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To improve your self-esteem, first you must understand your self-esteem is greatly influenced by two things, your thoughts and actions.
Finding reasonable and doable actions that combine with building new thought patterns can be challenging. For this particular client, we broke down her goals, validated what she was already on her way to accomplishing, and looked at ways that she could actively engage in self-esteem building. The following exercise to build self-esteem will help you in setting goals for yourself and developing a plan of action.
What isn’t working: making lofty plans that took time out of her busy schedule, overcommitment, and fear of going to new places alone. What actions I can take: daily emails from sites that focus on self-help and confidence, reading one article a day on her commute to work, post affirmations on her phone to pop up as alarms, call a friend to join her at a yoga class on the weekend, read a book on confidence and self-esteem or self-love. This entry was posted in Achieving Your Goals, Boosting Self Esteem, Self Esteem Issues and tagged Achieving your goals, actions that increase self-esteem, improve self-esteem, increase your self-esteem, negitive thinking, positive thinking, self esteem, self-esteem activities, self-esteem exercise.
Considering the disturbing effects that low self-esteem has, it’s easy to see how such a psychological condition needs to be addressed quickly and devotedly. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.
If you haven’t done so yet, we also recommend that before you start with this visualization, you read our article How to visualize and other articles listed in the core section about visualization and law of attraction to get a better idea on why these steps are important for successful visualizing.

Choose at least one image to keep in your mind before you start visualizing. This should be the image of you on the tennis court that you usually play at, playing the best you can with ease and focus. Many people with low self esteem are truly unaware that their thought patterns about self are negative.
If you work at it you can learn how to speak positively to yourself each time your mind tries to speak negative. What You Should Know About Fluoride Water Dangers Dangers Of Cooking With Canola Oil The Dangers of Consuming Margarine Health Benefits Of Drinking Distilled Water Got Heartburn?
She’s got more positive self-talk flowing through her mind, avoided triggers, talked back to negative thoughts and started to make goals for herself.
However, when it came down to it, she was plagued by ego-based thoughts that kept her stuck. Many successful athletes use creative visualization as a part of their regular training schedule (including the famous case of Russian Olympic athletes) to help them reach their full potential – and now you can too. Take a look around you – what is the surface made of, are there other players, look at your hand grasping the racket; look at your feet, are you wearing your favorite shoes? It’s like listening to a tape player in your head day in and day out that continually repeats negative and disparaging remarks about self. When you catch yourself thinking negative things or continually focusing on past failures and mistakes, push the stop button.

If you are looking for a new career field, this doesn’t mean sending your resume out to anyone who looks like a good fit. Listen to what your partner is saying, hear the racket hit the ball and the ball hitting the ground, listen to the noise in the background – what is causing it? Stop and reflect on what types of jobs would make you happy, make lists of possible people to talk to, reflect on previous jobs that you enjoyed. Overcoming them requires a lot of psychological work and a fundamental shift in ones perceptions about their person, others and life. Now feel your hand holding the racket and hitting the ball, feel your muscles tightening, your hand and your body taking the position for the perfect serve.
However, as people who have beaten their self-image issues can testify, the personal development effort required is all worth it. There is no magic pill that will give your self esteem a boost, but luckily there are things you can do that will start the process of changing how you view yourself and life. Her ego-based thoughts, told her she “should” do these, and she just wasn’t capable, which lead her to feel worse about herself, lowering her self-esteem.

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