin Ambrosius with Vortigern and Merlin Calidonius was over a hundred years. Geoffrey doesn't actually go into great detail on the account about Merlin's birth, but Merlin had appeared as boy when Vortigern tried to build his castle in Wales, but the walls would always collapse the next day.
The young woman became upset with her sister's sinful behaviour, and became increasingly angry that she soon forgot Blaise's wise warning to avoid wrath. The young mother remembering her confessor's advice, so she told them to send her son to be baptised. No matter how she would plead, they refused to stay any longer, now that her son could walk and eat by himself. Merlin told the judge that if he could prove her innocence, then the judge must spared his mother (Merlin's); the chief judge agreed, but warned that if he failed then Merlin would share his mother's fate. The colour drained from the mother's face, as she weakly deny the accusation of adultery from a boy, who was no more than 18 months old.
The judge acquitted Merlin's mother of all charges, since he could not condemn his own mother, who had been secretly committing adultery.
Merlin urged the judge to send two men to follow the judge's mother, to prove without doubt of his power.
The two men witnessed the priest's death and returned to the judge with the news of his father's death, everything as Merlin had predicted. Merlin reassured Blaise that it was God's will that he retained his ability of the devil to see the true past, but the devil's hold on Merlin was broken, when Merlin's mother had followed Blaise's own advice, having Merlin baptised at birth. Blaise otherwise known as Bleheris was also said to be either Welsh or Breton poet, who composed the lost archetype legend of Tristan, which the poet Beroul and Thomas may have used as their source for their own poems.
Merlin told the young king that the scabbard was better than the sword, because it would prevent him from bleeding from his wounds. Blaise was also a confessor of Merlin's mother, at Merlin's conception and was still alive when Arthur's Golden Age had fallen apart. Merlin had foreseen that Arthur desire to marry Guinevere would one day bring ruin to Arthur and the kingdom, yet he was powerless to dissuade Arthur from the love match.
Further confusion resulted when some author listed several women with title the Lady of the Lake. Merlin had also built her home at Lake of Diana, within the forest of Broceliande, probably in Brittany. At the suggestion of his best friend and after a talk with Gwen Stacey he decides to take up the vacant Spider-man mantle [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4].
He uses this information to find Jefferson’s home where he’s seriously injured and Miles fights off Venom.
We as Americans are always trying to put people in a box, when we are all more than what meets the eye. He has a very twisted and dark sense of humor and will put it`s victims in nightmarish situations while watching and enjoying the dark irony and having fun. Skilled in black magic, death magic, gets pleasure from killing so a very no nonsense one, though not allowed to kill but will find a way to get at a person in the most hardest ways.
As for a vessel after buy out you can choose either an agate ring, a gemstone pendant or european bead or charm from what I have available at the moment, just message me and let me know what you prefer. Azeman are obsessed with counting, and if seeds are scattered on the floor she will stop to count them all. Felicia brought up a possible photographer and Jameson promised Peter Parker was his very best one. Felicia complimented Peter before becoming acquainted with his aunt, who she asked if she could borrow her nephew.
Peter interrupted their moment of passion, which led to Felicia questioning him in concern, before the pair noticed what appeared to be Spider-Man walking into the ball, leading Felicia to question what he wanted. Spider-Man later attempted to save the pair from him and nearly had the two's molecules to be fried in order to pin Octavius down. Felicia explained to Peter as his attention drew away to the man that was following him that she commonly had men asking her out but that a good tutor, which she considered him, was difficult to come across. Though Flash tried to start their conversation, he cut himself off to address Peter after he insulted him and Felicia intervened when it appeared the two were about to start fighting as she reminded Flash that he had a class to get to.
After Morbius stated that she should not be on the streets by herself at night, Felicia asked if he would like to keep her company and the two held hands as she inquired about what he knew of regarding science. She believed he was jealous of their relationship and was trying to break it off by making false allegations that he thought would scare her away from Morbius, further ordering him to get out and then threatening to call the police as she shut the door on him. After their engagement party, Felicia discovered a hidden room in the mansion that contained the weaponry of Hobgoblin. In keeping with this trait, she displayed courage as well when confronting the Black Widow, being the only person to bother trying to reason with it and also the only one apart from Spider-Man that did not immediately cower when seeing it. In other parts of their lives, he had been important to her as a friend that helped her to succeed in school by tutoring.
After Spider-Man left her, she thought about the possibility that her attraction to mysterious men may have been a factor in the negativity of her life.
Octavius got his revenge by severely hurting her, and Spider-Man rushed her to the hospital where he realized how much he cared for her.
As with real world symbiotes, it requires a host, usually human, to bond with for its survival. He was dotting old fool, who couldn't control his lust over beautiful women, who hold him in fear and contempt. These elders, who advised King Vortigern, conspired to have the boy Merlin killed, because they knew that he would cause their death.
Another reason why the walls always collapse was that the dragons fought one another since they were trapped underground. Where as Geoffrey claimed that Merlin's father was an incubus, Nennius wrote that Ambrosius (Merlin) claimed his father was a Roman consul.
Tintagel and Cornwall immediately surrendered to Uther, and the king married the newly widowed Igraine. Then at a second look, Merlin would say that the boy would died from a tree, and later still, he reply that the boy would die in a river. Rodarch realised that Merlin was a prophet and that what he said about his wife's adultery, must also be true.
Then Merlin broke off one of his stag's antler and hurled it at her fiance's head, which killed him.
Merlin also told Ganieda that she should bring Taliesin to him (Geoffrey called him Thegesinus), who should have return from his study with Gildas in Armorica (Brittany). The tale ended with Merlin announcing that his retirement as a prophet, and that his sister had taken over his task. His son's death caused great sorrow in the household that with prompting from the demon the man's wife hanged herself. But the younger sister's fear of sharing the fate of her older sister who had committed adultery.
So the priest advised the young woman that she must avoid sin and believe in God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Merlin was also involved with Arthur, providing strategy to win the war against the rebel barons. The knight who sat on the Siege Perilous would also be the eventual champion of the quest for the Holy Grail. Merlin also foretold the treachery of Morgan le Fay, who stole Excalibur from her brother (Arthur).
With his power, he hid her domain from mortal eyes, so that anyone who travelled by, would only see the lake instead of her home. Miles as luck would have it got bitten by the spider and gains powers similar to Peter Parker [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1]. His initial heroic outings are met with distaste because he wore a costume version of the original’s suit [Ultimate Fallout #4]. I agree with the Afro-Latino themes, but he doesn’t need to be part Black for that, he could just be Latino period.
Enjoys feeding on her victims fear and will do anything to get them terrified, she needs some strong rules in place if you don`t want her occasionally feeding on you and causing nightmares.
Loves dark literature that makes you think and if you are familiar with the novel ''The Master and Margarita'' by Bulgakov you`ll sure have a lot to discuss!
It is though that some of the modern vampire lore comes from the Azeman, which are South American versions of the European vampires.She has chosen this picture that most closely resembles her looks!
She ask for Peter to elaborate when he claimed that it was not Spider-Man and merely an impostor. She asked Flash if it was another one of his pranks before the pair narrowly dodged its acid and ran in opposite directions as it directed its attention towards Flash. Answering her question, he brought a tentacle close to her, provoking fear from Felicia who begged for him to stop and insisted that she had never done anything to him. Felicia called on Spider-Man to hurry in stopping such a thing from happening and he succeeded in saving the pair.
Though Peter tried to explain that he had a date with Mary Jane Watson after the event was finished, Felicia left him promising that she would talk to him later as she waived. Felicia questioned Peter on what had gotten into him, revealing that he scared her before walking off with Flash. The supervillain appeared and revealed that he was Jason, actually named Jason Philip Macendale, and that all his fortune came from crime.
Realizing there was no place for her in New York, she returned to help Morbius and Blade fight vampires. She was later returned to Earth with no memory of what had happened after a fight with Doctor Doom.
But while Peter found her attractive, Felicia could not be bothered to feel the same way about him due to the fact that she was so commonly approached by men, that the thought of another love interest was enough to annoy her.
He had even appeared as a madman after bloody battle, and had fled into the forest and learned how to talk to the animals, where he became known as the Wild Man of the Woods. These two contradictory works had led many scholars to believe that there are two different people with the same name, Merlin.
Merlin also foretold that the Boar of Cornwall shall drive out the Saxons giving relief to the Britons. Gorlois thought to protect Igraine in his strongest castle in Tintagel, while he fought Uther in another castle. Ganieda told her husband that her brother was still suffering from madness, so Rodarch shouldn't take too much notice of what he say. 1240, part of the Vulgate Cycle), which was a prose adaptation of Robert de Boron's Merlin (c. Struck by this double tragedy, the devastated man never recovered from his melancholy, fallen ill and died.
The older woman told the maiden that to avoid punishment of the law, the sister should take on many lovers, by becoming a whore.
Still, the priest was willing to help her, providing that she hadn't lied in her confession, so he placed her on penance.
Merlin also mentioned that she had continued to have her long, secret affair with the priest to this present day, because she had most recently slept with priest, as late as last night. The Dolorous Stroke not only maimed the king loved by God, but had devastated and lay waste to the kingdom of Listinois, and placed a great enchantment upon Logres (Britain). Through subterfuge, Niniane seduced and used her magic to confine in a enchanted tower in which Merlin was powerless to leave, while the Lady could visit and leave the tower at will. In the fracas his mother learns his secret identity but is killed by a stray police bullet.
At night though they transform into the terrifying creatures whose trademark features include very bloodshot eyes. Though Peter insisted that he should have been taking pictures, Felicia tried to calm him by mentioning that she should be dancing with Flash as opposed to him.
Flash was saved from the Spider-Slayer by Spider-Man, shortly afterward being comforted by Felicia.
Jameson was later captured alongside her and the pair were featured in a recording that Doctor Octopus sent to The Daily Bugle. Felicia hugged him as she asked about a way to thank him before going off to look for Peter.
Felicia noticed this after he had left and questioned who he thought he was in being able to leave her behind.
Felicia noticed Peter leaving as he walked out the door, questioning why he was doing this.
Merlin was the last of the druid, the Celtic shaman, priest of nature, and keeper of knowledge, particularly of the arcane secrets. So the youngest sister sold her soul to the devil, when she started sleeping with every man in town.
Blaise told her to send for him, if she was ever in trouble with the law because of mysterious pregnancy. The three women tried to trick Merlin into speaking, but he wasn't fooled, but he again tried to comfort his mother. 1240), Merlin designed and constructed the Round Table that King Arthur and his knights would sit around. Only the true Grail knight (Galahad) can heal the king and lift the enchantment from Logres (Quest of the Holy Grail).
She dies in Miles arms but not before warning him to hide his secret from his father [Ultimate Comics Spider-man #19,#20, #21 and #22]. He is a BA spirit, also there will be no sex with this one.  He has chosen this picture that most closely resembles his looks!
They were saved by Spider-Man and Jason confessed that he merely liked her for her money and status. Merlin also foretold that 6 descendants of Arthur shall rule after the great king before Saxons would return and conquer Britain.
Merlin had modelled the table from the Grail Table created by Joseph of Arimathea, centuries earlier.
Peter asked if they could try another date, but Felicia told him that he had to understand that she did not usually allow herself to be taken hostage on a first date, the pair holding hands afterwards. As he was being arrested, she confessed to Spider-Man that she was like a black cat, bringing misery to whoever she opened her heart to.

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